9 Makeup Mistakes Every Women Makes That Can Age You!

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Check Out the Most Common Makeup Mistakes

Everyone knows it: the makeup’s job is to highlight a woman’s beauty. There are several reasons to wear makeup. Most women use makeup to hide their pimples or other impurities they are uncertain about or just because they think it will make them more beautiful. But did you know that cosmetics can achieve the opposite effect as well?

makeup, makeup artist tips, makeup tips, makeup mistakes, mascara, eyeliner, lipliner, foundation, makeup base, diy makeup
Nobody Wants to Have Clumpy Lashes

Mascara on the upper lashes makes your eyes more emphatic. Mascara put on the lower lashes, on the contrary, brings up wrinkles around the eyes, so be careful with applying mascara on your lower lashes. There is no big rule about ignoring your lower lashes, but try to make it look more natural. Nobody wants to have those clumpy lashes. Yikes!

Brown Eye Shadow
This is one of those makeup mistakes that actually everybody makes, even make-up artists. Of course, you can apply a brown eye shadow. In fact, it brightens up your eyes. So why is it a makeup mistake then? Well, it might brighten up your eyes, but it also emphasizes the weariness of the eyelids. A.k.a it steals your eyes’ youth and is that something you want?

woman's eye with makeup
Thick Lines and Risk Looking Older

Eye Pencil
If you draw your lower eyelid with a black pencil, your eyes will look narrower. This is one of the biggest mistakes in makeup unless you want to look like a cat of course. If you want to make your eyelashes look thicker, draw the spaces between them.

If you think that a straight line on the upper lid makes you look confident and fierce, well this is not true. A clear, thick line without blending definitely ages women. Do you only use mascara and eyeliner? Draw a soft line. This will make you will look more natural and give you an approachable and friendlier appearance. Is that something you try to avoid? Keep using those thick lines then, but you do risk the chance to look older than you really are.

makeup brush in jar with blush
Darker Shades of Blush Can Make You Look Older

Blush has the power to transform a face, but it is important you are very careful with it. Why? Well, a blush of darker shades can make you look older. That’s why you need to get rid of matte and colors that are darker than your complexion.

Black Eyeliner
Black eyeliner is harder to match with your tone of skin, than other eyeliners like blue, brown, green, or violet. Lighter colors are much better choices because this way your complexion will look softer and people will think you are younger than your actual age. Another tip: try to match your eyeliner color, with your eye color. If you have blue eyes, use blue or violet eyeliner, if your eyes are green, use a green one etc. I did not know this, but from now on, I’ll never use black eyeliner ever again. How about you?

makeup, makeup artist tips, makeup tips, makeup mistakes, mascara, eyeliner, lipliner, foundation, makeup base, diy makeup
Who Does This; I Mean Wow

A lipliner is perfect, in fact, it is one of the makeup artist best tools because thanks to a lipliner the lips can be perfectly sculpted. Minor detail though: only if you have a steady hand. You might wonder why it is added to this list. Well, lipliner can be your best friend, but also your worst nightmare. Especially when you mismatch the color of your eyeliner with the color of your lipgloss or lipstick. If it doesn’t match, it will look really ugly and it will definitely age you. So stop doing this!

Concealer Under Your Makeup
A lot of women use concealers to hide their imperfections, like pimples, blackheads, and other impurities, on their faces. This is perfectly fine, but I have to tell you this: too much concealer under your makeup instead of concealing some flaws will look weird (people will notice) and make your face appear older. Use just a little bit of concealer and try to stick with just hiding pimples.

woman putting some foundation on a makeup brush
Ill-chosen Foundation Adds 10 years to Your Actual Age

I bet you use foundation, well this a mistake you really need to remember the next time you apply it on your face. Ill-chosen color of foundation adds 10 years to your actual age, which is something every woman wants to avoid. Go with a tone that perfectly matches your skin. This can be a challenge, so the next time your need to buy foundation: ask for help when you are in the (beauty) store. Number 9 is a must-read!

Too much powder on your face dries out the skin and makes you look older. Makeup artists recommend putting a thin layer of powder on just the chin, nose, and under the eyes. Do not powder your whole face, because it will look like you are, at least, 10 years older than your actual age. No woman wants that, am I right ladies?