She Thought Her Foster Kids Had Way Too Many Similarities For It To Be A Coincidence… Was Her Hunch Right?

Katie Page went through a divorce when she was in her early thirties. It was only natural that she felt her life had gone off the rails. Family was a priority for her, but how could she start a family of her own? However, things changed when she decided to go through a life-changing experience…

Lost In The World


Katie Page used to live in Birmingham, Alabama. She went through a very difficult time in life when she divorced her previous partner she felt unsatisfied in life. She wanted to find her way, but it seemed like she had to pursue her dreams of a family in the meantime. She was looking for a fresh start, so she decided it was time to take a risk. She could no longer stand things the way they were for much longer.

A New Chapter

There was no other way to realize her dreams without starting all over again. That’s why she moved, even though there were many opportunities waiting for her in Alabama. She went on a soulmate journey before coming back to change her life for the better. She moved to start a new chapter of her life. It all worked out well, because she was offered a job that sounded exactly like what she was looking for. She moved to Denver, Colorado and started working as an integrated service manager for a commercial construction company known as GE Johnson.

Her New Home

Katie had high expectations for the future. This was her chance to improve her life, and she was willing to do whatever was necessary. She paid for a 4 bedroom house, which she had to adapt here and there. Katie decided to work on the renovations herself. She said, “The house I bought would take a lot of work to transform into my vision, and most of that I would have to do myself to be able to afford it.

Keeping Herself Busy

Of course this wouldn’t be a cheap project, but Katie didn’t mind at all. In fact, she thought it was a good way to cut down on unnecessary expenses. It would also keep her from wasting time while she was working on getting her life back on track. As you can imagine, living alone in such a large place can get lonely. She couldn’t help but feel that something was missing in her life. The good thing is that she knew she still had a chance to start a family, even though the marriage ended.

Searching For Satisfaction

There were a number of options she had considered. Although she still felt hesitant, at least she knew that a family was not yet off the map for her. Even though the renovation kept her busy and motivated, she was looking for satisfaction in other areas of her life.

Infertility Issues of Her Own

She had the impression that she would have a new perspective after buying a new place and changing jobs. However, she still felt dissatisfied. After her fertility problems, it was now time for her to seriously explore the idea of adopting children.

She Loves Kids

Katie was looking for a new direction in life, so she started investigating if she could become a foster parent. She was great with children and thought this might be her chance to find her purpose in life. She always wanted to be a mother, but mother nature didn’t make it easy for her.

Another Prospect

She received a letter from the church she recently joined. She learned that there would be a seminar to talk about a foster parent program. She immediately liked this idea. Was this her vocation in life?

The Right Path

Katie attended the meeting and what she learned really appealed to her. It sounded like the right way for her. Even though there was reason to be nervous, she took the risk.

Her Maternal Desire

She decided to become a foster mother on Mother’s Day. How appropriate, right? Katie filled out the application form, which marked the beginning of her life-changing journey. However, she didn’t yet know how big the impact will be on her.

A Single Mom

It’s not like she just went ahead and did it without considering the options she had. This was probably a very tough decision for her. After all, she was single and new in town. Can she do this alone?

Making It Official

She started receiving cases not long after submitting the application. The foster children she was assigned were often children who suffered some kind of trauma at a young age. She wanted to do her best for them.

Wanting One Of Her Own

In the course of her first year she took care of a total of four children. She started to wonder if she should adopt. Even though this was an excellent arrangement, she now wanted to become a full-time parent.

Excellent Timing

It wasn’t long before life gave her the chance to realize this. It was only two weeks after she expressed these thoughts to her employee that she received a phone call about a little boy.

Destiny At Work

The baby was only four days old. Katie didn’t hesitate to tell the caseworker, “I want him!”. She also asked them not to contact other people in the hope that she might call it her own child.

A Short 24 Hours Later

A day after this, the caseworker called her once more. Katie picked up the phone and kept her fingers crossed. Later that day, she ended up going to the hospital and walked out with the baby in her arms.

A Difficult Start

She used to have a foster child who was only 14 months old. But she had no experience with a child as young as this one! It was sad that the baby stood on its own, but it didn’t stop there.

Illegal Substance Abuse

The doctors found out that this little boy had been exposed to drugs while he was in the womb. Fortunately, he had no withdrawal symptoms and wouldn’t suffer any long-term consequences. Whew.

