Tiny Everyday Mistakes We’ve Been Making Our Whole Lives

There are many things in everyday life that you do automatically and you don’t even think about how to do them anymore. We learned this when we grew up and it never goes away. You’d never expect it, but there are lots of little everyday mistakes we make that I’m sure you’ve never even considered. Think of things you do around the house, when you are with friends, but especially for your health. These are small mistakes we make that can even make you sick or save you a lot of money. Read on the following pages what the most common mistakes are in the daily life of many people.

Washing Hands


Washing your hands seems like a simple task. In fact, you have been doing it since you were little, but most people are actually doing it all wrong. Experts say that to wash your hands properly and really remove bacteria, you should wet your hands first, then add soap and let it lather for 20 seconds. After it has lathered for 20 seconds, you can rinse the soap thoroughly with water. You may not expect it, but most people in the world wash their hands way too short and they do not actually get clean.

Eggs in The Fridge

Most people put eggs in the wrong place in the fridge, but this is not our fault! It’s actually down to the fridge manufacturers, as most fridges have a small compartment that is perfect for eggs. However, it seems that they have got us all wrong, because putting eggs, for example, in the door can be bad in some cases. Some studies show that the upper shelves of the fridge are warmer than the lower ones. Because of this temperature difference, foods that spoil easily should be placed on the colder shelves. So put your eggs at the bottom of the fridge to keep them longer.

Aluminium Foil

You probably know it, you need a piece of aluminium foil but something always goes wrong. Frustration often strikes when you try to pull a sheet of aluminium foil out of the box. The roll falls out of the box, and half of the roll is completely wrinkled and you have to roll it up again. And if you then try to roll it up again, it starts all over. The trick to prevent this is actually already in the box, and we overlooked it all the time. On the sides of the box there are often small tabs with the text ‘press in’. These are meant to keep the roll in place during use. How clever is that!

Too Much Mouthwash

Everyone knows that too much of something is not good for you. Take food, for example – too much of a good thing can end up being very bad. That’s what experts say about using too much mouthwash. You might be thinking, why is too much mouthwash bad for you? If you use too much mouthwash you might wash away bacteria that are meant to help you. All those good bacteria are there for a reason. In addition, some studies claim that overuse of mouthwash can lead to type 2 diabetes. So use it once a day at most to keep yourself healthy.

Washing Jeans

Denim lovers already know this, but most jeans wearers might not. You should not wash your jeans too often, rather too little than too much. If you wash a pair of jeans often, you ruin the colour and shape of the jeans in question. This is not just a theory; it has been scientifically proven. Studies show that frequently washed jeans can lose up to 4% of their fibres. This is double what jeans lose that are only washed occasionally.

Storing Wine Glasses

This is something that a lot of households do: put glasses upside down in the cupboard. Many people like to store their glasses upside down to prevent dust from getting into the inside of the glass. This is, of course, completely understandable. It is indeed true that dust does not get into your glasses, but on the other hand, it also puts a lot of pressure on the edge of the glass, which is often the most vulnerable part. Especially for a wine glass, it is better to just put it upright to prevent moisture from collecting and causing pressure cracks.

Loading The Dishwasher

Everyone does it differently, and you will probably often get irritated about it with your family: loading the dishwasher. Everyone has their own way of doing it. But it has now been proven that certain parts of the dishwasher are better for certain dishes that you have had on your plate that evening. A study has shown that dishes containing protein are best placed on the outside edge of the appliance. If you are dealing with a carbohydrate-rich meal, try to put them in the middle. You may not believe it, but your dishes really will be cleaner.

The Design Does Its Job

The pins in the photo above are often known for not staying in place, and that’s because we all use them the wrong way. But how? You only put a pin in your hair one way, right? If you look at the design of the pin, one side is flat and the other is wavy. The wavy part should be placed towards the scalp. The waves grab the hair and hold the pin in place. Actually, almost everyone does it the other way around, you would think that the flat part should be on your scalp, but the opposite has been proven.

