Airport Staff Spots A Crying Soldier, Then They Hear “Don’t Let Him Board The Flight!”

Airport Staff Spot A Crying Soldier, Then They Hear “Don’t Let Him Board The Flight!”

happy couple
Side by side

Meet Mr. And Ms. Lindsey


Brooks Lindsey and his wife, Haley Wilson, met in 2015, in their hometown in Jackson. They were deeply in love from the first time they saw each other. When Brooks was a little boy he always wanted to become a soldier. And he did! Haley helped him reach his goal and was right beside him. For Brooks, this was confirmation that Haley was the one for him. She stood by him in all the difficult times and always knew the right thing to say at the right time. Through her encouraging words, Brooks made sure he kept going.

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Their first baby

A Little Baby

The couple married in 2017 and then they officially became ‘the Lindseys’. While Brooks and Haley were quite young they wanted nothing more than start a family together. And then something surprising happened… During the marriage during November 2017 the couple didn’t know a little baby was inside Haley her belly. The Lindsey’s were out of their minds and could not hold back their ultimate happiness. They had to share it with the whole world.

A Happy Family

A Happy Family

The most beautiful thing is to crown your love with a beautiful and sweet child. The happy couple’s family was just as happy as the parents-to-be themselves. They quickly arrived with the cutest gifts and lots of well-intentioned advice. The weeks before the ultrasound, Brooks and Haley lived on a cloud of happiness. They were so curious what their little baby was going to look like. Would it have the father’s eyes? Or still the sparkling light color of the mother Haley?

pregnant woman
Expecting a baby girl

A Baby Girl

Time went very fast from there. The first doctor appointments started to come and also the ultrasounds were very exciting moments. But at the same time very nervous. They were going to meet their little baby for the first time. Haley had been nauseous for weeks. Typical pregnancy ailments in the first trimester. These ailments didn’t make her any less curious about the gender of their little miracle… At one of the ultrasounds some amazing news came their way. They were expecting a baby girl very soon.

It was time to say goodbye

It’s Time For Duty

Duty was knocking at the door, which meant Brooks had to leave Haley. At the same time he was going to join the army. He became part of the 2nd Battalion 114th Field Artillery Regiment. After that he should go on a full nine-month tour. This meant that he could not attend the birth of his daughter. A huge bummer, but his dream was to join the army and he had to and would seize this opportunity. For Brooks it was a difficult to say goodbye to his lovely wife and their little girl inside Haley’s tummy. But he had no other choice. Luckily she hadn’t any complications during her pregnancy so that felt good for Brooks. It was time to go…

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Duty calles…

Brooks Job Comes First

Brooks kissed his Haley, who was already 7 months pregnant, goodbye. The couple felt disappointed, they knew that, as a soldier, Brooks’ job came first. As we said, they must make sacrifices. For Haley this meant giving birth to their daughter without her husband. Brooks had to live with the fact he couldn’t support his wife. Before Brooks was going to leave the couple decided already a name: Milly. The name was one they both enjoyed for a longer time. Although Brooks felt terrible about leaving his wife, he was also excited to begin his training as a soldier. The two of them had no idea where their journey would take them…

Almost no complications…

A Perfect Pregnancy

The pregnancy of Haley went perfect, besides a little high blood pressure. Baby Millie was growing very well and looked healthy. The only thing Haley missed was her husband by her side, but she knew he was fulfilling his duty. The entire Lindsey family was very excited to welcome the little baby girl. Haley still had a nervous feeling about her high blood pressure. She hoped it wasn’t going to affect the baby. On these kind of moments she missed her husband Brooks…

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He’s not going to make it…

Soldiers Can’t Return

Soldiers can’t return for the birth of their (first) child. “Brooks and I have been practicing my call to the Red Cross because we heard it was really hard to get men home for births and we were told the only way it would actually work is if I was in distress,” Haley said. No matter how much they wanted Brooks to return home for Millie her birth, it seemed like it would not happen…

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Something Is About To Happen

Something Is About To Happen

Everything went pretty well, so that meant that Brooks had no valid reason to return. The couple was very upset about the fact they weren’t going to see each other while Haley was giving birth. For Brooks, it was his job to get started in the army, and with Haley, everything would be fine, right? Although, everything would change in a short time. Haley went to a regular routine doctor’s appointment one morning. There, she thought that the doctor would check on her and schedule an induction for a week out. Haley had already given all hopes up on Brooks coming home for her labor. But then the next thing happened.