Moving Forward

As you can see, the little boy didn’t get the greatest start in life. Luckily this was all in the past. Now it was time to move on, because Katie was willing to do everything she could for him.

Picking A Name

He was abandoned when he was only four days old, so he didn’t even have a name. Katie was looking for a perfect name for him. Because it didn’t feel right for her to call him baby boy for the rest of his life.

Baby Boy Grayson

Like many other parents, she only called him ‘baby boy’ in the beginning. This of course changed when she found the perfect name for him! At the end she called him Grayson. It was her most favorite boy’s name.

At First Sight

Katie was in love with the boy as soon as she saw him. There was also a instant connection that cannot be explained by words. She also appeared to be a natural talent when it comes to parenting.

Her True Calling

She began to realize that her true calling lies in motherhood. She wanted to raise Grayson as her own son. She already fostered children in the past, although not one of them stayed with her for very long.

The Next Step

It led her to arrive at the decision to become a true parent. She knew that this was going to be different from fostering in many ways. However, she was ready for all the challenges that were going to come.

Looking For Answers

The two of them had been together since he was no more than four days old. She had a soft spot for him. He had been with her for about a year, during which the caseworkers looked for his birth parents.

Searching For His Parents

They searched everywhere for his biological mother and father. Unfortunately they didn’t track them down then. They put ads in the news, placed them on social media, and waited. but nothing helped them solve the case.

Officially A Mom

Despite this, Grayson finally had a place to officially call him in May 2017. At 11 months old, he was finally the legal son of Katie Page. What else did life have in store for this little boy?


Katie had to give Grayson her full attention because he had physical and developmental issues. These stemmed from the drug exposure he got in the womb. She wanted to expand the family some more, although she waited until he was 18 months old before doing anything about it.

Holding Her Horses

In the next few weeks, she got calls and emails about new placements. She only got short-term setups, however. She had been hoping for a more long-term placement, but it did not feel like the right time.

He Deserved Her Undivided Attention

Even though she wanted to expand the family again, she wanted to focus on Grayson first. After all, he deserved her entire focus! Don’t you think this is the most adorable photo you have ever seen?

Something Unexpected

Even though she wanted a bigger family, she had to postpone it until Grayson was older. There was plenty of space in the house, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

A Life-Altering Phone Call

Just a month after she adopted her son, Katie received a phone call she never expected. She had no idea just how much this call was going to change her life as well as Grayson’s.

Hannah Is In Need

According to the person on the other end, there was an abandoned baby girl in the hospital once more. Katie learned that the newborn received the name Hannah. She knew it was important to help the baby.

Despite Her Reservations

Like Grayson, Hannah was also exposed to illegal substances in the womb. It was interesting that she was also found in exactly the same hospital! Katie still wanted to focus on her child, but what can she do?

Yes Or No?

She got déjà vu after a conversation with the caseworker: “During all the calls I made that afternoon, the phrase ‘I know I’m crazy, but God tells me to say YES’ kept coming out of my mouth.

First Meetings

Katie was both overwhelmed and scared, but she listened to what her gut told her to do. After only a few hours, she opened her home to little Hannah. Katie and Grayson met the baby for the first time.

Not A Coincidence

After this, Katie saw the name of the birth mother on the baby bracelet. She noticed it was the same name on Grayson’s. She checked the discharge papers and the birth moms had similar birth dates…

What Her Gut Said

Let us not forget that there was also the matter of the drug exposure and medical issues the two children had. “The caseworkers told me her story, which was really similar to Grayson’s,” Katie said.

Something Seems Fishy

They did not look alike, however. “Grayson is half African American with beautiful darker skin and dark curly hair,” Katie said on her blog, “Baby Girl has a pale white skin tone with straight red-blonde hair.”

She Was Determined

It was also difficult to check because Grayson’s mother had a different last name. Their dates of birth were also a day off. Katie wanted to know the truth, so she tracked down Hannah’s birth mother!

What Are The Odds?

Katie talked to her caseworker about this speculation of hers. Could it be true that Hannah and Grayson were born to the same person? However, she was only told that it did not seem very likely.

