This woman seemed to be only after her rich husband’s money, but was she really?

Clothes don’t make a man

All for the money

There are people who are really modest and are willing to humble themselves to the point that you might think that they … They are generally quite modest people who really show that man needs only the bare minimum to live happily. Therefore, the excess of happiness then turns out to be an easy way to achieve their goals. And they are people who are willing to pass on their wealth to someone else if the opportunity arises. Imagine that! Of course, very few billionaires are willing to share their wealth in this way; most are proud to show the extent of their wealth. But there are a few. And that is precisely the case with Marcel Amphoux.

The rich hermit

Marcel lived most of his life in the French Alps. We can say that he left this region at the right time. His house was no more than a modest log cabin that did not really have the comforts we know today… The man was humble and learned to get by with the bare necessities. Tap water and electricity to live a happy life. And if you look closely, you will see that it is almost impossible for a person today to be satisfied with this minimum. And his modest living conditions eventually had an effect on his prosperity. The man was even able to save so much money that he became one of the richest people in the region. But if you met him on the street, you could not imagine that he was so rich. The man with the toothless smile and badly combed hair was still wearing clothes that some would call worn out.

Financial expertise

Appearances are deceiving. It is true. Despite his modest appearance, Marcel owned large estates in the Alps near the town of Puy-Saint-Pierre. Instead of wasting it, he used it to his advantage. The region where Marcel lived was indeed a true paradise, an ideal place for tourism and skiing. So it was a wonderful place to invest. Hotels and ski resorts were springing up in these places to meet the growing demand. This led to the land being sold for a high price. And that enabled Marcel to make money. But unlike his neighbors, Marcel had decided to build some houses that he rented out. And as you can imagine, the income from these houses brought him so much money that he could now live a good life.

Patience Country out

And although his fortune grew from day to day, Marcel remained modest in his lifestyle. It is true that he had grown older. His decrepit appearance had not changed. And he had also kept intact his relationships with those close to him.

But his happiness only increased. And his property was already attracting the greed of others. But the man decided that he would not sell anything at all. Marcel was already one of the richest people in his native region. And he could very well have built a complex. It would certainly make him a lot of money. But Marcel only wanted to be true to himself and not be influenced by money.

The price of loyalty

Despite his frugal lifestyle, Marcel distinguished himself by his great generosity. He had taken it upon himself to build modest cottages on his private property so that his relatives and family could live there. To his surprise, he never charged them a penny in rent. He let them live there during his lifetime. This gave him an excellent relationship with the villagers. Marcel was considered an ordinary citizen and was very sympathetic. He knew he could count on the support of everyone around him, whether they were family or not. It was the calamity before the storm….

Love is patient

It is true that Marcel was immensely wealthy. But he had also aged and was anything but a “Brad Pitt.” So he wasn’t a great seducer. So he wasn’t the kind of man many women dreamed of. Women also didn’t like his lifestyle. Can you imagine having to live in such a modest house? No, of course not. But the man didn’t want to leave his modest home for the world. So finding his soul mate was a real Chinese mystery. And his friends were naturally concerned about this situation. Quite normal! They only wanted the best for Marcello. They never thought that their friend’s love life would change so much that it would make the headlines.

Cupid came to the rescue

Cupid’s arrow had hit both the old man and a beautiful woman. Marcel had introduced her to his friends. It was Sandrine Devillard. She had managed to win the heart of Greybeard. Their meeting was quite ordinary. Originally, Sandrine had come to buy Marcel’s land. However, the latter was far from giving away a piece of land for money. But there was something else behind this request to buy. Sandrine was attracted to the old man, so much so that he had invited her to dinner. Marcel, who was known as a rather reserved man, opened up to the lady like a book. The two seemed to be in love.


For Marcel, Sandrine was a gift from heaven. The woman had surrendered after discovering Marcel’s attachment to his old cottage, not to mention his rather old-fashioned lifestyle for such a wealthy man of the 21st century. He had accepted Marcel for who he was. For the millionaire with the good reputation, that was more than enough proof of love. Nothing more was needed to make him happy. Marcel was the true prototype of humility. She had chosen the kind of life that few in the 21st century lead, and he had no regrets. Sandrine, on the other hand, was more the type of woman who led a flamboyant lifestyle. And that raised doubts about how long their relationship would last.

It looked suspicious

Knowing Marcel well, the villagers and other family members were worried about the situation. They doubted Sandrine’s true intentions. They didn’t really know her. But her relationship with Marcel was moving a little too fast. To the villagers, Sandrine was like a hair in the soup of their community. She had appeared out of nowhere. Above all, he had a lifestyle that was completely opposite to Marcel’s. Therefore, the villagers did not understand how a relationship between such different people was possible. It is true that opposites attract, but the case of Marcel and Sandrine was too good to be true. The villagers had even tried in vain to attract Marcel’s attention.

