Surprise At Birth: These Quadruplets Riddle Doctors

As you can imagine, there is no life event as overwhelming as childbirth. Bethani Webb was a first-time mom who felt all the fear, excitement, joy and trepidation associated with pregnancy. Those emotions quadrupled when she found out she was carrying quadruplets!

A case in a million!


However, there was more in store for her. When she arrived at the delivery room, she learned about her children. When the doctors looked at her more closely, they were surprised. They had not expected to see this at all. It was practically impossible, but here they were.

Like any other couple in the world

Tim and Bethani Webb hail from northern Alberta, Canada. The lovely couple has a pretty typical love story. They became husband and wife when they were still in their early twenties. Of course, it wasn’t long before they considered having children and expanding their small family.

Faster than they had imagined

This happened faster than they had expected. Not long after they tied the knot in June 2015, she became pregnant. Their original plan was to wait a year to have their first child. But as we all know, you never know what life has in store for you. Even though this was not what they had in mind, they were still excited. Tim and Bethani were excited to start a family of their own!

It was not a normal pregnancy

The two went for a routine scan the day before Christmas Eve 2015. That’s when they heard the shocking news. The nurse told them that the pregnancy was not regular. This news felt like an early Christmas present to them! There was no way for them to guess what would come next.

When multiple births occur in their families

Even before the nurse explained the situation to them, they could tell that something was wrong. After all, she asked the couple if either of them had a history of multiple births in the family. When they said no, they waited anxiously to hear what she had to say. Then the nurse pointed to the monitor.

Babies: one two three four

Bethani spoke to Global News about what the big reveal was like for her. “She turns to the screen and says, ‘There’s a baby, there’s two, there’s three and there’s four…'” she says. On the other hand, her husband interjected, saying, “That’s when I almost fell over!”

How rare was the pregnancy

None of them could wait to share the good news with their families. Their loved ones were as stunned as they had been. As you can imagine, you don’t hear about this every day. Dr. James Bofill, who is affiliated with the University of Mississippi, said there is only one chance in 729,000 to have quadruplets naturally! How amazing is it to hear that they were part of a very rare club?

It was a huge and unexpected challenge

It was not easy to prepare for the birth of four children at the same time. Nevertheless, the pregnancy went well most of the time. At this time, they learned more about their children. Tim would be outnumbered, as all four babies would be girls! Just a month after this revelation, the couple went to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta to prepare for the birth of their quadruplets.

Four new family members

Bethani wanted to give birth to four children, so doctors advised her to have a C-section at 33 weeks. On the big day, she gave birth to four little girls by C-section. As they welcomed each of the girls, the staff lined them up one by one. They were stunned to notice something.

Identical quadruplets are very rare

You now know how rare it is to conceive quadruplets naturally. The case of the Webbs quadruplets is even more amazing! The doctors and nurses couldn’t believe it. The odds of giving birth to identical quadruplets are only one in more than 15 million. Yet all four Webbs girls were identical.

A surreal experience for them

“It was kind of a magic show because they pull out one, two, three, four … It was kind of surreal,” Tim shared with Global News. They couldn’t believe it either, but soon it was time for the couple to name them. They ended up naming the girls Emily, Abigail, Grace and McKayla.

Going through a lot of emotions

We’re sure it was emotional for both Tim and Bethani. “I feel overwhelmingly great that the babies are here. I feel blessed. Relieved also because you worry about multiple births. There are risks … but everything was perfect,” he said, speaking to the Edmonton Journal. How beautiful is that?

Less sleep and more diapers

If you have a multiple birth, you better be prepared for more diapers and less sleep. On the plus side, choosing names is a little easier. “It was nice that we didn’t have to pick our favorites,” the mother shared with Global News. “We were able to pick four that we liked, we didn’t have to choose just one.”

Naming their little girls

In a way, it was helpful to give the girls such different names. For one thing, this made it much easier to tell them apart. The little girls were each placed in their own tiny incubator. It was the first thing they had to do to tell the babies apart.

The difficulty of telling them apart

However, it was not at all easy to distinguish them, no matter how you looked at them. We are sure that it is a chaotic process. “Right now, I’m glad they’re separated so we can tell them apart. But even if I just hold two side by side, I can’t tell them apart at all,” Bethani shared with CTV News.

They have different personalities

Bethani also told CTV News that the girls had very different personalities. We are sure that this will be useful in the future. She said that Emily and McKayle are both more laid back and relaxed. On the other hand, Abigail is bubbly. She happens to be the oldest of the girls, but also the smallest. Finally, she said Grace is “kind of a character.” It must be a lot of fun to watch them grow into individuals!

The couple has a plan in mind

No need to worry, the couple has a plan. Now that they live at home, they’ve come up with a system to tell them apart. Tim and Bethani will use a color coding system of bracelets and hair accessories to tell them apart. They are also thinking of painting their toenails to make it easier.

So many things have changed

There is no denying that now that the girls are here, the couple has to adjust to many things. We are glad that they can rely on his mother, who is ready to help them! In the meantime, the family has moved in with her. The people of their hometown have shown them that they are also willing to help out.

Your community is here to help

“The community held a fundraiser that raised about $50,000, and there is a GoFundMe site set up by friends,” Tim told the National Post. Tim and Bethani were overwhelmed by how much support and kindness they received from their community. In fact, these people had been so generous that the couple had to place the gifts in a local church!

It is not easy at all

Can you imagine how hard it must be to raise quadruplets? It’s a good thing the Webbs are ready to take on the challenge. “I’m looking forward to the memories and how close they’ll all be,” Tim told Global News. On the other hand, Bethani shared, “It’s going to be crazy the first few years … [But] it’s going to be very exciting.” It’s going to be tough, but they’re ready to put in the work.

When it comes to non-identical quadruplets

It is very rare for babies to have exactly the same DNA. However, what happens when you have non-identical quadruplets? Let’s hear it from a mother of quadruplets from San Francisco. She wanted to find out and did an ancestor test to see what her genes were like. The family was shocked when they took the time to study the results….

The secret of the family heritage

Isn’t it amazing that your family’s heritage doesn’t have to be a secret anymore? These days, you can learn more than you once thought possible. Scientists can now test your DNA for a fee and reveal the background of your ancestors. What makes this even more amazing is that all you have to do is send them a sample of your spit! It’s incredible to see how far technology has advanced.

If it were not for that

Without that, this story would not have happened. After learning a surprising piece of information about her ethnicity through a DNA test, the mother decided to conduct her own experiment. She was curious to see if the DNA testing kits actually worked as the company claimed. As a mother of quadruplets, she could see better than anyone if this was the case. What did she learn?

Just looking for fun

When Amy Jones spoke with KPIX 5 in San Francisco, she shared that she just thought it “might be kind of fun” to learn more about her family. She used Ancestry DNA, a website that allows users to send a tube of their saliva. That sample is then analyzed. The test results are sent to customers, who then learn more about their genetic information.

She did not expect what she saw

When she received her results, she was surprised. “I called my mom, I called my dad, and I said, ‘Listen, we’re Irish!” she shared. “And they said, ‘Are we really?” and I said, ‘That’s what it says.’ So I’m assuming that’s right.'” It looks like they didn’t have the slightest idea that this was the case.

Not yet all convinced

The results were right in front of her, but she still had her doubts. After all, it was far too easy to simply make up the results. For this reason, she decided to investigate in her own way. As a mother of quadruplets, she was in a unique position to see if the company was actually telling the truth….