Getting Answers

After this, Katie tried her luck by contacting the caseworker in charge of her son’s case. They asked to take over Hannah’s case too. A few months later, they succeeded in tracking down Hannah’s birth mom.

Anxiety And Nerves

Katie felt anxious about meeting the birth mother of Hannah. The moment she met her, however, Katie knew that this was also the person who gave birth to Grayson. How did such a thing even happen?

Figuring It Out

According to Katie, she “knew instantly” that her adopted son and foster daughter had the same birth mother. Even though she knew this, it was still important for her to avoid conclusions and stay calm.

A Striking Resemblance

As they talked, she learned more information about the birth mother than confirmed her suspicions. This woman said she gave up a baby boy, for one thing. She looked a lot like Grayson as well.

The Confirmation

Katie asked more questions and learned that this woman had many children. She had another son whom she did not tell the authorities about. Katie reported these things to the caseworker, who then confirmed the last name used in Hannah’s papers matched their relatives.

Putting The Pieces Together

The pieces have finally come together! They only needed to wait for the DNA test to confirm their suspicions. It came back to reveal that Grayson and Hannah were truly half-siblings. How great is that?!

Grayson And Hannah

Katie could not believe that she managed to unite two siblings this way. A caseworker verified her suspicions. Can you just imagine how excited Katie must have been to learn this? Life sure is incredible.

A Miracle

“What if the baby girl had gone to another family?” she said. “We would have never found her or Grayson’s mother. The connection would have never been made! I could not believe the miracle that had just happened.”

She Acted Quickly

Katie confirmed that the two kids were related by blood, so it made sense that she wanted to keep them together. She did not want them to lose each other after fate united them by luck.

The Adoption Process

She was already very much in love with Hannah by then as well. Katie also saw that she and Grayson were happy together. In order to make it official, she started the process of adoption.

Officially Her Mother

Katie went to court on December 29, 2018. After that fateful day, it was finally official. Hannah was now her legal daughter. On top of this, she would finally get to call her biological sibling her brother.

A Beautiful Family

They sure look like a happy and beautiful family. Katie was glad that she managed to reunite the siblings after everything. When she went into foster care, she had no idea that such a thing was even possible.

Like A Glove

Hannah fit into the family perfectly. She had been in foster care for nearly two years before she was finally adopted. If you ask us, this is the kind of thing that happens because of destiny.

The Ideal Addition

“I was happy to just give Grayson a life, and I thought that that was big, but I didn’t feel like that was enough,” their proud mother said, “So to give him a sister, I couldn’t imagine anything better.”

A Family By Fate

Katie also explained this to People Magazine: “They were meant to find each other, that’s pretty clear. I think God intended that from the beginning. If they weren’t related, Hannah would not have stayed with our family. She would have been placed with other relatives.”

A Born Natural

She did not think that she was going to be the mother of two children so soon. It’s a good thing she became a good mother anyway! This truly was her calling in life. However, there was more to come.

Another Surprise

Mind you, her motherhood story did not end there. After she adopted the little angel, there was more surprises in store for them. Only thirteen months after Hannah was born, Katie got another phone call.

Their Birth Mother

It came from the adoption agency once more. They had news that was going to affect their life once again. The call had been about the birth mother of both Hannah and Grayson… What did she learn?

A Million Thoughts

Was everything all right with the birth mother? Did she feel sick? Katie had no idea what could possibly be going on. The only way she could find out was to stay still and listen for the news.

Their Baby Brother

Katie learned that the woman gave birth to another baby! It was a baby boy this time. Although she did not feel ready to take on three children, how was she going to let the little boy grow up on its own?

Some Deep Thinking

This meant that Hannah and Grayson had yet another sibling out there. Katie could not help but feel shocked. Can she actually handle one more child on top of her two children? Three kids were a lot.

A New Edition

After thinking about it, she knew that there was no other thing to do than to reunite all the siblings. She took the newborn boy into her house and began to work on legally adopting him as well.

Welcome To The Family

She took a leap of faith by taking in Jackson, the little boy. He also fit into the family like it was the most natural thing in the world. He managed to make everyone in the household fall in love with him!

The Adoption Process Was Under Way

On June 9, 2019, Katie went on Instagram to talk about the court date for Jackson. Until then, she was going to be the foster mom for the baby. This way, she could still take care of him and seem him grow.