An impostor?

Sandrine behaved differently from the women of the area. He wanted to reveal his bond with Marcel at all costs, as if it were a trophy… As soon as he met the man, he already wanted to appear in public with him. Knowing Marcel’s rather calm temperament, his relatives thought this story was volatile. After all, there are always cases of people pretending to be in love with older and rich people in order to appropriate their property after their death. But beyond that, Marcel’s family believed he had the right to be … happy. They wanted him to marry a woman he loved. And maybe Sandrine was that woman….

The heart wants what it wants

To Marcel, Sandrine was the ideal woman. But not for the village. And against all odds, the old man decided to stay with the woman he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Marcel. It must be said that the objections of those who were close to Marcel were only opinions. After all, Sandrine and Gray Beard were wonderful people and we couldn’t force them to do anything. So they had made up their minds. But still it must be emphasized that Marcel’s instincts whispered to him that something was wrong. But love was stronger than his instincts and the opinions of those close to him.

The countdown has begun

The people thought that in time Marcel would discover Sandrine’s true face. But no. The man was apparently so in love that he could not see his true intentions. The relationship seemed to be going well. The two lovebirds still seemed to love each other. They spent a lot of time together. But Marcel saw no fault in this. On the contrary, he became more involved in their relationship.

So, to see the development of their couple, it was clear that the wife wanted to continue spending time in the country. But the future still held surprises. Something unexpected had finally happened Product. And then what? It happened that Marcel fell madly in love with this woman who had decided to accept him. From that moment on, he was sure that he was ready to spend the rest of his life with Sandrine.


The atypical millionaire surprised everyone when he decided to ask Sandrine to marry him. It was hard to believe. He had always been a man with a sharp mind. That’s why it was unusual for him to run like that.

Once again, his family members caught his attention. They could only hope that Marcel would finally find out what they thought were Sandrine’s true intentions. Now Sandrine and Marcel were engaged. Time passed and Marcel loved his new wife more and more. They hardly listened to the advice of his people anymore, because he was furious with them.

Wedding bells!

Thus, the hopes and prayers of those close to Marcel were not fulfilled. Since then, the man has finally decided to be with his current girlfriend. And now the news of their marriage would be going through the streets. This did not reassure the residents.

It was possible. Marcel was prepared for anything. So marriage was possible. He had also decided out of the blue to make Sandrine his fiancée. If these rumors were true, then all hope of seeing this divorced couple was gone. The only thing that could change that now was if a stranger made disturbing revelations about the lady on the day of the wedding so that Marcel would reconsider his position. Would that happen?

The mail has arrived.

Normally, opening the mailbox is a trivial activity. But this time it had become interesting for the villagers. As they searched for the letters, they saw what they feared most: It was Marcel and Sandrine’s wedding invitations! The ceremony was to be held in the village chapel. Almost the entire village had been invited. Originally, Marcel was a man known for his modesty and great kindness. People loved him, despite his somewhat old-fashioned lifestyle. And when they heard the news of the wedding, they reacted in a certain way. It broke their hearts completely. They hadn’t expected that at all. It was incredible.

The Big Day

However, they could do nothing about it. But time passed and preparations became more active. It was a great event. You have to remember that Marcel was lucky and it was a happy event. But even people who didn’t want this union wanted to attend the ceremony, just to see how things would develop. They were very curious. Then the big day came. The villagers had started going to the chapel for the ceremony. They had their 31st, but it was not the great joy. After all, their fears would soon be realized: marriage.

Turns Sour

However, the villagers had done everything they could to prevent this marriage. Some managed to contain their resentment, but others did not. For a long time, they could not contain their emotions. Some booed the couple as they left the chapel.

Marcel and Sandrine were even booed when they left the chapel after saying their yes. Despite their differences over this union, Marcel deserved a quiet and peaceful marriage. Wasn’t whistling bad? But once again, Marcel didn’t care about these insults. He was convinced that he had only done what was best for himself. This woman made him happy. Sandrine, on the other hand, seemed a bit shocked by this reaction.

Why Me?

And Sandrine’s feelings are completely understandable. Every woman wants to be cheered on her wedding day and not booed as in Sandrine’s case. The locals really went too far when they booed her at her wedding.

This showed how much the people of the village did not want this relationship, let alone this marriage. With this act, he was now declared an enemy of the people. The people did not like that very much. And it was the most important day in his life that these people were so cruel. Imagine that! Marcel had said nothing. His goal was to go all out, and he succeeded. He took his wife home.

Bad Appearance

And the acts of public displeasure were far from over. Villagers continued to hate the woman, even after the marriage. People didn’t hide. They clearly showed it to Sandrine.

