Thrift Store Shopper Scored Big When She Found This Dress

Shopping can be an expensive affair. We tell ourselves that we will buy one item and leave, and end up with a full cart. If you are one of those people, you can benefit from some tips to save money while shopping, such as second-hand shopping, also known as thrifting. Shannon Hiramoto is someone who loves this type of shopping, and now we know why!

Not Just a Hobby


Thrift stores are a great way to go shopping. We can spend half a day perusing used clothing racks, finding items we wouldn’t see anywhere else. The best part is that you don’t even make a dent in your wallet for such incredible finds. And then there’s the added factor that these items may have an interesting provenance. That’s exactly what Shannon Hiramoto found when she bought a dress that changed her life.

Thrift Store Finds

Shannon Hiramoto likes to spend her days scouring thrift stores to see what new and exciting vintage items she will come across. Being from Kauai, it’s only fitting that she likes to wear vintage muumuus. She says this dress is flattering and comfortable, and goes to thrift stores specifically to find vintage ones.

An Unexpected Shopping Day

She was walking around Lihue one day when she discovered the Salvation Army. She couldn’t stop herself from going straight to the clothing racks. She casually searched the items, but had no idea what she was going to find. She saw a dress hanging on the rack that looked familiar to her. But she still didn’t know where she had seen it before. She took it off the rack, held it up and admired the dress.

It Was Her Taste

She was fascinated by the style of the dress. She loved the floral pattern combined with the pink fabric of the dress. It had a v-neckline, which accentuated her figure and made her feel slimmer than ever. Although she wasn’t aware of it at the time, even more fascinating details came about the dress. This was no average muumuu.

Not What It Seemed

When speaking to a local TV station, she mentioned how excited she was when she noticed that this muumuu was shorter than normal. Only later did she notice something extra special about this muumuu. The label on the dress said that it was from the Liberty House. The surprising thing was that it looked like the dress had been written on with a permanent marker. Shannon was intrigued, but still couldn’t figure out where she recognized this dress from.

She Needed to Know More

She didn’t think twice when she saw this tag. She snatched the dress and walked to the checkout. She was determined to find out more about this vintage dress and didn’t want anyone to take it away from her. She had a feeling that the text on the label meant something. Thousands of thoughts were coursing through her mind, was this a sign? How was it possible that she could find a message written for her in a random thrift store? The thoughts were endless.

What Could It Be?

She decided to look at the label again, and her heart skipped a beat. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and concentrated. She was desperate to know exactly where she had seen this before. Suddenly it all dawned on her again. She suddenly saw a woman with a strong personality in celebrity life, wearing a pink dress. When she closed her eyes, she saw the woman smiling at Shannon as if she knew her.

A Time-traveling Dress

This woman was 108 years old, and she had a message for Shannon. When Shannon bought this dress, little did she know that this would be the beginning of a new adventure for her. At this point, Shannon knew the truth. But she still needed proof before she embarrassed herself. She didn’t want to jump to conclusions before she had gathered all the information she needed, so she waited and searched for evidence.

Family Secrets

Shannon was about to solve a big family mystery, and she wanted to solve it right away. She knew something big was going on when a single word could send label shivers all over her body. Shannon rushed home after her suspicions. She was eager to talk to her mother about her new find at the thrift store. Hopefully together they could get to the bottom of this. There was no stopping Shannon now.

No One Could Believe It

Shannon came home and showed her mother the dress. Her face turned livid when she saw what Shannon had found. Her mother was speechless and turned her gaze from Shannon to the dress and vice versa. But what was on the label that was so shocking? Her mother’s face showed every possible emotion. She seemed ecstatic and distraught at the same time, and she was shaking uncontrollably. Shannon didn’t know exactly what to do; she couldn’t have prepared for her mother to react like that.

Who is Kamei?

What was on the label was not a random word at all. Instead, the name Kamei had been printed with a permanent marker. It was suspected that the previous owner was the one who had done this. Shannon was excited when her mother’s face lit up when she saw the label. It was clear that she recognized the name. She was aware that it was unusual for two people to have the same name, and she knew one person in particular who fit the criteria.

In Shock

Shannon told her mother the story of her recent discovery of the dress. After her mother took a deep breath and recovered from the shock, she carefully examined the dress with her daughter. Then she confirmed Shannon’s suspicions. After this, her mother immediately reached for the family photo albums. The two women went through each picture carefully, so as not to miss anything. Shannon waited patiently, despite her overwhelming anxiety. She tried to remain calm, so as not to stress her mother.