Protecting His Privacy

With the adoption process ongoing, she works to keep the kids safe. She got a lot of media attention when the story came out. For the sake of the adoption process, she always hides Jackson’s face.

A Happy Family

The kids have grown a lot over the years. Hannah has turned two years old and grew up to be an energetic girl who loves dolls and fashion. She likes to look after her brothers and adores her mother!

A Social Butterfly

On the other hand, Grayson is now three. He will soon attend preschool! He is a social butterfly who enjoys meeting others. He wears glasses for his lazy eye. Don’t you think it looks cute on him?

No Longer A Single Mom

It turns out that Katie has met someone through her pastor. “While I can’t share his face as I vowed never to post him on social media so I could get him to take a photo with me, I can share how grateful I am for him,” she explained.

Responsibility After Responsibility

She has received plenty of help when it comes to raising her kids. She can always turn to her mother, sister, and roommate for extra help. After all, it must be hard because she still works full-time.

Multiple Jobs

Aside from this, she also renovates the house. Katie has also started her own business. She has a website named Lastly, she also works for a company that goes by the name Rodan and Fields.

A Flexible Arrangement

Rodan and Fields is a beauty company that sells skincare and makeup. Katie can work remotely with them, so she can come up with the money to pay the bills. It must be hard with three kids!

Future Changes

She explained, “I am hopeful that one day this opportunity will give me the chance at the freedom to spend more time with my children and one day expand our family even more. My current traditional career path doesn’t make my dreams seem possible…so I began to consider ways to supplement that complimented my lifestyle and was flexible.”

Sharing Her Life

She also uses social media platforms for the promotion of her businesses. She is active on Facebook and Instagram as well as Read her blog if you want to hear about the renovation project.

They’ve Changed My Life

“The last 35 years has been far from easy or the ‘perfect’ life, but it has been mine and has always been driven by my ‘CRAZY’ dreams,” she said on the blog. “If people only knew how my children have changed mine far more than I could ever have imagined.”

Some Extra Help

With her business skills, Katie now has enough money to get the help she needs. For one, she wants to hire the services of a live-in nanny who can help with the children. After all, it is challenging for foster moms to handle a lack of communication and similar frustrating situations.

Staying Determined

It is not surprising to hear that she advocates for foster care. This is something she talked about in the past, both on her social media profiles and her appearances. “I don’t know if I believed in miracles for sure. I have no doubt now,” she said.

Still In Process

Katie is still in the middle of the adoption process for Jackson. She said, “It takes patience beyond what I feel I have sometimes. It makes me and those who support me angry some days. But encounters/relationships with the children make it worth the hard times.

A Life-Changing Experience

Don’t you think it is inspiring to hear what she and the family went through? Things would have changed if Grayson went to someone else. Katie admitted, “It is my greatest adventure and I can’t imagine my life without this experience”.

Big Boy Bed

Just when Grayson decided he didn’t want to sleep in his crib anymore, it was time to upgrade him to a big boy bed. Katie wanted to get him a bed that would look and feel nice as well, so he’d want to sleep in it. Despite the fact that he still struggled to adjust, she still saw it as a win. On her Instagram, Katie wrote: “I think it’s safe to say the toddlers like Grayson‘s new big boy bed… Or at least the bed we are trying to convert Grayson into since he’s decided a crib is no longer an option.”

Family Photo

Whoever comes from a big family will know the struggle of trying to get everyone to pose for a picture together. It can be so stressful! When Katie finally pulled this off, she was so proud that she had to post about it. “And I snagged the second photo of all five of us almost a year after the first… I will take what I can get and always keep my promise not to show my guy’s face (thank goodness he’s SO tall). Grateful for this crazy crew of mine! Note: we even all match for a Sunday service… he’s a keeper for not finding my love of coordinating outfits with my kids annoying. He showed up at the house this morning dressed in camo shorts before any of us were dressed… so not much he could do when I coordinated around his outfit.”


When working with kids, you need to remember that pictures don’t always come out the way you want them to. Most of the pictures that end up on Katie’s social media make it look like getting the kids together was no big deal. However, that usually isn’t the case. As you can see in this picture, having all three of the kids smile at the camera can be a difficult task. Katie has said: “Taking a photo of all three requires lots of patience and lots of outtakes like this one.”

