This Hero Dog Protected His Little Girl From Something Nobody Expected…

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A bizarre story…

A Heartbreaking Story


Is he the right choice?

Is He The Right Choice?

Dobermans are known for being not the most peaceful breed. Something that doesn’t seem to be a good match with a child. Yet Catherine had a positive feeling about Khan. The thought that the big dog would otherwise be put into sleep in a few days did not make it any easier for Catherine. However, she did not yet know what Khan was capable of… Once she arrived at the shelter, Catherine knew she wanted to adopt a dog. She also grew up with dogs and that gave her a lot of fun and happiness in her life. Of course she also wanted this for Charlotte. Still, choosing the right dog turned out to be even more difficult for her than she thought…

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Is Khan the one?

Khan Comes Home With Them

The offer in the shelter was huge and all the sweet dog heads staring at her did not make the choice any easier. Still, the dog Khan kept wandering around her thoughts. Catherine knew that Dobermans are not the usual family dogs. Yet she decided to go for him and listen to her feelings… The reputation of Dobermans was not at all reflected in Khan’s character. He seemed much calmer and sweeter… Khan had a rough past. He had been in the shelter for some time and it was actually the intention that he would be put to sleep next week. An extra reason to take Khan home.

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Slow meeting between Khan and Charlotte

A Slow Meeting

Catherine knew from experience that it had to be slow to introduce Khan to Charlotte. Gradually the bond between the two was formed and Charlotte and Khan grew closer to each other. From that moment the couple was inseparable. Buddies for life… Right? Khan loved Charlotte and the other way around too. He was always chasing her and was curious what she was going to do. Catherine found it adorable to see, but at the same time she had eyes in the back of her head…

dog standing next to child
A strange situation

A Malnourished Dog

When Khan first arrived at the shelter, he was extremely malnourished. You could tell from the poor animal that he was not doing well. As a Doberman he was raised by a breeder who was looking for money. He sold Khan to the worst house possible. In this way Khan never had a fair chance to grow up in a warm family where he got all the attention and love he actually deserved. He blossomed.

dog laying down next to child
A Strange Situation

A Strange Situation

One day a strange situation happened. Catherine saw her daughter happily playing in the garden with her dog Khan. At a certain moment she saw Khan standing in front of Charlotte. It seemed as if the dog wanted to protect the girl. Catherine could not see what was going on and stood on her toes to see what was happening. At that moment Charlotte came running inside and pointed out to Khan. Catherine didn’t know what to think…

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Is he going to make it?

What’s Up With Khan?

Catherine put Charlotte in front of the TV and made sure she went to see for herself what was going on with Khan. Once outside Catherine saw that Khan was limping. Carefully she walked towards the big dog. Although she knew that he wasn’t going to do anything, she was a bid scared. At the moment the two were close to each other Khan made a crying sound. Catherine rushed there and at that moment Khan collapsed in front of her…

dog staring
Is he going to make it?

Is Khan Going To Make It?

Catherine was completely in shock. Suddenly the life of her dog was in danger and she did not know why. Fortunately, she came to her senses and acted quickly. She carefully put Khan in the car. The poor creature cried it out in pain. She tried to handle as gentle as possible, but she noticed that Khan was fainting. Then she rushed to the veterinarian. There it turned out to be a race against the clock to save Khan’s life. But what happened?

veterinarian monitor
At the veterinarian

A Real Hero

australia landscape
Oh oh…

The Poisonous Brown King Snake

dog jumping
What happend?

Living In Australia…

The Svillic’s live in Australia. The country is known for the large diversity of different plants and animals. Also the most dangerous animals in the world are frequently found here. The idea that these thrilling animals also live in your backyard can be quite a bit frightening….Now that the culprit is known, it’s time to look at the story from Khan’s perspective and believe us, that is a very special perspective. Because Khan did what he did not do without reason…

aggressive dog
How did this happened?

How Did This Happened?

