How Does Cockroach Control Work?

How Does Coakroach Control Work?

Cockroaches are notorious because they quickly build up resistance to pesticides. They can therefore not be controlled with cheap products from the store. If you call in professional cockroach control, you can be sure that they always use the last tested and effectively proven anti-cockroach product. However, this does not mean that you can’t do anything about cockroach control yourself.

What Can I Do About Cockroach Control?


Did you call a pest controller to fight cockroaches in the house? Smart move! Keep in mind you’re going to have to clean up some stuff in advance. This way, the professional will be able to reach the areas to be treated. Dirty areas also need to be cleaned properly first, otherwise you’ll polish away the pesticide after the treatment.

In the meantime, can you do something about cockroaches yourself? Yes, you can. 1. Throw away affected food immediately 2. Pack unaffected food well and store it safely 3. Start ventilating to prevent damp spots 4. Lower the temperature in your home 5. Remove as much waste as possible from your home.

The Fight Against Cockroaches

If you see a cockroach running, you will be frightened! Because where there’s one, there’s definitely more. Cockroaches are not hygienic: they bring molds, bacteria and viruses with them and their faeces can also cause asthma and eczema. They hide everywhere and eat all the food they can find.

The kitchen is their favorite place, because there they will find enough food, moisture and warmth for the rest of their lives. Once cockroaches are settled, they become a hell of a plague for homes. Fortunately, cockroaches can’t bite or sting, but if you encounter one, you’d better keep your distance.

What Am I Supposed to Do?

You contact the pest controller and he’ll come by for an inspection. He’s going to find out how big the pest is and where the cockroaches are. He puts out traps to get an idea of the size of the plague. Once he knows enough, he can proceed to cockroach control.

Cockroach Control: The Treatment

With insecticide cockroaches can be treated the fastest, but the pest controller can also choose to use bait gel. However, it will take longer before all cockroaches are dead, because they all have to eat from it. If the pest controller uses insecticide, you have to leave the building for at least two hours. Are there many holes in the building? If so, the fighter can propose to install a shield.

Seams and cracks in walls or floors will be sealed. Objects that have been affected by cockroaches will not be treated with insecticide. You’ll have to clean them yourself. Cockroach control is successful when all cockroaches and all eggs have been exterminated. Aftertreatments may be necessary, depending on the size of the cockroach plague.

Advice From The Cockroach Fighter

How do you prevent cockroaches from bothering you again? The pest controller can give you all kinds of advice. These are often focused on hygiene, because the cleaner your home is, the less chance there is of cockroach plagues. So, don’t leave food lying around and polish away grease stains, because cockroaches love grease.

If you unexpectedly have to deal with cockroaches again, don’t use do-it-yourself products. Cockroaches build up resistance to cheap chemicals. Your cockroach fighter always uses the latest professional cockroach repellent on the market: it always works against cockroaches!