Should I Hire a Cleaning Lady?

Should I Hire a Cleaning Lady?

Outsourcing household tasks can make your life a lot easier. Are you too busy at work? Or are you no longer able to do the housekeeping because of your health? No problem! Here are 8 reasons why outsourcing some of those time-consuming and annoying housekeeping tasks can make your home and life easier, more fun and more relaxed. First step: hiring a cleaning lady.

More free time


One of the main reasons for hiring a housemaid is to have more free time. An average house takes at least 3 hours a week to clean properly. Think of cleaning the bathroom, toilet, changing beds, vacuuming, washing dishes and washing clothes. But consider what you can do with those 3 extra hours a week! Grab a terrace with friends, go to the gym, play with your kids, watch a good movie or read a nice book.

Invite friends & family

If your house is clean, you’re more likely to invite your friends or family to your home.  Have a spontaneous drink on Friday afternoon or organise a dinner party – how fun is that! Your social life gets a huge boost.

Housekeeping expertise

Cleaning professionals have household expertise and a lot of experience. They know exactly how to maintain a wooden floor, how to clean a mirror without streaks and what is the most hygienic way to do the bathroom. This really makes your home a lot cleaner than you’d manage it yourself (unless you’re a cleaning expert yourself). In addition, because of their cleaning experience, they can probably get a lot more done in the same time.

A Clean House Is a Tidy House

If you know your cleaning lady will be at your doorstep tomorrow, you’re more likely to clean up the night before. This makes your house cleaner and more tidy than it was before you hired a housekeeper. Extra nice: the cleaning lady can clean even better when it’s tidy, so that’s a kind of extra reward for cleaning up!

Forgotten & Hidden Places

If you clean your house yourself, you probably won’t take the trouble to clean all the difficult and forgotten spots as well. Think of door handles, on top of the bookcase, kitchen cabinet doors, under the couch, behind the toilet… you know what we mean. A housekeeper will clean it all!

Enjoying Your Home

Because your house is clean, you look at it with a fresh perspective and you feel more like taking good care of it.  For example, we often see that people who hire a cleaning lady also freshen up the interior of their house and put more flowers on the table. You take more care of your house and therefore enjoy it more.

Better for Your Health

A clean house contributes to your health! If your house is dust-free and the main bacteria are cleaned on a weekly basis, this can have a positive effect on your health. A clean house means less allergies, you will catch a cold less often and you will be less stressed.