Handy Cola Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Brilliant Uses for Cola That Will Blow Your Mind

Many of us like to have a refreshing can of cola every now and then. Delicious! But did you know that cola can also be used as a cleaning product, for your flowers and for a food recipe?

Clean Your Pots and Pans With Cola

Clean Pots and Pans
You can use cola also as a household cleaning supply. You could use it for example in the kitchen for cleaning, think of burned pots and pans. For each burned pot, pour a can of cola into the pan and let it simmer. The mess should then be easy to wipe away. 

Defrost Car Windshields
Don’t you want to scratch the car windows in winter? Incredibly, cola can also defrost the car windshield. Just pour an amount of cola on the windshield and wait a minute. The ice becomes completely soft so you can easily remove it. This saves a lot of time in the morning.

Remove Limescale From Kettle

Soak Kettle to Remove Scale
Fill the kettle with cola and bring it to a boil. Leave the kettle for 30 minutes. Pour out the cola, then use a sponge to wash off loose limescale. Boil the kettle with boiling water again, and then repeat the above steps until the water is clear and there are no flakes.

Best Jewelry Cleaner

Find the Best Jewelry Cleaner
Clean your jewelry in an easy way by pouring cola in a bowl. Put your silver jewelry you want to clean in here and let it soak for 10 minutes. Then clean it with water and clean it with a dry cloth.

Clean White Tiles
It is often difficult to clean the spaces against the tiles. With cola you have an inexpensive way to clean white tiles in no time. All you need is an old toothbrush and cola. Dip a toothbrush in it and start cleaning the tiles. They will shine all over again.

Chick Wings Recipe

A Delicious Chicken Wings Receipt
Heat the wok and add the oil. Now add the chicken wings. Spread the wings in a single layer and let them become light brown on each side for a few minutes. The wok should be on high heat. Now add the cola. Let it simmer for 12-15 minutes, until the sauce is almost dry. Although there should still be a little sauce at the bottom of the wok. Stir the wings and add salt and pepper to taste. Now turn up the heat, and stir the wings quickly until the sauce spreads over each piece. Ready to eat!

Unclog Your Drain
Is your drain clogged? From now on you can also use cola and no expensive remedies. Buy a 2 liter bottle of cola and pour it into the drain. For best results, you can let it soak all night. Pour a few bowls of hot water through the drain the next morning so that all the cola is rinsed away and the drain rinses well again.

How to Make Flowers Last Longer
If you keep indoor plants or flowers, you may always be looking for ingredients for your flowers that make them healthier so they will life longer. In addition to ordinary water and sunshine, cola is also a good choice. This is because the bubbles can help aerate the soil and allow the roots to penetrate deeper, thereby forming a firmer and healthier retention.

How To Make Flowers Last Longer