Changing The Direction of The Fan

Most of us turn our fans on when it starts to get hot, but they can also be used in the cooler months. It all depends on the way you turn it. During the summer months, a fan should run counter-clockwise. This pushes the air down, making the room cooler. What most people don’t do is reverse the airflow when it gets cooler. This will have the opposite effect and push the warm air down.

No Wooden Cutting Boards

In almost every modern kitchen, you often see a large wooden cutting board. However, it is time to throw them away, unless they are used as decoration. It has been proven that no matter how well you wash a wooden chopping board, it is incredibly difficult to remove all the bacteria from it. Moreover, they are not usually dishwasher safe. Over time and by cutting certain foods, bacteria and pathogens can seep into the grain of the board. So maybe it’s time to switch to plastic cutting boards for your safety.

Blender in Dishwasher

Do you ever make a tasty smoothie with the blender? Many blender packages state that they are dishwasher safe. That is why many people put the blender in the dishwasher. First they rinse off the biggest dirt and then it goes with the rest of the dirty dishes. But even though it is safe to do so, it may not get the blender as clean as you think. Instead, try filling the blender with warm water and detergent and running it through the blender for a few seconds. This will ensure that the bacteria are gone.

Holding a Wine Glass Incorrectly

Many people hold their glasses differently when drinking, especially when drinking wine from a wine glass. Some people hold it by the stem, at the bottom or just on the glass itself. It may seem good to hold the wine glass by the convexity of the glass, but it is not. The heat of your hand is transferred to the glass, which can actually warm the wine and change its taste. It is best to hold the glass by the stem, clasped between the thumb and forefinger. This helps to keep the glass in balance, so you can drink it easily.

Drinking From a Can

Many people who drink from a can of soda like it to come with a straw. But have you ever noticed that, no matter what you do, your straw just won’t stay still in that can of soda? The next time, after you open your can, twist the tab over the open hole, and put your straw through that little hole. That’s actually a straw holder! Next time, your straw will just stay in the right place and you can enjoy your delicious can of soda.

Drawer Under Your Oven

Some ovens have an extra drawer underneath the oven itself. But how many of us actually know what the drawer underneath the oven is for? Most people use it as extra storage space for other kitchen utensils. But it is actually used for something completely different. It’s the warming drawer where you can keep your food warm. Press the warming button and put the covered dish in the drawer so the food stays nice and warm while you are still doing other things.


A great way to protect the earth is to compost. But just like with the recycling bin, we all sometimes put the wrong things in the compost heap. You shouldn’t throw citrus peels, onions, bread or walnuts into that pile. Many of these foods have compounds or properties that reduce the efficiency of the compost. Plus, they can be very attractive to pests, and no one wants to have pests in their garden.

Not Adjusting Wi-Fi Settings

When you sign up for the Internet, you usually get a wireless router these days. Unless you have a technical person in the family, most of us just plug in the router and go about our business. But keeping the default settings on that router opens up the personal information of everyone who uses that Wi-Fi to hackers and viruses. The best thing to do is to reset the password and make sure all updates are installed.

Clothing to Protect Against The Sun

When the sun shines, it is important to protect yourself sufficiently from the sun. Many do this of course with sunburn, but it is also said that you cannot get sunburn through your clothes. Still, you’d be surprised how quickly you can get sunburned wearing a white shirt. However, this piece of clothing offers almost no protection. So instead of using this as protection, investing in sunscreen is a better way to protect your skin.

Your Sleeping Position

How do you like to sleep? It says something about your character but it also has to do with health. Some sleep on their side, others on their back, but stomach sleepers can have a problem. Chiropractors say this is the least favourable way to sleep because it causes an unnecessary twisting of the spine. In addition, most people who sleep this way keep one leg bent up towards their body, which impedes blood flow and nerve signals. This can cause breathing problems. So it is wise, if you are a stomach sleeper, to try lying on your side.

