Are You a Latte or an Espresso Fan? Here’s What Your Coffee Order Says About You

What’s your coffee personality?

Cappuccino drinkers are friendly, warm, and motivated

A bit obsessive, highly creative, friendly, warm, and motivated. The cappuccino-lovers among us easily get lost in whatever experience they’re having that moment – you won’t even notice that there’s a dot of foam on your nose. You are a dreamer, appreciate honesty, and like to stay in control. You are an optimistic individual – who can be a little sensitive at times. Like your favorite drink, you’re all froth and bubble.

Decaf drinkers like to be in control

Ordering decaf is like taking precautionary measures; you want the taste, but you don’t want the effects. As a decaf drinker, you like to be in control – in control of yourself, and of others. You are a worrier who doesn’t like to take risks. You follow the rules and prefer to take the safe path. Some may even label you as a perfectionist.

Espresso drinkers are passionate, inspiring, and work hard

Strong, bold, and caffeine packed – if you’re an espresso drinker, you know exactly what you want (and you’re always on the way getting there). You are a hard-working, decision-making, passionate person who knows how to get things done. You are a natural-born leader who’s capable of making big decisions – without the slightest hesitation. You are an inspiration to others, both at work and in your social life. Your morning shot of espresso is what keeps you ahead of the pack each and every day.

Double espresso drinkers get things done

Double Espresso
Pretty much Espresso – but twice the intensity and twice the goodness. If you’re the one who orders a double, there’s no room for messing around. You want to get where you’re going without any interruption. As a highly organized person, you try to keep your busy schedules in check. You’re a strong-willed person who can take on the bitterness in life – just like your favorite drink.

Coffee Above

Black Coffee
Everyone’s coffee order is different, but you – you just like to take it black. You’re straightforward, a straight shooter. You like things black and white. You’re a purist who prefers to keep things simple – in fact, you are the one who invented minimalism. Though you can be quiet (and sometimes moody), once you set your sights on something there’s no way you are letting it go. You get what is yours. — And we hate to bring this to you, but a study reveals that people who like to drink their coffee black, thus bitter, have some pretty dark characteristics; you can be aggressive and a bit psychopathic…

Instant coffee drinkers are laid back

Instant Coffee
We’ve all reached for the tin of instant coffee at some point in our lives; it simply gives us the caffeine we crave within a couple of seconds. If you like your everyday-coffee made quickly in the morning, you’re a laid back instant coffee drinker. You don’t want to put too much effort or thought into what you’re doing (including making coffee), and you don’t mind doing things last minute. You know how to prioritize in life – and you’re pretty good at multitasking too. You’re a cheerful, straightforward person, who likes to laugh and live.

Latte drinkers are fun, polite, and generous

You latte-drinkers are lovely people, aren’t you? You like things to come easy. You keep things smooth and light. Comfort, coziness, and familiarity are what keeps you going. You are fun to be around with, very generous and polite, real people-pleasers, and will go out of your way to help others. And though you pretend to not care about the foam design on the top of your coffee, you secretly do.

Iced coffee drinkers are bold and assertive

Iced Coffee
A true fan of cold brew, no matter the season? Bold and assertive is what you are when ordering an iced coffee on a chilly day in the middle of the winter. You are confident and outspoken. There’s no time for drama and although you can be serious, you know when to have fun. You are impulsive and adventurous, and you’ll go along with any great idea, at any moment. Bring it on!

Mocha drinkers are perfectionist, a trendsetter, and spontaneous

The drink that gives you the best of both worlds; coffee and chocolate. If you like the sweet and bitter chocolate flavor added to your cup of joe, you probably also like the blend of sweet and bitter in your life. You are a perfectionist, a trendsetter, and spontaneous – who likes to mix things up. You are creative and you invent your own ways to keep everything beautiful and in peace.