Descale a Coffee Maker With Vinegar

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Make Sure to Clean Your Coffee Maker Regularly, So You Can Enjoy It Longer

A coffee maker usually sputters nicely. As it is used more often, the lime in the water will slowly clog the pipes. The machine will then no longer be sputtering nicely but very hard. The neighbours can share the enjoyment of the noise. The last drops of water are blown into the filter with a lot of noise. After the coffee is ready, the machine will keep making a lot of noise.

Hard Sputtering


Do you have a loudly sputtering coffee maker? Do you feel like it’s about to explode? Do the neighbours complain about the loud noises coming from your machine? Or are you tired of being frightened to death by the too-loud sounds of your coffee maker while reading the newspaper? Then you can take matters into your own hands. You don’t have to throw away your beloved machine. You can clean the pipes inside the machine. With an ancient and inexpensive miracle remedy.

Limescale in the Coffee Maker

Due to the pipes being obstructed by limescale the water is passed through the device under higher pressure. This results in all kinds of noises. Loudly sputtering devices can be cleaned in no time. Use white vinegar or the light brown coloured natural vinegar. Making a cup of vinegar flow through the device works wonders. Vinegar is acidic and dissolves limescale within the pipes of your coffee maker.

Cup of Natural Vinegar

Where you normally pour in the water, you pour one cup of natural vinegar, which you can buy in any supermarket. Then turn on the appliance. The vinegar will then do its job automatically. Probably you’ll hear a huge difference right away. The vinegar dissolves the limescale and your device will produce much less noise.

Two Cups of Water

After the vinegar has gone through the device, you can turn off the device and throw away the used vinegar. It is very important that you repeat the entire procedure with water. There is always a residual liquid left in the pipes. Normally this is water. But in this case there is still some vinegar in the pipes. If you would make coffee immediately, the coffee would taste strongly like vinegar. Sour coffee tastes very bad.

Nice Sputtering

That’s why you finish cleaning the pipes by running two cups of tap water through the appliance. The water takes away the vinegar residue from the pipes. If necessary, you can repeat this once more, so that you can be sure that all the vinegar has been rinsed from the pipes. The device is ready for use again. You can make delicious coffee without the sound disturbing the peace. The machine sputters nicely again.

Vinegar As a Cleaning Agent

It is not necessary to use calcium remover. It is even advisable not to use products that are not normally suitable for consumption, together with any residues that may remain in the pipes. It does not matter whether you use light or dark coloured vinegar.

However, do not use balsamic vinegar or spiced vinegar. Vinegar mixtures with oil are completely out of the question and should never be used in the coffee maker. Use pure vinegar, the same you can use to clean windows. Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent. It is effective, environmental friendly and inexpensive.