This Does Not Taste Good

A piece of chocolate is always nice, but not if you take a bite in the summer and it has completely melted. In summer, many people put chocolate in the fridge. This is a big mistake for several reasons. The cold temperature can affect the taste of the chocolate itself. Putting chocolate in the fridge can also cause sugar efflorescence, which affects the texture of the chocolate. Finally, the chocolate can also absorb food odours from the fridge, giving it a strange taste. Instead of the fridge, find a cool, dark place and store the chocolate there.

Cutting Bread

If you buy a fresh loaf of bread or make one yourself, you will probably have to cut it into slices. Most people just put the bread on a cutting board, grab it, and start cutting. Chances are that despite using a sharp knife, the bread will not be nicely sliced. But we have the solution for that! Next time, try turning your bread with the flat side up. You’ll probably be surprised at how easy it is to slice now, as the bread will be perfectly sliced and leave no crumbs.

Removal of Old Dust

We have all been chased by small dangling wires. They are everywhere. They are on our clothes or on our favourite sofa. Instead of picking them all off with your bare hands, grab a razor blade. Just shave off those annoying little threads. Don’t apply too much pressure, though. You do not want to cut into the material. For the same reason, you should not do this with extra delicate fabrics either.

Wearing Earphones

If you are a frequent music listener, you have probably experienced the problem of your earphones falling out when you move around a lot. Now you can dance, exercise and move around while listening to your favourite playlist by using them as intended. Here’s how: Wrap your earbuds above your ear and put them in your ear. They’ll stay in one place, so you can dance all you want!

Brushing Your Hair The Wrong Way

Many people, especially women, get out of the shower and immediately start brushing their hair, starting with the bottom. We do this because that is where the most tangles are. However, this is not good for the hair, for several reasons. The first is that it does not distribute the natural oils produced in your scalp. This damages the overall health of the hair. It can also cause breakage, leading to split ends. In addition, it is not good for your hair to be brushed when it is wet. This can also lead to split ends and damage your hair.

Undo Writing Mistakes

You are taking notes or writing a letter, you think of something else and you accidentally write down the wrong word. You probably try to scratch it away straight away, but often the word is still there. After a few tries, it’s still there, isn’t it? It might be a bit harder to read, but it’s still legible. In the future, try writing different letters over your typo. It will make it impossible to read, so you won’t see a wrong word again.

Connecting Cables

It often happens in many households that you trip over the cables and the cord is pulled out of the wall again. With this trick, the chances are that your charger/extension cable etc. won’t be pulled out of the wall again. Knots keep everything in place, so why not use this trick for an extension cord too? Next time, try tying the cords in a knot and then connecting them. That way, they stay as still as possible without accidentally pulling out the cords.

Cooling a Drink

If you have bought a drink and you want it cold, you probably just put it in the fridge. If you really want your drink to be cold fast, you can put it in the freezer. But with this tip, your drink will be ice cold in minutes! If you wrap a wet paper towel around your bottle and throw it in the freezer, you’ll have a cold drink in minutes. Because the paper towel is wrapped around the bottle with cold water, it will be cold in the freezer in a few minutes.

Stop Chewing Gum

How often do people put gum in their mouths to get rid of bad breath? Many of these chewing gums can cause more problems than they solve. Most gums are packed with sugar, which can feed the bacteria in the mouth. This can cause even more bad breath, so if bad breath is a problem, it is better to improve oral hygiene. If chewing gum is necessary, try to find gum that uses xylitol or even a vegan gum. Instead of thinking you’ll smell better every day, using too much gum will actually make you smell because of the bacteria.

Cooling of Food Before Refrigeration

Growing up, we were often told to let leftovers cool before putting them in the fridge, especially if they have tomatoes in them, but that’s not a good idea. According to the USDA, food that is not in the fridge enters an unsafe temperature zone. It’s also better to divide the food into smaller portions so it cools down faster and then put them in the fridge as soon as possible.

Eating and Brushing

Many people brush their teeth twice a day, but there are also those who find it necessary to scrub their pearly whites between meals. This may not work out well for many people, according to some professionals. Some studies show that brushing after meals can damage the layer of enamel underneath, and this can lead to future dental problems. So brushing twice a day is sufficient, and try to do it before your meal rather than right after.

