Your Hands Warn You for These 9 Health Problems

Do you have no or hardly any sensation in your hands? Call an Ambulance

We all know when someone has a cold or the flu. Headache, fever, muscle pain, fatigue, nose blowing; they are all clear symptoms of weakened to poor resistance and/or health. But did you also know that your body also sends out fewer clear signals when things are not going well or going very well for you? From hair growth to bowel movements: every part of your body is influenced by your health. So, if things are not going so well, your body will let you know in various ways. One of these ways is by means of your hands.

Pins and needles
Do you ever have the feeling that someone is sticking several needles into your hands? Yes, this is probably a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome, also referred to as CTS. If it is an extreme sensation, the general practitioner would probably want to refer you to a specialist for further examinations and possible surgery. Do you have no or hardly any sensation in your hands? Call the ambulance emergency number. It could be that you have had a stroke!

Trigger fingers are common in people who have a chronic diseases

2. “Trigger Finger”
This means that you have a finger that stays in the position you placed it and that you cannot bend or straighten it. This frequently means that a tendon is inflamed and can no longer move. Trigger fingers are common in people who have a chronic disease such as arthritis, diabetes or a thyroid disorder.

3. Swelling
Have your fingers ever been so badly swollen that it felt as if they could explode at any moment? This could mean that you must consume less sodium or salt. Too much salt in the body means that the kidneys must work harder to filter the blood from undesirable fluids. If they cannot do this, the fluids accumulate causing your body to swell.

Everyone has a little trouble with shaky hands

Red flakes and lumps
If you have ever suffered from red flakes and/or lumps (containing pus) on the hands and fingers, chances are that this was psoriasis. “Psoriasis on the hands can manifest as red, flaky, elevated layers and sometimes pimples – white pus lumps – on the palms.” Make sure that you make an appointment with the general practitioner if you suspect that you have psoriasis.

Everyone has a little trouble with shaky hands, but it can worsen if you sleep too little, have too much caffeine or must take certain medicines. It can also be a sign of a more serious condition, referred to as Parkinson’s. Do you feel that your responsiveness has slowed down, and limbs are becoming stiffer? This tremor may then be a sign of Parkinson’s. Make an appointment with the general practitioner if you suspect that this is the reason why your hands are shaking.

Take good care of your hands!

Purple knuckles
Purple or red knuckles are generally an indication of endocarditis. This is a bacterial infection of the heart valves, which can lead to bleeding under the skin. This bleeding is the reason that your knuckles have a different colour. Be sure to visit the general practitioner if you are suffering from this.

Several types of research have shown that weak grip strength is frequently associated with an increased risk of heart disease. So, do you have trouble with gripping things firmly? Please make an appointment with the general practitioner for a thorough examination.

Extremely dry hands
Everyone has problems with dry hands in the winter and that is not surprising, because the low humidity in the winter draws moisture from the skin. Moreover, it can also mean that you wash your hands too often and accordingly remove the natural oils from the hands. Fortunately, it is nothing serious. Simply ensure that you apply enough hand lotion or hand cream.

Have You Ever Noticed That Your Hands Loose Colour Completely When They Are Cold?

Colour changes
Have you ever noticed that your hands turn blue or even lose their colour completely when they are cold? This can be a sign of a condition referred to as Raynaud syndrome. The disease makes the fingers numb, cold and/or painful. You do not have to worry right away, because luckily it is not a serious condition.

Yes, you have read it correctly: your hands can warn you, in different ways, if things are not going so well with the body and/or your health. When you recognize one or more of the above-mentioned warning signs it’s important to call your physician. He or she can tell you if you need further medical help and do not forget to share this article with your friends, family and on your social media accounts, because everybody need to know this information.