Who is calling?
Who is calling?

A Sudden Call

After Haley arrived at her doctor’s office, they did the routine checkup. Haley’s blood pressure had gone through the roof. The doctor had some distressing news: this might mean that baby Millie was experiencing some troubles inside the womb. As such, the doctor ordered extensive blood work done on Haley, to rule out any possible complications.

After some tests Haley had to wait home for the results. Haley felt terrified and hoped everything was going well with her little baby girl. On the moment she became very emotional about what just happened she heard the ringtone of her phone.

A Stressed Baby…

The Baby Was Stressed

“After telling Brooks there was no hope in him getting home, my doctor told me my pressures were too high, and the baby was being stressed, and I was preeclamptic,” Haley recalled. Preeclamptic means that not only did the mother-to-be have high blood pressure, but now, it had also started to affect other organs, like her liver and kidneys. Most importantly, it could affect baby Millie as well. They had to act as really quickly now.


Going to The Hospital

Haley’s condition became worsen every minute. This meant the doctors had to do something right now, they couldn’t wait any longer. At this point Haley and her little baby girl had to stay safe, so it was time to go to the hospital again. As soon as Haley let Brooks know the situation, he told her to call the Red Cross to let them know as well. “I then went on to call Red Cross and let them know it was indeed an emergency, and they simply just needed clarification from my doctor. I get to the hospital at 3 pm Thursday, and they confirm my state,” Haley explained.

He is coming home

He Is Coming Home

Luckily for Brooks The Red Cross confirmed the unstable condition of Haley. This meant Brooks had an emergency leave. The soldier was out of his mind to see his wife and little girl very soon, but he was also worried, because of Haley her condition. The next days were going to be very tense… It was time for Brooks to return home. He had to find the shortest and fastest flight from El Paso to Jackson. That was only more difficult than expected. He hoped he would be on time…

empty airport
Waiting till the next morning

Couldn’t Find a Flight…

Brooks only could find a flight with a layover in Dallas. Unfortunately the flight was the next morning around 10:00 am. So there was nothing to do but wait at the airport… The hours seemed agonizingly slow, and Brooks felt nerves coursing through his body. To his mind, he must have walked hundreds of laps around the airport to get rid of his adrenaline. He was neither hungry nor thirsty and noticed that his body had taken on a kind of survival instinct.

It was time to focus
It was time to focus

It Was Time to Focus

When Haley found out Brooks wasn’t going to be with her while she was giving birth, she broke down. It was certain that the baby already was there when Brooks was about to come by. After all that hope, this was the last thing she wanted to hear. Now she was on her own and it was time to completely shut herself off from the outside world and crawl into her own bubble. She had to focus on one thing.

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Haley her water broke

Booking Another Flight?

Brooks tried to get another flight, but there weren’t any possible options. Brooks were going to arrive just after Haley gave birth. It was better than not returning at all, but still the couple had the feeling they had to be with each other for some reason. Were they right? While Brooks stayed trapped in an airport, Haley and Millie remained in the hospital. The next morning, her water broke. Now, the baby could appear at any moment! Meanwhile, Brooks’ situation remained the same. It made him nervous that he couldn’t do anything at all. He felt helpless and wanted to assist his dear Haley at all costs.

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Is he going to find a new flight?

Was There a Chance To Be There In Time?

Brooks arrived at the El Paso airport, totally ready for his 10:00 am flight to Dallas. To his surprise, he had a short wait at security and boarded the flight with no issues. Hopefully, all the problems were behind them, and Brooks might make it to his daughter’s birth! Still, he wasn’t there yet… From there, things got worse and worse. Brooks’ next flight received a delay, pushing the takeoff time from 3:55 pm to 5:45. This made him seemingly agitated…. To Brooks this marked the final nail in the coffin. With the delay, it became impossible for Brooks to be with his wife while she was giving birth to their beautiful daughter.

woman giving birth
It was time to give birth

The Baby Is Ready to Come

Haley was in the hospital for several hours and felt from everything in her body that it was almost time to go into labor. The contractions were getting more and more intense and she knew it wasn’t going to take any longer. “I quickly made my decision on who would be in the room during labor, and it was my stepmother, Dee Anne, and my mother in law, Teresa! The doctor came in to check me at 5:00, and she said it was time to go!” remembered Haley. At that moment, she felt the adrenaline surge through her body. It was time to meet her little girl. Brooks was with her in her heart.

video calling
Is he going to see his daughter born?

