19 Amazing Ways to Use Plastic Wrap Around the House

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I Use Plastic Wrap in More Ways Than Just the Usual Way

We are all familiar with plastic wrap, also known as cling film, plastic foil or saran wrap. It’s one of my favourite household materials, so I always have a spare roll lying around. I use the wrap in more ways than just the usual way.

Keep Your Refrigerator Clean


Make the next time you clean the top of your fridge the last time. After you get your refrigerator completely shiny and clean, cover the top with overlapping pieces of plastic wrap. The next time it needs cleaning, all you need to do is remove the old foil, throw it in the bin and replace it with new layers of plastic wrap. You can also use plastic wrap for your refrigerator shelves.

Just cover your refrigerator shelves with plastic wrap (preferably the sealing type). The time needed to clean the fridge will suddenly be reduced by half: just remove the dirty foil and replace it with new ones.

Keep Flowers Fresh

Use plastic wrap to make your fresh bouquet last longer. Cut out a square section of the plastic wrap and place a damp paper towel on top. Then place the ends of the stems in the middle of the damp paper towel and fold the foil with the paper towel to keep the flowers fresh. You can use a bow or blotting or crepe paper to conceal this wrap hack.

De-Cork Wine

Some wines taste like cork, which means they have a musty, chemical smell that makes the wine unpleasant to drink. You can roll some PVC-based plastic wrap into a tiny ball and place it in a jug or carafe of wine to reduce this foul odour.

Protect Your Phone

Screen protectors can be bought at prices ranging anywhere between €15 to €40, but plastic wrap usually costs less than €2. So, making a DIY protector out of plastic wrap is kind of a no-brainer. First, make sure your phone’s screen is clean, then cut the plastic wrap about 7-8 cm or 3 in. larger than your screen. Stretch and smooth out the foil over your phone, fold the excess over the back of your phone and cut it off. Lastly, put your phone case back in place.

Treat a Hangnail

I consider a hangnail, those torn pieces of skin along the cuticles, one of the most annoying and painful things that can happen to you. It may even be worse than accidentally stepping on those little Lego blocks. The worst part is that I can never figure out how I got them. Luckily, I do know how to treat them: plastic wrap! Get rid of a hangnail while you sleep. Before you go to bed, apply hand cream to the affected area, cover the fingertip with plastic wrap and secure it with transparent tape. The plastic wrap will absorb the moisture and soften the cuticle.

Keep Bananas Fresh

Bananas, like avocados, are known for quickly going from fresh to overripe. Try wrapping the stems of the fruit in plastic wrap to slow down this process and keep your bananas fresh.

Lower Your Heating Bill

No, you can’t cover your high bill with plastic wrap to make it disappear, but you can use it on your windows to save some money without even noticing it. Try applying some plastic wrap to your windows to help reduce rising costs. Just apply some double-sided tape around your window, cut off an oversized piece of foil and apply it to the tape. Finish it off by using a hairdryer to heat up the foil so it stays in place.

Poach an Egg

This trick involving plastic wrap might just be the thing to help you finally perfect poached eggs. Start by covering a bowl with plastic wrap. (Make sure you use good quality plastic wrap, with a melting point of 120 to 140 degrees Celsius, so the plastic doesn’t melt during poaching.) Spray the foil with cooking spray so the egg doesn’t stick to it. Crack the egg into the foil-covered bowl, then tie a knot at the corners of the plastic to keep the egg in place. Let the water bubble on as you boil the eggs for six minutes to get those perfectly poached eggs.

Prevent Freezer Burn

Never allow freezer burn to spoil your ice cream again. Cover the top of your ice cream container, or whatever else you want to freeze, and put the lid back on. This two-fold solution keeps frozen food fresh.

Unclog Your Toilet

If the plunger doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to try this next technique to unclog your toilet. Use plastic wrap to fully cover the top of the toilet bowl, then flush. When the plastic starts to bubble up, firmly push the air down to create enough force to unclog the pipe. This neat little trick is much more convenient and a lot cheaper than urgently calling in a plumber in the middle of the night!

Protect Your Keyboard

If you’re about to go on a trip and won’t be using your computer keyboard for a few weeks, cover it with plastic wrap. Dirt and dust collect between the keys during extended periods of inactivity.

Treat Psoriasis

This method is often recommended by dermatologists to treat individual psoriasis areas. After applying steroid cream locally, cover the area with some plastic wrap and use adhesive tape to attach it to the skin. The foil will increase the effect of the steroids, lock in moisture and reduce spreading of the rash.

Fix Drafty Windows

Are draughty windows driving you up the wall? You can completely cover your windows with plastic wrap, but that certainly won’t present the most attractive look. Try stuffing bunched up plastic wrap into the cracks and crevices to prevent cold air from getting in.

Enhance Ointment Treatment

If you’re experiencing knee pain or other sore spots, you can apply some topical pain relief and wrap the area in plastic foil. The plastic wrap will increase the heating effect of the ointment. Test this on a small area first to make sure it doesn’t burn your skin.

Stop Bottle Leakage

People who love to travel often usually learn the hard way that some bottle caps don’t do what they’re supposed to do. You can easily prevent shampoo, conditioner and shower gel leaks with just a piece of plastic wrap. Remove lids and caps and cover the top with a piece of plastic wrap so the content actually remains in the bottle.

Protect Clothes

Kitchen aprons may come in very handy, but they are also just another item you have to clean after cooking. Try using a stretch of plastic wrap to cover your chest and clothes while you’re cooking. You can easily remove it afterwards to keep the mess to a minimum, and it will even save you time.

Trap Fruit Flies

Pesky fruit flies are no match for plastic wrap. Here’s what you need to do: take a small cup and a few pieces of fruit. Next, cover the top with plastic wrap and make a hole in the middle with a pen or pencil. The flies will be able to enter the cup, but getting out won’t be as easy due to the foil that effectively keeps them trapped.

DIY Cup To-Go

Finding lids belonging to one of those handy to-go cups is perhaps the greatest source of annoyance for many plastic collectors. Avoid the hassle and use plastic wrap to turn any cup into a to-go cup. Simply cover the top of the cup with plastic foil and insert a reusable straw.

Take of Stickers Easily

Do you want to keep that glass jar, but without the ugly sticker label on the front? Start by soaking the sticker with warm water and detergent. Then fully wrap the wet jar with plastic wrap and wait five minutes. Once you take off the foil, it should be easy to neatly peel off the label. The stickers are not nearly as difficult to remove as strong glue.

Thanks to all these great tips, plastic wrap is now definitely a must-have item at home, and I think everyone should have it as well! Be sure to share these tips on your social media accounts like Facebook and Pinterest.