Couple Takes Their Pup Back to the Animal Shelter With a Daring Request

animal shelter, adopting, dog, puppy
Say Hello to Christina & Vincent

Christina and her fiancé Vincent decided early on that their ideal family would be a dad, a mom, and two sweet children with a small age difference so that the children would be able to grow up and play together. As many people *read parents* know, starting a family is not something you ‘just’ do. Having children and raising them is hard, but satisfying work.

animal shelter, adopting, dog, puppy
Say Hello to Raven, the Tamaskan Pup

Say Hello to Raven
Like I said: every family has to start somewhere, so Christina and her fiancé decided to go to the animal shelter to adopt a dog. After going to various shelters, they found a beautiful Tamaskan puppy, named Raven, who won their hearts instantly. Without any doubt, the couple decided to adopt Raven and take her home. Raven had found a warm nest, with loving owners, but things would quickly change for the adorable pup…

It didn’t take Raven long to get used to her new ‘home’, but as Christina and Vincent got to know her better, they started to change their minds about their decision to take the young pup in. This was because of a certain problem that soon became impossible to ignore. How cute the pup was, Raven became restless and impatient. Did the couple make a mistake?

Tasmaskan puppy
A Problem They Couldn’t Ignore…

They Couldn’t Give Her The Attention She Needed
Raven had a lot of energy and only wanted to play with her new owners. Of course, Christina and Vincent thought this was great, but they also knew that they couldn’t be with her all the time to give her the attention she needed. The couple needed to work. There was only one solution, so they took Raven back to the animal shelter…

After a few days, they put Raven in the car and drove back to the animal shelter where they adopted here. Once they were in they made a very unexpected request. The employees at the animal shelter didn’t quite understand and were shocked. Why would someone adopt a puppy and just a few days later return with such a daring request?

kitten on dog bed
It Had to Be a Cat

It Had to Be a Cat
The couple could see that Raven needed a brother or sister to play with, so they asked the animal shelter if they could adopt another pet. Christina had been raised with dogs and cats, so for her, this was her ideal situation. The Tamaskan pup’s new friend had to be a cat. The employees were in shock; who would adopt another animal just a few days after they adopted a puppy?

Everyone knows that cats and dogs generally don’t get along. For the employees of the animal shelter, the request that the couple made, was a very odd one. Once the volunteers had recovered from the shock, Vincent and Christina were introduced to a few kittens. It didn’t take them long to decide who would become Raven’s best friend, and before the shelter closed the happy couple walked out with Tamaskan pup Raven and ‘Woodhouse’ the kitten. Would Raven really like her new BFF or was this a mistake of the couple?

Woman making a selfie with tamaskan pup and kitten
Would Raven Really Like Her New BFF?

Something special happened between Raven & Woodhouse
Christine hoped that the animals would get along. This was why they had brought Raven along to the shelter. This way the pup and the kitten would meet on neutral ground and wouldn’t they respond territorially. Once they got home, the two furry friends immediately got along. They got along so well that something special happened…

Raven started sharing her food with Woodhouse. What’s more, the furry friends became closer and closer as time went on. They cuddled all day long. Raven quickly started to grow, but that didn’t seem like a problem for the animals, because the young dog often let Woodhouse boss her around. Both of them were also very fond of long drives in the car. Their favourite destination?

Man with dog and cat at the beach
One Big Happy Family

One Big Happy Family
Cats generally hate water, but Woodhouse turned out to be an exception. Both Raven and the cat really loved the beach. Furthermore, the four of them did everything together. Raven and Woodhouse were even on the Christmas card, and when the furry friends turned 1, the whole family celebrated it.

The family of 4 was so happy that Christina and Vincent decided to wait a while to have children. The couple was sure about one thing: despite the considerable differences between Raven and Woodhouse, this was the best choice they ever made.