14 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Chocolate Every-Single-Day

Why you should eat dark chocolate every-single-day

Who doesn’t love chocolate? And if you’re dreaming of eating chocolate every day, now you have an excuse — or fourteen.

Dark chocolate is good for your heart

Good For Your Heart
For real, dark chocolate can boost your heart health. It helps keep the heart’s blood vessels healthy and makes the blood flow through more easily. By eating dark chocolate 2 to 5 times a week, it can lower the risk of heart diseases and strokes (by 57 percent!).

Prevents Memory Loss
Studies show consuming high concentrations of dark chocolate may benefit your brain. With age, diseases that cause dementia become more common – and by eating dark chocolate, it could slow down the progression. Dark chocolate intensifies the blood flow to some important brain areas, helping to sharpen the memory, boost your focus, and protect your brain from aging fast. 

Dark chocolate prevents memory loss

Makes Hair Shiny
If dull and lifeless hair is your biggest problem, you’d definitely need to try dark chocolate. With dark chocolate being jam-packed with nutrients and antioxidants, it helps prevent hair loss and leaves you with nothing less than thick, shiny hair.

Boosts Your Mood
Dark chocolate makes you feel good – and it’s not because it tastes good that it makes you happy. It’s thanks to their fatty acids. The acids in dark chocolate increase neural activity in parts of your brain that are linked to pleasure, making you feel better and happier! Dark chocolate is filled with endorphins (triggering a positive feeling), phenylethylamine (the “love drug”), and theobromine (a caffeine-related compound) – all, making you feel awesome. The higher the percentage of cocoa, the happier you become.

Dark chocolate reduces stress

Reduces Stress
Eating chocolate when you’re stressed actually makes a lot of sense! It’s found that nibbling on dark chocolate reduces inflammation stress levels. After studying a group of healthy adults eating an average size dark chocolate bar every day for 2 weeks, researchers found that it significantly reduced the level of stress hormone in highly stressed people. Chocolate therapy, anyone?

Prevents Collagen Breakdown
As mentioned before, dark chocolate can successfully fight stress hormones; the stress hormones that cause collagen breakdown. And fewer collagen breakdown means fewer wrinkles and healthier skin!

Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure

Fights Aging
Dark chocolate can actually make you look 10 years younger! These same incredible antioxidants help in combating DNA mutilation, which results in aging symptoms like greying hair and wrinkles.

Dark chocolate lowers cholesterol

Protects Against UV Damage
Being high in antioxidants, dark chocolate can protect your skin from the powerful and destructive UV rays of the sun. It’s preventing sun spots and other related skin damage.

Lowers Cholesterol
Dark chocolate is one of the few “rich” foods that are actually good for your cholesterol count. The cocoa butter in dark chocolate is full of monounsaturated fat – the same fat you find in heart-healthy olive oil. But unlike olive oil, the cocoa butter in dark chocolate provides the body also with healthy amounts of saturated fat. As dark chocolate gets rid of bad cholesterol, it simultaneously maintains or increases the good cholesterol.

Dark chocolate protects against UV damage and fights aging

Contributes to Weight Loss
Eating chocolate every day seems like the last way to lose weight – isn’t it? But research suggests that dark chocolate plays a huge role in controlling appetite. Eating (and even smelling!) dark chocolate before or after a meal triggers hormones that signal to the brain that you’re full. But unfortunately, just eating dark chocolate doesn’t make you lose weight – it should be part of a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Hydrates the Skin
The flavonols in dark chocolate can improve skin hydration and thickness – both super important for a young-looking, smooth, and glowing skin. So yes; you can make your skin look its best, simply by eating a couple of dark chocolate pieces.

Dark chocolate improves blood circulation to the scalp, protects against dandruff, and makes hair shiny

Improves Blood Circulation To the Scalp
Dark chocolate has many benefits for your scalp and hair, too! Being full of minerals like copper, zinc and iron, dark chocolate increases blood flow and circulation to the scalp and facilitates a better transfer or nutrients, giving you thicker, healthier, stronger hair.

Protects Against Dandruff
Dandruff can be embarrassing. No matter how many times you wash your hair, the problem seems to keep coming back. Luckily there is a solution; as dark chocolate has anti-inflammatory properties and is high in zinc, it can help your scalp to be free from any infections.