She Rubs Her Hands With Coffee Grounds. The Reason? So Clever!

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Don’t Throw Away Those Coffee Grounds

Coffee exists for over 1000 years. Are you just like the rest of the world? Then there is a big chance that your day starts off with a warm cup of coffee and afterward it seems like you can take on the whole world and you have enough energy for the rest of the week. In short: a perfect start of the day!

brownie devided into 9 pieces
Attention Chocolate and Coffee Lovers

To continue our kitchen tips: do you want to give an exotic twist to your brownies or can’t you get enough of the taste of coffee? Add a tablespoon of coffee grounds to the batter and when they are baked, you will think you are in an amazingly exotic country. Who would not want that? I know what I will add the next time I am making brownies.

Dry Rub
Do you love to barbecue? and no, I’m not talking about sausages, chicken wings, and hamburgers. I’m talking about some beautiful meat, which has to be on the barbecue for several hours. A lot of those pieces needs some really good marinade & seasoning. Dry rubs are perfect for this! Next time you are barbecuing use your regular marinade or seasoning and add a tablespoon of coffee grounds to it. Why? This increases the smoky taste. You can thank me later.

emptying coffee grounds into the sink
Easy and Cheap Way to Unclog Your Sink

Is your sink clogged? Shoot, but do not panic. Of course, you can call the plumber or run to the store for a (natural) unclogger. But this isn’t necessary at all. Why shouldn’t it be? You already have the perfect product. You probably guessed it by now: coffee grounds. All you have to do is mix 125 kilograms of coffee grounds with 125 ml of dish soap and pour it down the drain of the sink. Then pour boiling hot water (a full kettle) down after it and you are done. Still not running (good enough). Try it again, but if after that you should call the professionals.

Bags under Eyes
Had a bad night, couldn’t catch your sleep, or suffer from insomnia? You probably have some bags under your eyes, right? I have a solution. How does it work?  Mix some coffee grounds with water, put this under your eyes, and let the mixture dry. Remove it after 15 minutes and voila, the bags are gone. Crazy right? I’m definitely going to use this tip, especially since it is a cheap beauty tip. 

woman scrubbing coffe grounds on her shoulder
Don’t You Love Cheap Beauty and Skin Care Tips

Personally, I love natural skincare. Unfortunately, it isn’t cheap, until I found the following tip: Would you like a scrub that is 100% natural? Coffee grounds are the solution. This is what you should do: save some coffee grounds, rub some grounds gently over the skin and all the dead skin cells will disappear. Do not forget to rinse your skin when you are finished.

Washing Your Hair
Shampoo, mousse, and hairspray all leave residue in your hair, which means your hair gets greasy fast and nobody wants that because everybody will think that you don’t wash your hair. So you start to wash. You can solve this by rubbing coffee grounds in your hair. Let it settle for a few minutes, rinse out the grounds and all the residue is gone. Perfect: clean and beautiful hair!

coffee grounds, coffee tips, cleaning tips, beauty tips, unclogger, gardening
Acid-loving Plants Need More Nitrogen, So Add Some Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are perfect to use in the garden if you have plants that love acid soil – think of roses, blueberries plants and, rhododendron. What do you need to do? Take a handful of coffee grounds and spread it around the plant. This will be absorbed into the soil. Why you should do this? Acid-loving plants need more nitrogen and that is what coffee grounds provide.

Is your pavement or front yard also very slippery during the winter? Great news: you don’t have to go to the store to buy salt or sand. Why not? Well, you’ve coffee grounds and that is more than enough to get rid of slippery pavement. This is what you should do: save your coffee grounds, sprinkle it over the pathway and your problem should be solved. You will not slip. Such a handy and cheap trick don’t you think?

coffee grounds, coffee tips, cleaning tips, beauty tips, unclogger, gardening
Say Finally Goodbye to Smelly Hands

Do your hands stink, because you’ve cut onions and/or garlic? And even after washing them several times, the smell won’t go away? Yikes, I really hate that, but thanks to my research on coffee grounds, I have found the perfect way to get rid of this. What do you need to do? Rub both your hands with coffee grounds and once they are cover with it, rinse them off. I bet that the odor is gone now. Coffee grounds are such a great deodorizer, don’t believe me? Try it yourself.

Bad Breath
Nobody wants a bad breath, but there is nothing we can do about it. Some have bad oral hygiene and others – like me – are addicted to garlic, which results in frequent bad breath? That is unpleasant because oral hygiene is super important. Luckily I have found the solution. All you have to do is suck on a whole coffee bean and the nasty smells will disappear.

French bulldog with an itch
Fleas Aren’t Resistant to This Wonder Product

Dogs are my favorite pets. Unfortunately, they also often attract vermin, like fleas. If you are not a big fan of all those chemical solutions, then coffee grounds may be the thing for you. Give your dog a nice bath, rub him or her with coffee grounds, rinse them away and your dog is protected against fleas. On top of that, you will not be able to stop cuddling your dog, because your dog will have the lovely smell of coffee.

Candle Making
If you like to make candles, you will like to use coffee grounds as a raw material. You never want to use aromatic oils again-real used coffee grounds smell more authentic and look great when layered with candles. As the candle burns, the ground is exposed, and the heat releases a strong coffee aroma. If you have never made candles before, this simple guide will help you get started and show you how to use coffee grounds in candles.