Grandma leaves fortune to grandchild after revealing this secret


A special bond


Grandparents are usually the accommodating parents. There are few grandparents who can resist their granddaughter’s wishes. This was the case for Amy. Amy lived with her parents but most of her time was spent with her grandmother since both her parents had to work full time to support her. Amy’s life was not very conventional but she had no problem with it. Mainly for one reason…

Amy is playing

Amy really loved her grandmother. They had a great relationship together and Amy had a great time. Some of her fondest memories were made with her grandmother. She later said that they had a special bond with her grandmother. For most children, it is a dream to live with your grandmother. They give you lots of candy and give you almost everything you want: it’s a dream come true. However, that dream was about to end suddenly….

Vuile hands

One fateful day, Amy was outside playing in their yard as usual. She loved digging in the ground and seeing all the different insects that lived there. To her it was like another world that existed right under her feet. Her grandmother always told her to be careful about digging things up, but she never stopped her from doing what she loved. Amy was so lost in her world of bugs and critters that she lost track of time. And then it happened…

The Books

After long hours of digging and exploring, she went back inside without noticing that her hands were very dirty. Amy was so focused on playing and looking at bugs! Time to thoroughly wash her hands, she did not have. Amy found her grandmother’s books and tried to grab the encyclopedia. She put a lot of effort into getting the book, unfortunately touching one of her grandmother’s favorite books….


The book was part of a collection that Amy’s grandmother had started collecting when she was young. When Amy realized what she had done, she became terrified. She knew how much her grandmother loved these books and she thought she would be angry with her. Amy tried to hide the book so no one would find her. Even though she knew it would be discovered sooner or later.

The grandmother’s decision

She was very ashamed of what had happened and didn’t want to say anything. But when her parents picked her up, they could understand that something was wrong. Her parents were very understanding of what had happened, and also knew right away that it was a mistake. They reassured her that she had nothing to worry about and that they would talk to her grandmother. Amy felt much better, but she had no idea where this would lead….

Amy is trying to do something

After a few days, Amy sat down with her parents and talked about what had happened. They told her that they had done what they could, but that her grandmother did not want to see her again. They said she was very angry and there was nothing they could do. Little Amy was shocked. It was the first time someone had been so hard on her. She didn’t know what to do. Amy loved her grandmother so much, how could she suddenly do this?


Amy burst into tears and begged her parents to let her go to her grandmother alone. She would ask for forgiveness and she was sure that the grandmother who loved her so much would not say no. Her parents told her again that her grandmother had made it very clear that she did not want to see her again. Amy was devastated. It seemed too crazy to her that they wouldn’t talk to her for something so small. And it turned out to be crazy, but she wouldn’t find that out until much later….

Time elapsed

After some time, Amy and her new sister moved out of the town where they had been staying until then. Her grandmother left them behind. Amy felt very bad, but her parents convinced her that they had to go. After all, she had her other grandmother who she could visit as much as she wanted. That was what they said, but what Amy felt was too complicated to express at the time

Lies and deception

She had a very unique bond with her grandmother who she left behind. Because of all the time they spent together, they were very close. It didn’t feel right for her to not talk to her anymore. Unfortunately, she was too young to express these thoughts in that way, so her parents decided to pack up and leave. We now rewind a few years into the future, where Amy is now 22 years old. Will she finally find out the horrible truth?

A terrible mistake

It turns out that her parents completely lied to her. All the things they told her about her grandmother getting angry and that it was her decision not to see her anymore were completely made up. There was a whole other story going on without Amy being aware of it. When she found out the truth, she was furious with her parents and herself. How could she have believed in this lie here? And even worse, why were her parents lying to her?

Gain an advantage

All her life up to that point, she had wondered if she had done the right thing in leaving her grandmother. She was young then and she hadn’t been able to say no to her parents, but since a few years she was an adult. She could do whatever she wanted. She often thought about going to meet her beloved grandmother after all these years. She couldn’t still be angry with her. And now it even turns out that she was never angry….

The Truth

The Real Story

Amy’s mother had cheated on her husband and gotten pregnant. When Amy’s father found out, he was furious. His first thoughts were to leave them, but he soon decided that he wanted to be close to his daughter. He felt it was right to raise the other child as his own. Then came the moment to share this news with Amy’s grandmother….

The ultimatum

She understood the situation and wanted to support the family. She said she had no problem taking care of both sisters under one condition. She did not want to be there for the other child as a grandmother. She did not feel comfortable being the grandmother of a child who was not of her blood. That was the only rule she set. The family did not take this well and this would be the beginning of a very difficult situation.

Amy’s Rage

They gave her an ultimatum. Either she would become a grandmother to both children or none. If she didn’t agree to that, they would prevent her from ever seeing her granddaughter again. She thought they were bluffing, so she didn’t retract her position. If anyone was wrong, it was them. Plus, they knew they wouldn’t be so cruel to Amy by separating her from her grandmother. Amy’s grandmother was wrong after all. The rest, as they say, is history. But what was Amy to do now?


When Amy found out the truth, she was obviously angry with her parents. She moved out of their house 2 days later and decided to contact her grandmother. After all these years of not seeing her, she felt guilty that she had never contacted her. This was the time for her to reclaim some of the lost time. But there wasn’t much time left…. After all, Amy’s grandmother was already getting on in age.

Favorite grandchild

It turns out that her grandmother was very ill when they met. She was very moved to hear her after so many years. She understood that it was not her fault that she had not made contact. She could never be angry with her favorite grandchild. Amy and she spent her last months together. That way they could get close again, and make the memories they had been unable to make all this time. But then everything would change again…


She soon passed away. Amy was devastated that she didn’t have as much time with her grandmother as she wanted, and all because of her parents. She didn’t know how to feel about them. There was no excuse for what they had done, they had taken away someone she loved without caring about the consequences. There was one last thing they were going to surprise Amy with, and it wasn’t a good surprise.


Amy’s grandmother left her some money. It wasn’t a very large amount, but for an unemployed college student, it was more than enough. It was enough to pay off her student loan, buy a used car, and have something left over as well. It was a great start to her life. She couldn’t thank her grandmother enough. Her family, however, had other intentions for that money.

The expectation of her parents

They wanted her to share them 50-50 with her sister. Amy was stunned. She couldn’t believe her parents’ audacity. Instead of asking her forgiveness for everything they had done to her, they wanted her to give her sister half of the money her grandmother had left her alone. She knew all too well, that this was not what her grandmother would have wanted. She had no intention of doing such a thing.

Amy’s Answer

“I told them that because they put themselves and my sister before me, I don’t need to put them before me and that I wouldn’t give her a cent. My parents call me petty and selfish, but given the circumstances, that falls on deaf ears.” Said Amy. But there was something else that made Amy angry.


Her parents thought this story was something small. In fact, they had kind of put the whole thing behind them after they moved. They didn’t even realize what they had done to Amy. Imagine what happens to a child who spends his whole life thinking that her grandmother rejected her just because she had made a small mistake. It was the worst thing they could have done. This lie branded her forever….

Amy’s Trauma

Find Support

She wanted to ask people on the Internet for their opinions on her reaction. She wanted to make sure she wasn’t letting her emotions get the better of her. Was she being too hard on her parents or was she right to be angry with them? The people on the Internet had nothing but support for her attitude. It was the most logical reaction to something so horrible.