NEVER Put These Products in the Fridge!

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Not Everything Will Stay Fresh in the Fridge

red onions on wooden table
Put Them in the Pantry, but Not Next To the Potatoes

1. Onions
Onions are essential in your kitchen. Because you can store your onions for such a long time you can buy them all year round. Preferably, keep your onions stashed in a cool and dry place. You can keep the flavor and nutrition value of your onions intact for up to ten months. 

garlic cloves in wooden bowl
To Keep It Fresh, Just Store it Somewhere Dark

2. Garlic
It is best to keep your garlic in special garlic jars. What you shouldn’t do is store your garlic in the fridge. Store it in a cool and dark place such as a pantry for example next to your onions.

peanut butter on a sandwich
I Just Love a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

3. Peanut Butter
Can’t you live without your daily dose of peanut butter? Me neither. Do you store the peanut butter in the fridge? Get it out, right now. Peanut butter becomes too hard, and therefore difficult to spread when you put it in the fridge. This spread is tastier when it’s, almost, liquid.

bunch of basil on wood
Just Put It in a Glass of Water When You Want To Keep It Fresh

4. Basil
Even if you can find fresh basil leaves in the refrigerated area of the supermarket, basil is actually not resistant to cold temperature and the plant will wither in your refrigerator in no time. Additionally, the plant will absorb the scent of the foods stored in your fridge. To keep your basil fresh you should put the stem of the herb in a glass of water.

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Did You Put It in the Fridge?

5. Honey
It isn’t wise to store your honey in the fridge because it will get thick and therefore will be harder to spread. If you leave it at a cold temperature for too long, honey will crystalize which will lead to the loss of the sweet flavor. Honey is best preserved at room temperature in a dry and dark place preferably in a closed jar.

Different kind of cheeses. Stacked in 2 piles
Never Put It in the Fridge

6. Cheese
I just love cheese, how about you? French, Italian, Dutch, or some good old Cheddar; I can’t get enough. If you put the cheese in the fridge I would like to inform you that you have to stop this today. When your cheese is in the fridge, it loses its taste. Which really is a waste and let the taste be what makes us all so fond of cheese.

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I Won’t Put Them in the Fridge Anymore. How About You?

7. Avocado
The downside of avocados? They go bad really fast. Avocados are at their best when they are ripe because at that point they have the most flavor. Don’t keep them in the fridge. Only if you have already cut the avocado in half then you can actually keep it in the fridge but make sure that you don’t remove the pit from the fruit. This way it will stay fresh for much longer. 

olive oil in a bowl poured from a carafe
Stock Olive- and/or Sunflower Oil in Your Pantry

8. Olive and Sunflower Oil
Oil, such as sunflower or olive oil is absolutely not supposed to be stored in the refrigerator. These oils are best kept in dark and cool places such as a pantry. This way you can store your oil for up to 18 months. If you store olive oil in your fridge it will turn thick, opaque, and lumpy. This is because the cold will make your oil start to clot.

batches of potatoes with dirt on them
Just Put Them In the Pantry

9. Potatoes
The fridge will cause the skin of your potatoes to go bad quicker. If you keep your potatoes in the fridge for too long you might notice that your potatoes will get a sweeter and maybe even sandier taste. This is because the starch that you find in your potatoes will process into sugar. Instead of keeping your potatoes in the fridge, keep them in a place less cold, like a pantry. 

child grabbing a big bottle of ketchup from the fridge
Everyone Loves Ketchup, Am I Right?

10. Tomato Ketchup
I believe everyone has at least one bottle of ketchup in their fridge, but did you know you shouldn’t do that at all? Tomato ketchup is a condiment and as you’ve read earlier, you shouldn’t keep it in the fridge at all. Ketchup consists of vinegar, salt, and sugar which makes it stay well outside the fridge. So from now on just keep it in the pantry.

11 eggs in the fridge door
Eggs Are Perfectly Content in the Pantry

11. Eggs
Despite the fact that many refrigerators have special places for eggs, they don’t belong there. In fact, the fridge door is the worst place to store eggs. Why is it that? When the fridge opens, the door is the first place that heats up, so there isn’t a constant temperature, something eggs need. Keep them in the pantry or in a kitchen cupboard. They are perfectly content with this.

