These 11 Beautiful Plants Love Clay Soil

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The Following Plants Can Survive Well and Bloom Beautifully

When your garden soil (mainly) consists of clay, it can be difficult for plants to survive. Clay does not retain much water, so keeping garden soil moist is difficult.

Russian Sage


This plant grows so well in particularly in hot and sunny clay areas, that some would almost call it a weed. The lavender-shaped flowers and silver leaves make this plant a must-have for every (summer) garden.


This plant is truly tough and can grow almost anywhere. The trumpet-shaped flowers only bloom for one day, but the plant itself blooms for weeks on end because it produces a lot of buds.


This plant is also really tough and prefers to grow in warm and sunny environments. The yellow yarrow, in particular, is worth considering because the plant attracts many butterflies.


This grass does extremely well in humid, dry and clay-like soils. Switchgrass grows wispy blades that gracefully sway in the wind. There are different types of this grass and they all have their own colour, such as red, brown or sea green.


Vernonia is also known as ‘ironweed’, so you should already be tipped off about what kind of powerful plant you are dealing with. Vernonia thrives in clay soil and tolerates summer heat and long droughts. At the end of the summer, its flowers turn purple and attract butterflies.

Blue False Indigo

This plant originates from the prairie and its deep roots penetrate the hardest soils. The plant can have many colours, including white, yellow and purple.


This plant has spring-like leaves and, as a ground cover, helps prevent weeds and ensures that your garden soil is neatly covered – even if it contains clay.

Sea Holly

Would you like to add more texture to your garden? This plant might just do the trick! It has twisted leaves and metallic-blue flowers that are surrounded by a crown of spiny leaves.

Plantain Lilies

This lily is a popular plant for a garden with lots of shade because it has beautiful leaves. Many plantain lilies grow beautiful white blades or lavender-like flowers.


Bergamot is an old-fashioned plant, but it produces very beautiful flowers in different colours, such as red, pink, lavender and purple. This plant also grows well in hard soils and attracts bees.


This plant is perfect if you live in a humid environment with clay-like soil. Not only is Yucca a fantastic houseplant, but it also looks good in a desert-like garden and produces beautiful white flowers at the start of the summer.