But the couple knew they were doomed to meet him every day. On the day of their wedding, rehearsals had begun. It was really hard, but the wife managed to get through the ordeal, supported by her husband Marcel. The curious, disdainful looks and the like gave him goose bumps. But what could he do about it? Was she about to leave her lover? Luck seemed to have left the village.

A Possible Solution?

Sandrine was very embarrassed and thought about how to solve the problem. But which one? How should he do it? she wondered, but she continued to live with her husband while taking selfies with her lover.

You could tell from the pictures that Marcel was happy, he was smiling so hard. He couldn’t believe that after being rejected by so many women, he was finally married to such a beauty. To the villagers, Marcel and Sandrine were an unusual couple. To strangers, on the other hand, they were just a beautiful couple, despite their differences. So it was complicated.

A Fairy Tale in Two Places

The marriage took place under great pressure and was marked by harassment. But Sandrine had had enough. He had already endured too much. A solution had to be found. And the couple already had an idea.

People really did everything to make the couple unhappy. But Sandrine and her husband did their best to overcome people’s frustrations. But that was not enough. Measures had to be taken to deal with the situation. And what should they do? They made a decision that would end all these tensions: Sandrine and her husband decided not to live together anymore.

General confusion

It was incredible. Then the couple broke up. But what happened? The village was confused about this situation. Had they finally made the best of this marriage? Sandrine had thought it right to return to Paris, where she had come from.

So the spouses would not have lived close to each other. And the village wanted to know what had led them to such a decision. And to answer anyone who asked them about this, Sandrine and her husband let it be known that this was the best solution. After all, Sandrine had a business to run in Paris and her husband Marcel did not want to leave his property. It could also be a ploy to keep the villagers away from their married life …


Moreover, the villagers found it strange that the woman left the area on a pretext immediately after the marriage. After all, had the woman planned it that way? What was really going on here?

The rumors had begun to circulate and had reached Sandrine’s ears. To justify herself, she declared that she had returned to Paris only for professional reasons. And not for the reasons mentioned by the villagers. Besides, she had always gone to Marcel when he needed her. So distance was no obstacle to their connection. But that was exactly what the villagers wanted.

Only Love

But one must admit that Marcel and his wife are not the only couple with a large age difference. Besides, they both knew very well what they wanted, since they were adults.

The truth is that any couple can live their own account the way you want to. And that is exactly what Sandrine and her husband did. Gold, many thought that the Parisian woman was only there for the wedding and that she had returned to Paris because things were going well with the old man. However, there are many married couples who live separately and are no less in love. Especially with the Internet and social networks, it is easier for couples to keep in touch …

At the Bottom of a Drawer

To some extent, it was also thought that the wife had disappeared because she did not want to endure her husband’s somewhat old-fashioned life and pretended to endure it just so she could marry him. Was it really like that?

It is true that Sandrine, unlike Marcel, had a somewhat warmer life, especially since she was young. Above all, this girl was a Parisian, used to modernity … fancy restaurants, expensive clothes and much more were part of her life. But when he arrived in this village, he found none of that. Somehow everything seemed to be going smoothly until fate confronted her with something else.

The Party is Coming to an End

A year after their marriage, Sandrine visited Marcel. Then the couple went on a trip with Sandrine’s friends. They had planned to explore the region. And everything went well until it went bad.

On the way, the driver lost control of the vehicle and the worst thing happened: an accident. The shock was very severe and Marcel died as a result. It was a terrible and disturbing situation. Sandrine had thus become a widow. When the news reached Marcel’s family, they gritted their teeth. It was a sad and silent day, for the blessed Marcel was dead.

With a Raised Index Finger

But after a death, life must return to its normal course. But for Marcel’s neighbors and his family, it was far from over. And how? They accused Sandrine of being responsible for the death of one of the deceased. Moreover, an investigation was launched into the circumstances of Marcel’s death. So the results of the investigation would soon be known. The villagers were eager to know if Sandrine had anything to do with Marcel’s death. They had always thought that her relationship with the man was too good to be true. But first, the villagers had worked together to ensure that Marcel received a funeral worthy of his rank. The whole event took place in the same chapel where the man had been married a few months earlier.


The pastor of this parish had known Marcel during his lifetime. So he knew that the deceased was a man of integrity and humility. He knew that Marcel was a good man who somehow had an impact on the lives of his loved ones. And it must also be said that Marcel’s death had greatly shocked him. Therefore, he took the opportunity to share with the congregation his view of things as it is written in the writings of the saints. He addressed the fact that many people find it difficult to accept Marcel as a human being, but rather as a kind of human credit card. His sermon had indeed reached some people in the congregation who had taken advantage of the financial situation of the deceased. And to be honest, that wasn’t so wrong.