But how did it go? Well, Charlotte was happily playing in the garden with Khan. Soon Khan saw the snake and felt danger. He tried to let Charlotte know she had to move quickly, but she kept playing cheerfully. At that moment Khan really sacrificed himself and went to the front of Charlotte, so that the snake could not reach her. This was the only way he could keep her away from the poisonous snake…

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Nervous waiting moments…

A Sacrifice 

For Catherine this was by far one of the most terrible things that happened in her life. Khan did what he had to do and was bitten by the snake himself. By doing so he sacrificed his own life for that of his buddy Charlotte. Catherine hoped that her dear Khan would make it. She Knew that her little girl Charlotte couldn’t live without her buddy. But also Catherine herself would love it to spend some extra years with her little Khan. Was he going to make it?

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More waiting…

Waiting, Waiting and More Waiting…

After the antidote was infused, it was just a matter of waiting and see. Fortunately, Catherine was quick at the vet. The question was now only how much poison had been spreading into him. For the vet this was not something he experienced every day. He was curious how it spread through the body of the dog, but he couldn’t see it right away. It was only a matter of time. Catherine could come back the next morning…

A paralyzed dog?

The Battle of His Life

Although the dog was not with the family for a long time, they already loved him very much. It felt like he had been there for years. Khan was a real fighter. After a bad life in a house that didn’t take good care of him, he now ended up in a warm nest. He Finally found a family that loved him for who he was… And this brave warrior didn’t give up just like that.

happy khan
The third outcome…

The Third Outcome

Khan was fighting for his life and two options seemed possible so far. Fighting for a beautiful life, or slowly giving up. Yet there is also a third option. Khan can survive the poison, but could become paralyzed. This would mean that Khan would no longer be able to run around, play and fool around with their little daughter. Something that would not fit well with the busy dog… But Catherine refused to think about this scenario yet.

A long night

Staying For The Night

The whole family sat at the vet and waited until they heard good news. However, the vets also closed and it was time for the evening. Khan had to stay there for the night. They gave him as much medication as possible. Now it was up to his body to strengthen and produce enough antibodies. It was time to go home and get some rest… When Catherine left the vets she heard Khan heavily breathing…

khan new
He Survived The Night…

He Survived The Night

Catherine could not sleep all night and only thought of Khan. Different kinds of scenarios went through her mind…. Most of all, she hoped that everything would work out. Together with Charlotte she drove to the vet the next morning. When the veterinary clinic opened, the vet told them that Khan had survived the long night. Catherine was so happy that her dog had survived these long hours alone. Her feeling had been right again.

dog at the vet
He’s back!

He’s Back
When they got back to Khan, they saw that he was doing wonderfully well. The strong dog was regaining strength. The vet said he would probably recover fully.  This meant that Catherine would have Khan with her again, but she also knew that he would be with his buddy Charlotte. Both Catherine and Charlotte were so happy. They could take their sweet dog home again. Hopefully he could recover completely there, as if nothing had happened. But the story doesn’t end here…

doberman dog
A Hero Family

A Hero Family
Khan may have entered the animal shelter in the most terrible state of his life, but his ancestry ensured that he was strong enough to deal with it. The shelter says that Khan was bred from another heroic Doberman. His grandfather once saved a young child, just like Charlotte. Catherine could not believe the incredible story the vet told her. It was too good to be true, but she always knew Khan was a special kind of dog…

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A real hero

Khan Went Viral
Khan has won many hearts with his story. Catherine told it to many friends and family members. Everyone was amazed. Khan got the new name: ”Khan The Wonder Dog”. The story was also picked up by the media and took on a life of its own. Thousands of people almost couldn’t believe what Khan was capable of during that specific moment… Truly unbelievable. Result: Khan went totally viral! Who would have thought that?

khan doberman
A True Media Sensation

A True Media Sensation

Khan became a media sensation all over the world. Khan himself, of course, has no idea that he is world famous. He will always see himself as Charlotte’s best friend. He only wanted to play with her, nothing more, nothing less. Catherine loves her dog. “If Khan wants a golden platter, Khan will get one. We owe him for the rest of his life.” But how are things with Khan and the family right now?

Khan charlotte
How Are Things Going Right Now?

How Are Things Going Right Now?

Khan is still best friends with Charlotte. The two of them seem to find it better and better now that Charlotte is getting older. Catherine hopes that this story will allay the fears around dangerous dogs like Dobermans. She also thinks that dogs from the shelter deserve a second chance. In any case, Khan is the perfect example of a dog capable of anything to make his owner happy. And at the end, the love between dog and owner is all that matters.