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Is It a Fruit or Vegetable; Anyway Don’t Put Them in the Fridge

12. Tomatoes
The cold air in your fridge interrupts the ripening process of the tomatoes. This leads to the loss of texture and flavor. Keep your tomatoes fresh for longer by keeping them in a fruit bowl or in another room temperature spot in the kitchen.

someone pouring soy sauce
Be Aware of Homemade Condiments; They’ll Expire Sooner

13. Condiments
Most people store their mayonnaise and soy sauce in the fridge. This is unnecessary. Most condiments contain natural and artificial preservatives. That’s why on bottles of various sauces it says to preserve them in a cool and dry place but that doesn’t have to be a refrigerator. Homemade condiments will go bad a lot faster so it’s advisable to store those in the fridge. 

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Who Would Have Thought That Pickles Don’t Belong in the Fridge

14. Pickels
Who doesn’t love a good pickle? It’s amazing on a cheeseburger, but I also love it as a quick snack. Believe it or not, but you shouldn’t put a pot with pickles in the fridge. Why? There’s so much sodium and brine in it, that it’s bad to cool them. Eventually, it will lose its flavor, and nobody likes a tasteless pickle. 

different kinds of melons; cantaloupe, honey etc.
If the Supermarket Doesn’t Put Them in the Fridge, Neither Do You

15. Melons
If you store melons in the fridge, you should stop right now. Why do you have to stop? Well, when you go to the store you don’t see uncut melons in the fridge, do you? The best place in the house for a melon is the kitchen countertop. If you cut the melon into pieces and want to store it, it should be in the refrigerator.

Pop a Chilled Bottle Within Five Days

16. Champagne
Champagne should only be in your fridge if you’re planning to pop the bottle within 5 days. If it’s longer, then store it somewhere with a consistent temperature, like the pantry. Why is that? Opening the refrigerator several times a day ensures that there is no stable temperature, this results in dirty champagne.

sack with spilled coffee beans
Can’t Believe Someone Would Store Coffee in the Fridge

17. Coffee
Fresh coffee beans absorb the scents from the other products stored in your fridge and as a result, will end up tasting differently. As a matter of fact, the other foods in your fridge will even lose their taste. The best thing you can do is to keep your coffee in a dark container so the aroma of the coffee will not go to waste. 

2 bananas in a wooden crate
2 Reasons to Leave Them Out of Your Fridge

18. Bananas
You should never store bananas in the fridge. Why? Bananas need to stay at room temperature for 2 reasons. The first reason is that it helps the ripening process and the other reason is that light and oxygen – something they don’t get in the fridge – make sure the fruit doesn’t rot too quickly.

sprig of rosemary
Just Put Them in a Glass Jar on the Kitchen Counter Or Windowsill

19. Rosemary
Just like basil you shouldn’t put fresh rosemary in your fridge. It wouldn’t survive the cold temperatures. In addition, it loses its flavor and that is not the purpose of seasonings/herbs such as rosemary. What you have to do? Put the sprigs of rosemary in a small glass with a little bit of water and put it on the counter or on the windowsill. Make sure the sprigs are in direct sunlight.

mix of nuts and cranberries
If You Do This, You’re Kind of ….

20. Nuts
People who do this are …., I’m kidding, you’re not nuts, but I do have to tell you that this isn’t the place to store nuts. It’s true that low temperatures can help with preserving the oil in nuts, but it will also influence the taste. The best way to store nuts is, in an airtight container in a pantry, where it isn’t too hot or cold.

