5 Genius Ways to Insulate Your Home

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Great Tips to Insulate Your Home

A good insulation is critical in order to maintain a good home temperature. As a result, it will reduce costs on your energy bill too! The right insulation on the right places is very important to keep your home warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Therefore, we listed 5 easy ways to insulate your home:

Insulate Your Window


A good insulation of your window can make a huge difference. An easy and affordable way to insulate this place of the house is to use double sided taped plastic sheeting and a hairdryer. Use the hairdryer to tighten the plastic by blowing hot air on the sheeting. Make sure you cover up all the drafty places, so that your house is protected from wind in a cold winter.

Use Thick Curtains

Curtains are very useful to well insulate your home, especially to keep the warmth inside. Since it is probably not cold all year we recommend adding a cheap liner to your existing curtain, so that it is double layered. When it gets warmer outside you can easily remove this curtain. If it’s cold all year in your home, you can use a blackout curtain. This type of curtain is perfect for cold months, since it effectively keeps the warmth inside.

Maintain Your HVAC

Keep up with the regular maintenance of your HVAC: clean ducts, repair any leaks & change your high quality air filter every 6 months. If you use a less expensive air filter, make sure you change it every month. When in doubt, always hire a professional to check your HVAC. Do this before the winter begins, since it can save you a lot of money.

Fix Your Drafty Doors

You can use all sorts of household appliances in order to create a ‘door snake.’ Use the door snake to block cold air from entering the room. You can use old socks, cuddly toys or a pillow for example.

Insulate Your Water Heater

You can easily put a ‘coat’ on your water heater, by using fiberglass. You can buy fiberglass online or in a home improvement store. All you have to do is wrap the fiberglass jacket around your water heater. This will effectively reduce heat loss and safe money on your energy bill.

There is, however, an important side note. You can also over-insulate your home. When it is too tightly sealed, moist can come into your home. This can cause mold problems and lower the air quality indoors.