Here’s Why You Should Consider Exercising at Home

Woman holding two small pink dumbbells close to each other
Consider Exercising at Home!

Pretty much everyone knows that exercising or any form of physical activity has many benefits for our body and health. Even if it’s just for about 30 minutes, it can be effective. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to go to a gym or it can be awkward for some to join a gym. Luckily, there is a solution for this problem, which is exercising at home. Nowadays it is much easier to do it at home as there are plenty of options available. For example, follow live classes online or even find videos or a list of exercises that you could find interesting. Looking for that extra push to start exercising at home or looking on how to make a start?

Do a Workout Whenever


One of the main benefits of exercising at home is the fact that you can do it whenever you feel like it. Do you want to work out in the morning or late at night? It’s totally up to you. When it comes to the gym, you have to keep the opening times and closing times in mind and also the times when it gets really busy, which you don’t have to worry about at home.

This, though, does not mean that you have to work out, especially when you’re busy. For some, it can be helpful to get rid of frustrations or to simply relax. You could, for example, consider yoga or meditation instead. As a bonus, you stay fit and healthy. Win-win situation, don’t you think?

Your Own Space

Walking into a gym can be intimidating at times, as it can be crowded or it can give you the feeling of being watched as you’re doing your exercises. This can even result in feeling insecure about yourself and whether you’re doing it right.

What’s more, the gym usually has equipment you might not feel confident using, which could give you an awkward feeling. What’s more, at the gym, there’s always a friend or employee or someone who wants to talk to you. Whether it is small talk or about gym routines, it can be distracting and take away some of your precious time. This is why it can perhaps be easier and better to work out at home, where you have your own space and can focus on your training session.

How to get started at home, in your own space? If you don’t own any gym equipment to begin with, you could easily start by doing body weight training. You could either look up some exercise videos online and work out at that pace or you could look up training programs which you think might be useful.

Another good reason to do your training at home is the fact that you save time and money as you don’t have to travel back and forth. This can at times be a reason not to visit the gym once you’re home, so no more excuses! What’s more, you’re also saving money by not having to pay for the gym membership. It is usually a waste of money when you have a subscription and cannot even go frequently. So, what are you waiting for?

Build a Fitness Routine

Not knowing where to start with your fitness routine is a common problem. You’re eager to get fit and willing to reach your fitness goals, but how do you do it without all the gym equipment at home? First, you could start by figuring out what you like to do. Are you someone who loves to do cardio and body weight training? Or are you someone who wants and needs weights and dumbbells for training? After this, you could look up for some inspiration on the internet as there are plenty of online classes or online work out programs you can do for yourself.

Another tip would be to look for equipment that you know you would use frequently in your work outs as it can be quite expensive to purchase. What would be the use if you spend a lot of money only to use it once or twice? Items, for example, that can be used frequently in work outs are dumbbells, elastic bands, but also a yoga mat.

Once you’re sure that you want to go for heavier weights and do enhanced trainings, then it would be advisable to purchase more equipment such as barbells. The thing with barbells is that they are flexible as you could use them with and without additional weights for plenty of exercises. The main tip here would be to not start buying different equipment at once, as it will be a waste of money.


As mentioned before, it can be quite difficult and intimidating to go to a gym as it can be crowded with different types of gym members. Usually, this can also mean that you might compare yourself to others, on how they look and how you look physically. You could end up questioning yourself why you don’t look as good or why you’re not as strong as they are. Comparing yourself to others can hurt your self-esteem and this could result in not wanting to go to the gym anymore or it could even mean that you could overdo it as you want fast results.

Do keep in mind that it takes a long time to reach your goals and you don’t know how long it took someone else to achieve their fitness goals or the physique that they have right now. So, the solution is to keep doing your thing on your own pace and reach for your goals.

There is another solution, which is exercising at home. Why, you think? It could be that you’re living alone or with your family members, but this is your own space where you don’t have to and can’t compare yourself to other people. As a result, this may lead to better results and it could lead to a better self-esteem which in return is better for your mental health.

Healthy Diet

Most important of it all, is to have a healthy and nutritious diet. People usually forget that a healthy diet plays the biggest role in reaching your fitness goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It would, after all, be a shame if you’d exercise at least 4 times a week and eat unhealthy all the time. For one, you wouldn’t notice any difference and in turn, this would be demotivating and it could ruin your self-esteem.

It can be difficult to start eating healthy all day long, for days on end, but there are solutions for this. One way of starting is by making a meal plan for a week. This way, you can do your food shopping accordingly, but you can also try to think of healthy meals that you’d like to eat. Then, you could start with meal prep, so you don’t have to worry about cooking for three courses every day.

As soon as you start seeing results by exercising at home, it will be a routine to prepare your meals for the week and you’ll notice the difference in your health and even in reaching your fitness goals. You’ll feel more energetic and healthy, but you’ll also be more eager to cook your meals and to try out new recipes for yourself. Do keep in mind, though, that it is necessary to treat yourself now and then. It would not be healthy to be strict with yourself as it could end up in a fallback with your diet and healthy lifestyle. 

What other tips would you have to work out at home? Don’t forget to share these around.