Good Housekeeping

At once, it looked like everything was falling into place for Katie. After she officially adopted Grayson and Hannah, Good Housekeeping magazine reached out to her to see if she wanted to be featured. Of course, this was an offer she couldn’t refuse! She wanted to share this store as much as she could: “I never thought we would be in @goodhousekeeping magazine, but life throws you amazing curves. I couldn’t be more grateful to see my children’s story impacting so many people across the world and we hope it’s helping many more children like them find loving forever homes!! Go grab their August edition to find us. Thanks to @laurenwolters for sending us a photo and letting us know it was out!”

Proud Mama

It’s no surprise that being a parent is something that came naturally to Katie. Each moment she had to spend with her little kids made her so grateful and happy that she felt like crying. It was unbelievable how drastically her life changed and how much she grew over the past few years. She was looking to share her story with everyone. In fact, she wanted to celebrate every moment possible. “I am SO proud of this girl for going by herself to a Sunday school class (versus with her bro)! She went in without hesitation and had a blast.”

Sibling Bond

Thankfully, Grayson and Hannah adore each other and can’t be separated! A lot of times, siblings don’t really get along, especially at such a young age. Katie has said that she feels so lucky that her kids are so close. “I hope they always make each other giggle and smile as they do now,” she posted on Instagram.

Little Helpers

Katie has spoken about how this past holiday season was the first one in which Grayson really understood what was going on and was able to talk about it. Of course, Katie was thrilled. She said, “It’s definitely the first year that Grayson is actually starting to realize it’s Christmas and be able to talk about it. I realized I need to explain Santa which I have never done before… any suggestions on how?!”

Tickle Giggles

Like any other mom who adores her kids’ laughter, Katie’s kids’ laughter is like sweet music to her ears. She loves tickling them and can’t get enough of it! Her kids love sitting on her lap and having her tickle them.

Growing Each Day

It looks like every time Katie posts a new picture to social media that her kids have grown so much! Grayson is becoming a happy and healthy little boy and looks excited in just about every photo that Katie posts of him. They clearly adore each other.

The Little Things

One thing Katie sees as very important is being grateful for all that you have, especially the little things. She posted this picture of the kids at a hardware store with the caption, “These two… two peas in a pod! Hours into shopping to get all our errands run and an hour past nap time they are still smiling and laughing with each other. They chased each other and played hide n seek when we returned home. I don’t think they would be who they are today without each other.”

Sports Fanatic

With every passing day, Grayson is showing more and more fascination in sports, and Katie couldn’t be happier about it! She might not be much of a sports fan herself, but her boyfriend is. As a result, it’s been something that really bonded him with Grayson. On her Instagram, Katie wrote: “So grateful for a Grayson to have such a loving guy to look up to… and to watch sports with him because he clearly didn’t learn that from me!”

Snow Days

We can all agree that snow days are the best with the kids! This winter, Katie and her kids couldn’t get enough and went out to play with every chance they got. Of course, she posted a lovely moment on her Instagram, saying: “The cold air is good for their coughs so they got a spend a short bit outside in the snow and Grayson cried when he had to come back inside. We had zero complaints about the cold and the kept wanting to be thrown in the multiple inches of snow. The snow was SO high they could even walk… but of course, it didn’t stop the fun.”

Matching Sunday

Can you believe how big the kids are getting? Here we can see Grayson and Hannah in adorable matching outfits. Katie began this little tradition where she dresses the family to match on Sundays for the church.

Making Memories

It’s always nice to commemorate big milestones with photos we can keep forever. With Katie and her kids, she loves taking pictures to make memories of everything. So, when Grayson was starting preschool, it only made sense for Katie to take a picture for herself and Instagram! She couldn’t believe how quickly her little boy was growing up. “First Day of Preschool! This kid melts my heart! His smile is contagious and he approaches each opportunity with excitement. He walked into class and never looked back or hesitated once… he jumped at the chance for new friends and a new environment! I can’t believe how big he is and how much he is thriving and growing. We can’t wait to see how much school helps him make even more leaps forward”.

Little Pilot

The happy little family took a trip to Oklahoma not long ago, and naturally, fun things happened! Katie couldn’t help but share this adorable moment when Jackson was able to play in a plane. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll become a pilot?