It’s Better Not to Eat These 14 Products

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14 Products That Are Killing You Slowly…

Food: a four-letter word that people say multiple times a day, consciously or unconsciously. For most people, life is all about food. What we want to taste or have already tasted. Food can affect our lives in a positive way, but also in a negative way. It brings cultures and loved ones together, but it can also cause conflicts and/or wars. For a lot of people it’s their greatest enemy: every day people die of hunger and/or other food-related causes.

Did you know that food can also become your enemy without a clear cause? Nearly every day studies are published which show that you shouldn’t eat certain products because this is very bad for you. They could have a negative effect on your physical and/or mental health. I’m sure that you didn’t know that these products are bad for you, or in any case, you will be surprised by some of them!

colorful (green, orange, red) softdrinks
Try To Start Drinking Less Soda Starting Today

Carbonated water, flavorings, and sweeteners are the 3 main ingredients in every soda drink. A lot of other ingredients are also added, which naturally makes these drinks a lot more attractive and tasty than water. But because of all of these ingredients, it’s one of the deadliest products to consume.

Why? Your brain will never be satisfied with soda, so you will keep consuming calories, without ever feeling ‘full’. A large amount of unnecessary sugars, such as fructose, is turned into glucose by your liver, and once you have created enough glucose and there is still sugar left, your body will store this as fat. This will make you gain weight, and increase the risk of obesity. So try to start drinking less soda starting today.

2 hands smearing margarine on white bread
Try To Avoid Margarine As Much As Possible

Margarine is on this list because of the high percentage of trans fat (unsaturated fat) in the product. Trans fat is often linked to cardiovascular disorders. These fats can also have a negative effect on mother’s milk: trans fats decrease the quality of the milk you give to your new-born baby. Furthermore, it increases your insulin levels. So don’t eat too much margarine, and try to replace it with other products, such as olive oil.

White Bread
Maybe you’re thinking: bread is just bread and there is no difference, but you would be wrong because there is definitely a difference between dark and light bread. White bread contains a lot less fiber and protein than wholemeal or darker bread.

Fiber helps our body understand when it has had enough to eat. The sense of fullness is important if you don’t want to consume too many calories during the day. If you eat too much sugar, you may get too much insulin in your body, and it will have to counter this with hormones that you are not supposed to have in your body all day.

Colorful (red, yellow, green, orange) fruit juices with fruit around it on a serving tray
Despite Having a Healthy Image, the Opposite Appears To Be True

Fruit Juice
Even if the label says that it’s 100% fruit juice, fruit juices are not as healthy as they would have you believe. After squeezing the fruit, most food and drinks manufacturers store the juice in enormous oxygen tanks, until they’re ready to package it and distribute it to the supermarket. Because of this process, the juice will be virtually tasteless, so the manufacturers have to add flavorings to get the delicious fruit taste back.

Raw Honey
This honey is not pasteurized, so it still contains hazardous substances. As a result, this product often contains grayanotoxane, which can cause you to feel dizzy, weak, or nauseous for about 24 hours, and aside from that, there’s a chance of excessive sweating. Not very pleasant if you ask me. What a revelation! Did you know?

3 slices of raw tuna with some salt and herbs
Stop Eating Tuna for Healthy Kidneys and Brain

50 years ago, eating predatory fish, such as tuna, was not or hardly a problem, but since the oceans became so polluted, eating tuna is something that you should only do every once in a while or not at all. Tuna absorbs large amounts of mercury, and when we eat this fish, this hazardous substance goes straight to our kidneys, brain, and other soft tissue. If too much mercury is consumed for a long time, there is an increased risk of osteoporosis, iron deficiency, or even lung and skin cancer.

Energy Drinks
We all grab a caffeinated drink from the fridge because after drinking it, you can face the day again! Energy drinks are indeed useful, but it’s important to know the risks of having these kinds of drinks. Most of them contain various energy-generating ingredients, such as caffeine, taurine, guarana, and vitamin B. If these ingredients are put together in large quantities, it may not be good for your body. On the contrary: if you consume a lot of these ingredients, the effects can make it seems like you’ve had alcohol or drugs.

4 different breakfast cereals with fruit around it
Who Knew That This “Healthy” Product Is Actually Killing You Slowly

Breakfast Cereals
Breakfast cereals: in the supermarket, it’s impossible to miss this product. There are so many versions that people don’t know what to choose, and that’s good, because cereal is not healthy at all. These products are full of genetically modified ingredients that can affect our immune system. So from today on eat something else for breakfast. You really can’t stop eating the product? Then buy the biological version.

Processed Meats
First of all, it’s important to know what exactly processed meat is. A few examples are: hotdogs, bacon, sausage, salami, corned beef and all smoked, salted, tinned and or dried meat. Processed meat can cause high blood pressure and other health problems. This is because the meat is processed under high temperatures, which creates nitrosamines, and these substances could cause cancer. So it’s really important to try to eat less processed meat.

food, drinks, bad for health, health, healthy food, unhealthy food, health tips, canned fish
How Crazy Is This… Fat-free Is Worse Than Products With Fat

Fat-free Products
Most people think that fat-free products are very healthy and that you can eat a lot of them, but this is absolutely not true. It may sound strange, but fat is essential for a lot of bodily functions and for a healthy growth. That is why a fat-free diet is not recommended, especially if you exercise regularly. Furthermore, these products contain a lot of (processed) sugars, and these are more unhealthy than fat. We often think that fat-free is the same thing as calorie-free, but this is not true. So next time, try buying calorie-free products instead of fat-free ones.

If the food we made is just a little bland, our first instinct is to grab the salt, but maybe you should think twice. A diet with a lot of salt can cause high blood pressure, and this increases the risk of cardiovascular disorders, such as a stroke. So be mindful of your salt intake and try to use less and less of it, until you only need a small sprinkle instead of a whole handful.

Green bouillon cubes with vegetables in the background
It’s Best to Make Your Own Bouillon

Bouillon Cube
Bouillon cubes that you buy in the supermarket contain a lot of artificial ingredients and salt. Too much salt is never good, but especially people who are sensitive to a high blood pressure, such as diabetes patients and seniors, should avoid these products. A high blood pressure significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disorders. Of course you can still make homemade bouillon, which is also more tasteful.

Even though cheese is full of calcium, protein, phosphor, riboflavin, zinc and other important vitamins such as vitamin A and B12, it’s a product with a lot of calories. Especially in combination with other foods, it’s very unhealthy. So next time you should think twice before putting a thick layer of grated cheese over the nachos or make a grilled cheese sandwich of white bread with salami and cheddar cheese.

food, drinks, bad for health, health, healthy food, unhealthy food, health tips, canned fish
Stop Buying Canned Food and Start Buying Fresh

Canned Food
We usually eat canned food if we don’t have enough time to cook, or if we run out of salary before the end of the month. Fair is fair: no one ever died of eating corn or other canned vegetables twice a week, but it’s important to know that it shouldn’t turn into a habit. If we can food, it has a much longer shelf life.

What’s more, you can eat canned foods between 1 to 5 years, during which only a limited amount of nutrients stay intact. A lot of other important nutrients are damaged by the high temperature that is used while the products are being canned. Furthermore, many manufacturers add a lot of sugar and salt to canned products. Please note: this mostly applies to products of low-quality brands.