Clean Blinds & Shutters Quickly With Water

Nobody Really Wants to Clean Luxaflex or Other Brands of Blinds, Right?

Nobody really wants to clean Luxaflex or other brands of blinds. Fortunately, there is a radical method to thoroughly clean these dust traps once a year, all you need is a bathroom with a spacious floor.

Cleaning the Blinds


Most of the time it doesn’t stand out, but once every few years you see that your blinds have become very dusty, so time to clean them. Unfortunately, if you do not like cleaning, this is not the best job. Here is a good tip for cleaning blinds with water quickly and thoroughly. Blinds can not only be made of plastic or aluminium but also wood; it is recommended that you do not clean the blinds with water and do not use the tip below.

Quick Cleaning Method: Cleaning on the Bathroom Floor

It is not really doable to clean blinds, but there is a way that is perfect for people who have little time and for those who hate cleaning, and that is the “bathroom method”. If you have a spacious floor in the bathroom, you can detach the blinds from the holders and then lay them out on the bathroom floor. With a large sponge or mop, lots of water and some soap, the dust from the individual slats can be removed quickly.

You will not be able to remove all the dust at once, especially because the slats will stick to each other because of the water (and soap), but the better you spread out the blinds in advance, the fewer slats will stick to each other, and the better you can clean them. Just a quick rinse with the showerhead after cleaning and you’re done. Ten minutes of work and the blinds are as new again when you reattach them.

Cleaning the Blinds Every Week?

Preventing blinds from getting dirty is easier said than done, almost no one wants to (unless you really have a lot of free time) take down the blinds every week and remove the dust. There are more important things in life than cleaning. So, therefore, an annual cleaning of the blinds in the bathroom together with the purchase of new blinds is the best and most efficient alternative to clean blinds.

If you still want to “indulge” regularly and clean the blinds weekly without water every month, then you can try it with a vacuum cleaner or microfiber cloth, but this will not produce the desired result because dust simply sticks to the slats very easily.

Alternative to Cleaning: Buy New Blinds

You can also choose not to clean the blinds and go to the store (or to the relevant webshop on the internet) to buy new ones instead. This is only advisable if you are able to buy the same type because then the blinds will easily fit into the same holders in the window frames that you used for the old blinds because it will save you some work.

In addition, buying new blinds is also only recommended if you do not have to make the blinds smaller because making them smaller is a job that usually takes much more time than cleaning the old blinds. Buying new blinds is not really environmentally friendly, but you are assured of completely clean and new blinds, and you can choose a different colour. So throw those faded, dusty grey cases away, and put in new ones instead.