Go Through Photos

This may seem like an odd place to start, but they were sure they would find something in the old photos. Unfortunately, they lost hope when they reached the last albums without approaching an answer. Shannon was disappointed to learn that she was not even close to finding the answer to this mysterious dress. She began to feel hopeless, but her mother did not give up yet. She continued the search.

Give Up

Shannon began to give up on her theories. She spent an entire day searching through photo albums and still had no success. She had gone to so much trouble only to come to no answer. Shannon was beginning to lose hope. She knew her ideas were very abstract, but she hoped to find something that could confirm her suspicions. Suddenly, her mother revealed something that made her heart drop to her stomach. Shannon became hopeful again.


A few days after discovering the dress, Shannon received a message from her mother. It read, “And this is it, and this is her. It’s a full body photo, and I was so excited! My mom said it was the last picture in the last album she looked at.” Shannon finally had evidence to back up her far-fetched beliefs. She was right when she thought the muumuu could have belonged to her great-grandmother. She almost fainted when she came to this realization. How was it possible, what a coincidence this was!

Her Great-Grandmother

Shannon suspected it was her great-grandmother’s dress because her last name was written on it. She said in an interview that her great-grandmother’s full name was Florence Shizuko Kamei. Kamei was the word that was on the label. It was such a surprising but unexpected coincidence that Shannon found this dress, considering that her great-grandmother had been born in Kekaha in 1904! This was remarkable, without a doubt. It is possible that this was not even a coincidence, but rather fate.

Advice to Live By

Her grandmother was something of a legend in Hawaii. When she passed away at the age of 108, she was the oldest person in Hawaii! This was so amazing that they even announced her passing on the radio and in the news. Shannon remembers that her great-grandmother always talked about her special secrets for living a long and prosperous life. Well, it turns out her secrets weren’t that hard, to begin with.

Her Secret

She recalls that her grandmother always told her that green tea and hobbies were the secrets to a long and perfect life. The other family members also remembered interesting details about this woman. She was known for her flowing dresses and her wide smile. To everyone who remembers her, she was seen as a genuinely happy woman. She was also devoted to the church choir and played the ukulele. She had a passion for good food, dancing, and living her life to the fullest.

An Inspiration to Her

Shannon’s grandmother was a great role model for her. So much so that she chose the name Kamei as a middle name for her daughter, to honor her deceased relative. The name has an interesting meaning. In Japanese, Kamei means “Silent child. ” In reality, her daughter and great-grandmother had far from quiet personalities. Her grandmother was remembered as polite and gentle, and her daughter resembled an average young and playful child.

An Uncertain Memory

Several days passed and Shannon searched her memory for the specific dress. She remembered seeing Kamaei wear this dress before, but she wasn’t sure if it was in her memory or in real life. To this day, she is not 100 percent sure what it is. Shannon remembered that her great-grandmother always wore muumuus with vibrant colors like pink, purple, or red. She even knows the exact location where the picture of her grandmother was taken. Her final resting place will be listed on the last photo of the photo album.

More Than Words

Discovering this dress was more than Shannon could have wished for. It was so special to her and such a remarkable find. She was impressed that something like this had happened to her. She thought it was going to be an ordinary day. Her great-grandmother was photographed in this muumuu in the historic community of Hanepepe in Kuai. She posed with a beaming smile right in front of her church, The United Church of Christ. Shannon explained that the special thing about this church is that her grandmother’s ashes are there. Every time she goes there, it is like visiting her great-grandmother.

Her Church

After all this, Shannon felt an urge to honor her great-grandmother, so she decided to visit the church. It was a big part of Kamei’s history. She even wore her special muumuu. It’s remarkable that this old dress ended up in the hands of a young girl who shopped at a thrift store and ALSO happened to be the great-granddaughter of the owner. Shannon was truly blown away, unable to comprehend this experience. Regardless, she was so glad it happened. She believes it was all fate in the end.

No Idea

Kamei died at the age of 108, five years before Shannon discovered her dress. During an interview, she said that she has no idea where the dress may have been in the past five years, but she did feel that it was magical to find it now. Shannon is steadfast in her belief that it was not a coincidence that she found this muumuu, but more the idea that she was in the right place at the right time. She even thinks her grandmother sent her a message from above. She adds, “I think it’s just her way of telling me I’m on the right track.”

A Tribute to Her

Shannon also admits that things have finally come full circle, and she is sure that her great-grandmother is smiling at her. She is determined to keep this dress as a family heirloom. Shannon is so happy with the way she is honoring her loving memory of Kamei. She is certain that her memory will not disappear in this way, no matter how far into the future. Thrift stores have several precious possessions and vintage finds, but nothing compares to the success Shannon found.