Tips To Maintain Your Carpet Like an Expert

Tips to Maintain Your Carpet Like an Expert

Nowadays we are all busy “tightening our belts”. However, opportunities to economize are often closer to home than you might expect! This article gives you some tips on how to maintain your carpet properly. You can both improve the quality of your life in your home and save on possible expenses. If you follow these tips, you’ll improve the durability of your floor covering and make sure that it continues to look beautiful and well-maintained.

Take off Your Shoes When You Come In


It sounds simple, but it makes a world of difference. So make sure that both your family and guests take off their shoes before they enter the house. This makes a difference when it comes to tracking in of sand and mud.

Make Sure There Are Doormats at All Entrances to the House

A large part of the dirt that is collected in the carpet is dirt that comes in from outside. By placing doormats both inside and outside the house, you’re making sure that less dirt is entering the house. However, it’s important to shake the mats out regularly to prevent dirt from the mats from ending up in the house.

Use Rugs in Your Home in the Most High-Traffic Areas

In addition to looking good, this also has the added benefit that the carpet is less prone to wear and tear in those spots. Make sure that you regularly clean the rugs yourself, as well as the carpet underneath.

Use Blinds Wherever Possible and Other Means of Limiting Sun Exposure

Carpet that has been exposed to intense sunlight for long periods of time will eventually discolour. It can also damage the structure.

Vacuuming, Vacuuming, Vacuuming

It is important to vacuum extensively at least once a week with a good vacuum cleaner. A good vacuum cleaner gets rid of most of the dirt particles such as sand, pet hairs and other harmful substances. This not only ensures that the carpet continues to look neat and tidy, but also means you can continue to enjoy it for a long time to come. But make sure that you vacuum thoroughly. For example, you need to vacuum first in a north/south direction and then east/west. This helps the carpet to stay looking fluffy and bright.

Rearrange the Space Regularly

Heavy furniture can eventually cause permanent dents or even cracks in the carpet. If you regularly move the furniture, you can prevent these kinds of problems.

Have Your Carpet Steamed at Least Once a Year

You can choose to outsource this to a professional company or do it yourself with a good steam cleaner. Steam cleaning ensures that dirt and dust deep inside the carpet are removed. This is dust and dirt that an ordinary vacuum cleaner can’t usually reach. If you do it at least once a year, you’ll be making sure the carpet stays fresh and doesn’t start giving off nasty odours. It will also keep the carpet bright and clean.