Butternut squash cut open
Stop Storing Butternut Squash in the Fridge

21. Butternut Squash
If you use this product regularly, I can imagine you keep it in the refrigerator, but please don’t do this. It’s such a waste of this delicious product. The moment you keep a butternut squash in the fridge, the quality quickly deteriorates and you can throw it away in no time because it’s rotten. If you’ve to store it, put it in the freezer.

woman cutting sweet potatoes
Just Store Them in a Cool and Dark Space, Like a Pantry

22. Sweet Patatoes
This may not come as a surprise since you’ve already read about potatoes, but sweet potatoes shouldn’t be refrigerated as well. If you do, the chemical composition of the vegetable will change and the color and texture of the product will deteriorate. If you want to store sweet potatoes, put them in a dark, well-ventilated, and cool place, such as a pantry.

cut open mango parts
Bought an Unripe Mango? Just Put It in a Plastic Bag and Wait…

23. Mangoes
Do you also love this tropical fruit? I really can’t get enough of it. So I make sure I have, at least, one mango in my house. Sometimes the fruit isn’t quite ripe yet, what should you do? Don’t store it in the refrigerator. This will only slow down the ripening process, just like with avocados. Just place it in a plastic bag and refrigerate when it’s ripe.

aubergine with yellow background
Store Them Somewhere Dark, Like the Pantry

24. Aubergines
For me, this was a new one. To be honest: I’ve always put them in the fridge. It turned out this isn’t necessary. Just store them on the kitchen counter or in the pantry. Small note: please, don’t store this vegetable somewhere to warm – think: into direct sunlight. It’ll shrivel up and then you need to go back to the store to buy another aubergine.

big orange pumpkin
Put Them on a Sunlit Spot Until Soft

25. Pumpkins
This might be an odd one, because who has such a big fridge that you can put a whole pumpkin in it? In case you’ve, don’t store a pumpkin in it. Usually, they are still very hard when you buy them, so put them on a sunlit spot, for example, the windowsill. If they are “soft” enough, it’s best to keep them in a dark and cool place.

3 muffins on a leafy plate
Who Doesn’t Love Homemade Baked Goods?

26. Cake
Almost everyone loves to bake, am I right? Cakes, pies, brownies, muffins, and cupcakes. How do you store the left-overs? I hope your answer isn’t: “in the fridge.” If it, then I like to tell you, that you stop that immediately. Putting your homemade baked goods in the fridge will make it taste less good. The best way to store the left-overs is in an airtight container.

dried ginger in a white bowl
Just Store Dried Fruit in the Pantry

27. Dried Fruit
This might seem as an obvious one, but believe, some do this. If you’re one of them: please stop storing dried fruits, like raisins and dates, in your refrigerator. Putting them there will add, unnecessary, moisture to the product and causes them to deteriorate more quickly. The next time you buy them: just put them in the pantry or another “cool” and dark place.

bar of dark chocolate
Every Woman’s Favorite, but Don’t Eat to Much

28. Chocolate
Attention chocolate lovers: do not put your chocolate in the fridge. Why I hear you say? Well, the cold temperature causes the texture, taste, and color of chocolate to deteriorate. Store it in the pantry and if you’ve chocolate left-overs – how that’s possible, I don’t know – store it in an airtight container.

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Do You Really Put (White) Bread in the Fridge?

29. Bread
If you keep bread in your refrigerator it will dry out much faster. If you don’t manage to finish the bread at once you can always keep a couple of slices in the freezer. That way the moment that you want to consume the bread you can defrost it and it will remain soft.

Their Ripening Process Will Slow Down in the Fridge

30. Peaches
Do you put too hard peaches in the fridge to make them ripen faster? Well, you’re doing it wrong. How so? Peaches don’t belong in the refrigerator at all, because the ripening process is only slowed down here. It’s best to keep them in a fruit bowl or on the kitchen counter, sunlit isn’t bad for them. Check them daily to see if they’re ready to eat.

2 hands smearing margarine on white bread
Don’t Put Butter in the Fridge If You Use It Every Day

31. Butter
Just like peanut butter, this product is hard to spread on bread if it’s used straight from the refrigerator. You can keep butter outside the fridge for about 2 days, make sure it is covered and prevent it from melting. If you’re not using it every day, you can store it in de fridge.

cut citrus fruits
Citrus Fruits Will Taste Better If Store on Room Temperature

32. Citrus Fruits
Citrus fruits like lemons, lime, and grapefruits are best stored at room temperature. If you put citrus fruits in the refrigerator, they will lose their flavor, and to be honest: that’s why we eat them right? Just store them in a cool and dry place, like your pantry or a fruit bowl, and grab one when you feel like it.