Serving Ice Cream

When you buy a delicious container of ice cream, it can sometimes be difficult to scoop out the ice cream because it is still very hard. One of the popular ways to soften it is to put it in the microwave so that it is easier to scoop out. But there is a better way! Instead of putting the container of ice cream in the microwave, you can put the ice cream in a sealed freezer bag when storing it in the freezer. This way the ice cream does not burn in the freezer and does not become a frozen rock, so it is always easy to get out with an ice cream scoop.

Avocados in The Fridge

Almost everyone loves avocados. They are great to eat for breakfast, delicious on a sandwich and they are excellent in a tasty taco. Of course, you want to make sure the avocado ripens properly so that it is at its best when you eat it, but it also has a long shelf life, so we often put them in the fridge with the rest of the produce. However, this is not a good idea. This fruit produces the same chemical as bananas in order to ripen. So when freshly picked, avocados should be placed in a warm room to continue the ripening process. If you put them in the refrigerator, they will not ripen. So next time, just put them with your fruit basket.

Routine For Brushing Teeth

As with all morning rituals, brushing one’s teeth is almost the most important process. Yet research shows that most people do this wrong. What almost everyone does: you brush your teeth and then spit out the toothpaste. This is usually followed by rinsing and gargling. But the fact that you immediately rinse your teeth with water prevents the toothpaste from doing its job optimally. When you have finished brushing, you should wait about thirty minutes before rinsing and gargling with water. The toothpaste can then do its job properly and remove most of the bacteria.

Stretching Does Not Prevent Injuries

Remember when your gym teacher told you to stretch before starting your sports lesson? Part of the reason was to help prevent injuries. Unfortunately, science has a different take on this idea. Several studies have shown that there is no decrease in injuries among people who do and do not stretch. It can’t hurt though, so maybe it’s a good idea to do some stretching exercises to stay limber.

Showering Too Much

Showering once a day is apparently the right tactic. Many people like to shower in the morning to start the day well and in the evening to rinse off the dirt, but this can actually be harmful. Showering too much can remove the good bacteria you need to stay healthy. It can also cause your skin to dry out or give you other skin problems. So if you like hot showers, keep it short to avoid drying out your skin too much. And try to schedule it so that you only shower once a day.

Using Sunscreen

The sun is important for human health, but its rays can also be dangerous for the body. That is where sunscreen comes in, and it seems that we all use too little sunscreen to protect ourselves well enough. Scientists and dermatologists have stated that most people use too thin a layer. Most people also don’t apply it at the right time. These experts say that we should all apply a shot glass full of sunscreen to our bodies. And this should be done about 15 minutes before we go out for that beautiful sunny day.

A Night Too Much To Drink?

After a night of drinking and partying, many of us reach for the medicine cabinet and grab the paracetamol. While this works to a certain extent, it’s a better idea to hydrate. The symptoms of a hangover are associated with dehydration, so after a long night we should all lay off the paracetamol and grab some water. It sounds like a logical tip, yet many people don’t think about it.

Ice-cold Drinks

This may not be something that comes up every day, but it is something we have all been doing wrong for years. When we need a well-chilled bottle of wine or drink, we stack the ice in it and nestle the drink in the ice. If the drink needs to be chilled quickly, try a bucket of salt and ice water. Or put the drink in the freezer for a while; just don’t forget it’s in there, otherwise there may be a mess to clean up.

Keeping You Warm On Cold Days

From the time I was young, I was taught that if you want to keep warm, you should protect your head with, for example, a hat, because this is where the heat goes away. But according to some medical reports, that little fact that we all use as an excuse for our hat addiction is not quite right. Less than 10% of a person’s heat goes out through the head, and while that’s a decent percentage, it doesn’t account for all the heat that leaves our bodies. So, in addition to a hat, it is especially wise to buy gloves, scarves and, most importantly, a good winter coat.