It Was Abundantly Clear: Brooks Really Couldn’t Be There

Brooks was still in the same boat. The father-to-be could no longer see Dallas’ airport. He felt in everything in his body that he wanted to be with his wife. That made him broken. He was visibly affected. Which, of course, makes perfect sense. Brooks couldn’t even attend the birth of his own daughter. He wanted so much to be with his wife. She was having such a hard time. However, his mother, Teresa, had something planned to make it possible….

No filming!

No Filming!

During Haley’s delivery, the doctor specifically told everyone present not to record anything that happened inside the room. However, Teresa would not stand aside with her arms folded and watch her son miss the birth of his daughter. As such, she decided to ignore the doctor and started dialing on her phone. She thought the doctor didn’t quite get it, but nothing could be further from the truth. The doctor saw what she was doing and did the following…

Could he she his wife giving birth?

Is She Filming?

Right in the middle of Haley’s delivery, the doctor noticed Teresa acting strange. Soon enough, he asked her about her bizarre behavior. “When I began to push, the doctor asked what she was doing, and she showed my doctor Brooks’ face on the screen, and she realized what was going on,” Haley said. As it turns out, another doctor told them not to record, one unfamiliar with the family’s situation. However, the Lindseys’ doctor understood the importance of the phone. “My doctor told her to pull the phone out and show him what was going on,” Haley remembered. Meanwhile, Brooks’ was utterly stunned! He couldn’t believe he could actually see his wife giving birth to their lovely little daughter.

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A new father started crying

He Could Finally Support His Wife

After the doctor allowed Teresa to FaceTime Brooks during the birth of his daughter, he started speaking up and did what any other husband would have: support his wife. “Brooks was telling me it was okay, and I was doing so good, and I heard him wincing and saying ‘wow!’ through my pushes,” Haley recalled. Obviously, it was a huge help that he was sort of there. At least mentally. Haley had to go on…

crying soldier
Brooks broke down…

Brooks Broke Down

The hours crawled by, but now at the moment supreme it was really time for Brooks to board. However, he wanted to continue to watch the birth of his daughter. And who are we to judge? It’s only natural that they would need each other the most at this time. As any new father would, Brooks started crying, overtaken by his joy. That’s when he noticed airport staff coming towards him…

going to army
Brooks only wanted one thing…

Missing His Flight Home?

The airport staff started calling for the final passengers for the flight to Jackson, like they always do. However, Brooks, glued to his phone, missed the announcements, of course. He only had eyes for one thing. One staff member approached him and nicely encouraged him to board the plane. He’d miss his flight, home, after all. Although, Brooks wasn’t alone. A lot of travelers had seen the soldier, and they did everything in their power to delay the flight a little bit longer. One of the passengers even ran up to the flight crew and asked them to slow it down. They wanted so badly for Brooks to finally be able to see his little girl. Then, something even more unexpected happened.

newborn girl
Finally meeting his little one

Don’t Let Him Board

Brooks was just about to give in and hang up the call when the doctor, on the other side of the phone, screamed: “Don’t let him board the flight! She’s here! She’s here!” Suddenly, the soldier went from nothing but tears to the biggest smile anyone had ever seen. Thankfully, “the airport staff let him sit there and watch till it was over,” Haley said. This was such a special moment for the young couple. They finally could meet their little girl.

newborn girl in hospital
There she is…

Little Millie

Millie Fritz Anne Lindsey was born at 5:23 p.m., leaving her father plenty of time to still board the flight and head home to meet his new bundle of love Very soon, the word spread in the airport and everyone was surrounding the excited new father. Brooks felt amazing and couldn’t wait to go home as soon as possible. Furthermore, airport staff said the good feeling hung around in the terminal for the day, even after Brooks’ plane left.

