Lifeguards Help 95-Year-Old on Vacation By Carrying Her to the Beach Every Day

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In such a dark and twisted world, it can be rare to seeing the good in humanity and people. Some people in the world, however, simply just are good people, which restores our faith and hope in society. And, that’s why it’s not strange at all to celebrate those who do nice things for others and those who do heroic things.

When our parents struggle with their health, it gives us some perspective

This story is about Kimberly Waterbury who felt that perspective when her 95-year-old mother suffered a stroke about four years ago. After this had happened, she decided to document all of their memories together, so that her mother can look through them in a book. What Kimberly didn’t realize, is that they had a ton of trips, which meant a ton of memories together.

One of their trips was to Alabama

After taking a look in the memory book, Dottie Schneider, Kimberly’s mother, wanted to go back to Alabama immediately. She had so many nice memories there, that she wanted to visit again. And, that’s exactly what they did together.

Weeks of planning

Kimberly shared that the two of them had been planning their beach vacation since the spring. They had been talking about this for months, so now they were counting down the months, weeks, and days. The duo couldn’t be more excited about their trip.

Dottie yearned to be at the beach again

Their trip to Alabama had been really nice so far, except, Dottie said that she wanted to feel the “warm, soft sand under her feet.” Kimberly couldn’t refuse this request, so she made sure that Dottie could visit the beach. But, she did need a little help from some kind strangers.

At the beach, Kimberly had some trouble

Since Dottie was of age, she used a wheelchair, which isn’t the easiest option to go through the sand outside their hotel. As a result, Kimberly was struggling to get past that, especially since she has a bad wrist.


Luckily, a lifeguard with Orange Beach Surf rescue saw that both Kimberly and Dottie were struggling, so he decided to step in and help the duo out. The lifeguard, Shane Martin, pulled up to where they were, and asked whether they could use some help.

Drive to the Beach

It didn’t take much effort, but Shane got Dottie into his lifeguard buggie, and drove her from the hotel all the way to the beach where the chairs and umbrellas were. But, that’s not all. He even made sure that she was comfortable in her beach chair, too!

Comfortable Beach Chair

Not only did Shane end up driving her to the beach, but he carried her to her chair as well, and made sure that she was comfortable and okay the entire time that they were there. This was an extremely kind gesture from the young lifeguards on duty.

Lifeguards at the Beach

Dottie and Kimberly were extremely grateful of the staff of lifeguards, and they even made sure that for the rest of the week, they would help Dottie get to her chair, so she could be comfortable on her beach chair. Their entire trip was taken care of and Dottie had her wish fulfilled of going to the beach.

Kindest Gesture

Kimberly said: “We are forever indebted to the guys with Orange Beach Surf Rescue. They made my mother feel special. She was not made to feel like she was a burden on anybody.” And just like that, Dottie got to feel the warm, soft sand under her feet.

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