A hysterical widow

It was not easy for Sandrine. She cried the entire ceremony. But none of the members of the community accused by the law of such behavior had deigned to give the young widow the slightest support. No mercy for him … And it must be said that the accusations of members of Marcel’s community against Sandrine were not verified. So no one could accuse him directly. There had to be concrete evidence of his guilt and of the fact that he had deliberately caused his wife’s death. It was still true that Sandrine seemed devastated by Marcel’s death. But it would get even more interesting.

Behind the veil

Marcel’s death was a tragedy. But there was another tragedy that really should have caught everyone’s attention. Sandrine had made a statement that would have shocked anyone. According to her husband’s will, she was the heiress to his fortune. Moreover, Sandrine claimed to have seen the will with her own eyes, which reinforced her claims. Would he really lie about that? And if there really was such a will, what would happen? Everyone was visibly shocked and had many questions. It seemed that only Marcel could answer from the grave.

But that’s not all

Marcel’s widow was not yet finished with the shock. She made it clear that she wanted to evict the residents to whom her late husband had entrusted a piece of land. He said he wanted to expand the area. Sandrine ignored Marcel’s wishes during his funeral. That was the spark that got the ball rolling and led to fierce conflicts between Marcel’s relatives and the widow. But neither party could suspect that things would end very differently, because the old man had a number of tricks up his sleeve that neither knew about!


Rumors of Sandrine’s involvement in Marcel’s death persisted because Marcel almost never borrowed a car. However, he died while going to a drunken party with his wife and friends. Some found this death suspicious. But there was no evidence of that. Everything indicated that Marcel had died in an unfortunate accident. However, the villagers took advantage of Marcel’s kindness to make a living. Some lived in houses and paid no rent. Besides, they always hated Sandrine. So they may have made up this story. But the issue of the will had to be settled. The villagers were used to paying nothing and didn’t want to lose that right.

New discoveries

Lawyers have claimed that if Marcel had really doubted his wife, he would certainly have warned his family members about the situation. But none of them could remember doing so.

On the contrary, Marcel was angry with his family for not receiving his wife properly. Faced with the young widow’s serious accusations, Marcel’s family had to search the deceased’s cottage to find evidence to support their claims. Despite hours of searching, they found nothing except a handwritten sheet on which the deceased had left his last wishes. Was that what Sandrine was talking about?

The Holy Grail

At first glance, this handwritten bill on the envelope could not be taken seriously. But given the situation, something had to be found. They took the envelope with them. It turned out that the famous bill was more important than they had assumed …

It was really a will. But it contained nothing of what Sandrine had confidently claimed. So what was in it? But anyone could see that it was Marcel who had written it. The handwriting seemed to be his. Who else but Marcel would have had the idea of making such notes on the back of an envelope? So this envelope was similar to the Holy Grail.

A Stroke of Genius

It turned out that the businessman had changed his last wishes before embarking on this journey. Did you see his death coming? No one knows. He had decided to leave all his money to his beloved nephew.

That’s not all. The note also stated that the tenants could keep their respective properties. The rest of his property went to each member of his family, including his friends. They were allowed to keep the houses they had built on Marcel’s land. It was incredible. When they discovered this, the family members of the deceased once again burst into tears. Marcel was truly an extraordinary man. It was thanks to him that they could have a home. From that moment on, some even thought that the man might have planned this famous wedding.


So Marcel’s family had had everything, unlike Sandrine. His name appears nowhere in the famous will. He surprised everyone. We knew Marcel was very much in love with this young woman …

They were also surprised because Marcel had a good and generous heart. Therefore, he could not leave his wife anything. And even though Sandrine said in the beginning that she would get all the happiness from Marcel, they couldn’t believe that Marcel left his wife empty-handed. Had he found out anything about Sandrine? Perhaps he had taken his friends’ advice seriously. Sandrine contested this will and instructed the lawyers to challenge it.

Don’t underestimate a review

Despite this particular will, it was certified by a notary public. It therefore had the force of law and was therefore legal in court. Marcel had certainly discovered something unexpected about his wife to make such a will.

And Sandrine was not ready to give up. She couldn’t believe that Marcel had left her empty-handed. She even went so far as to claim that her husband’s signature had been forged. This put extra pressure on the process and slowed it down. The fight lasted more or less a long time. And finally the verdict was handed down. What had the judge decided?

The last act

Time had passed and the court had done its work, searching every nook and cranny for the truth in the case to resolve it without harming anyone. After the investigation, the verdict was handed down.

The villagers’ suspicions were well-founded. So Sandrine would return to Paris from whence she had come, only with the status of widow and nothing more. The verdict was clear: Marcel’s will was original and ultimately had great legal value. His love for the gray beard was therefore nothing but a means of obtaining the old man’s property. Thus, the people were right. And the fact that the old man had understood this before he disappeared was really a windfall for his family. Marcel had found all this out, but had said nothing. Maybe he was waiting for the perfect opportunity to prove he had it all. Or maybe he had planned to spend his last days on earth happily. All’s well that ends well.