boarding gates
He was not alone anymore

Brooks Wasn’t Alone Anymore

Luckily, Brooks did not have to board that plane alone. A large group of people felt at that moment they were part of the family. When baby Millie was born and could hear her crying it gave the passengers an amazing feeling. “Everybody was just beside themselves with excitement,” another passenger added. Across the country, Haley could also hear everyone cheering up in the background. It must have been such an incredible, heartwarming scene to witness.

baby millie
He was finally going to see his little girl again

A Perfect D(el)ay

If Brooks flight hadn’t been delayed, Brooks would have missed the birth of his little baby. Instead, Brooks watched the everything live on his phone! In the end, everything worked out for the best. In fact, the soldier might be one of the only travelers ever to love a delay! Although, Brooks still had a flight to hop on. If all went well, he’d make it to the hospital within the next couple of hours. And in a couple of hours the time was finally there. He was going to meet his little girl, but he was also going to see his beautiful wife and mother of his child again. He hoped desperately that everything was going well with her.

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Finally Meeting His Little Baby

Finally Meeting His Little Baby

When Brooks made it to the hospital, he was so happy to see that Haley felt great. Her blood pressure started coming down after the birth, and there weren’t any further complications. Also, Brooks learned about his beautiful baby girl, like that Millie weighed 7 pounds and 6 ounces and was 21 inches long! A perfect baby for a perfect little family. However, Millie was healthy and strong, though she came two weeks early. “When Brooks got to the hospital I asked all 17 people to leave the room,” Haley recalled. It was time for baby Millie to meet the soldier who struggled all day long to get to her: her father.

soldier holding newborn
He Made It!

He Actually Made It…

Brooks picked up his baby girl and held her for five minutes straight. “Wow, I can’t believe we just had a baby.” The soldier couldn’t believe he had actually made it. “I held my daughter for the first time, and I hugged and kissed my wife,” Brooks said later. “It was emotional, especially not being there for the actual birth, to get to see her and hold her first the first time.” “She is perfect,” he added. Unfortunately, Brooks could only stay for four days. After that, he would be on his way back to Fort Bliss. As such, the parents had to make the best out of the time they had together.

”She Is Perfect…”

They were going across the internet…

Over the next four days, Brooks spent his time learning to change dirty diapers, snapping photos, and waking up in the middle of the night to help Haley with Millie. To the soldier, being a father is one of the best things that ever happened to him. He still couldn’t believe it. The couple had no idea that their heartbreaking story would soon make headlines across the country. “He told me about the people on his flight cheering and watching, and I told him it would be crazy if Ellen called,” Haley joked. The next morning the couple woke up to see Brooks, plastered across the internet.

aiport share facebook
Brooks went viral

Brooks Went Viral

Tracy Dover, one Brooks’ fellow passengers, felt incredibly touched by the soldier’s story. As such, she decided to record Brooks as he watched the birth of his daughter. After the flight, Dover posted it on Facebook. The heartbreaking video went viral within a few hours.

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It’s to go back to the army

The Last Days Home

The couple was very surprised by the sweet and heartwarming response from strangers wishing them all the best. Haley said, “I have the sweetest messages, and I also have other military wives and mothers messaging me about how I got in touch with Red Cross and got him home and any tips.” “We had random people bringing gifts to our rooms and nurses coming in and thanking Brooks for his service! It has been an amazing, emotional time full of so much support!” she continued. Brooks’ regiment also congratulated the family on Facebook by sharing a sweet picture of him and baby Millie…

Being a soldier means making sacrifices

A Beautiful Story

This time, Brooks would have a wonderful story to share with his mates. It is never easy to leave your newborn child, Brooks and Haley knew that they are doing the right thing by allowing him to serve his country. After all, it was always his dream! And now, Brooks has one more reason to continue fighting for his country: his beautiful baby Millie. The soldier and his little daughter FaceTimed regularly during his service term!

facetime while abroad
Video Calling His Little Girl…

The Sacrifices of a Soldier…

Most people are not aware of the incredible sacrifices that a soldier needs to make in order to protect the country that they chose to serve. Brooks Lindsey is living proof of what many soldiers have to endure over their military career. Thankfully, today he is home and enjoying life with little Millie. Unfortunately, unlike Brooks, soldiers often have to miss children’s births and birthdays or their wedding anniversary. However, many, in the end, believe it is all worth it…