Bride Invites Groom’s Ex to the Wedding and Puts Her in the Spotlight to Do This

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A Loving Relationship is Built Upon Trust and Loyalty

College friends relationship
From College Friends to Lovers

The Beginning of a Love Story


Katie and Jeremy met each other for the first time when they were attending the same college. They soon became friends and that’s when Katie realized that there might be more to it than just friendship. She felt different whenever she was around him, a sense of comfort and a spark that she hadn’t felt with anyone else before. After confessing this to him, she was worried. Does Jeremy feel the same way or did she just ruin a friendship?

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Was the Feeling Mutual?

Is the Feeling Mutual?

Jeremy heard Katie’s confession about having feelings for him and that she sees him not only as a friend, but also as a potential lover. Somewhere he felt relieved as he felt the same. From the moment that he had seen Katie, he liked her. The more they got to talk to each other and the more he got to know her, he started to fall for her. This is exactly when he knew that she was the one for him. Knowing this made Katie feel like she was on cloud nine, but Jeremy was concerned that this probably wouldn’t last for too long.

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Date Night

Out On a Date

The couple had a healthy and strong relationship, but Katie still didn’t know what Jeremy was hiding from her. So, one day, he decided to take her out on a dinner date as he wanted to discuss an important matter with her. They knew a lot about each other, except for this one thing that he was about to tell Katie. He started by saying that this thing from the past plays a big role in his future as well… What could he possibly want to tell her?

hidden secrets past relationship
Hidden Secrets

Past Relationship

Jeremy started telling about his previous relationship with a girl named Casey. Katie tried to stay as calm as possible, waiting for Jeremy to finish his story. He told her that this was not a regular relationship and made it clear that he was not in love with her, but that there is something that she needs to know about this relationship. Katie started to get uncomfortable wondering where this story was headed and what role Casey could play in the future.

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Was This Pregnancy Going to Ruin it All?

It’s Complicated

That’s when Jeremy dropped the bomb and unveiled the truth. Casey had recently given birth to his child, a baby boy. He also explained that he wanted to be involved as a father and that he couldn’t give up his child. This came as a shock to Katie, but he assured her that there was nothing else between Casey and him, except for the baby. What he hadn’t mentioned yet is that there were some issues…

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Would This Break Their Relationship?

Get back together

Jeremy told Katie that when Casey got to know about the pregnancy, she tried to get back together with him. She wanted to have a little family with the father involved, but Jeremy wasn’t ready for it. This left Casey disheartened, and she didn’t want to give up her own child to another woman she did not know. Above all, this was very uncomfortable for Katie as she was just working on her relationship with Jeremy, how does a child fit into all of this?

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She Had a Difficult Road Ahead

Stay or Leave?

All this new information was quite hard and difficult to take in for Katie. She also knew that she had the option to leave this relationship as he had kept this secret for himself all along. Yet, she chose to stay with Jeremy as she just couldn’t ignore the love that he had for her, and he had been honest with her. She knew it was going to be tough being in a relationship like this, but she was ready to make it work for the sake of Jeremy and the baby. Little did she know what was going to happen next.

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Meeting the Baby

Meet the Baby

Jeremy had been trying his best to be a devoted father to his baby named Landon and wanted to involve Katie as well by showing her photos, but also by meeting him in person. She immediately fell in love with the baby, and it awakened her mother instincts. This is not what she was worried about, though. The one thing that worried her was the relationship between Casey and herself. How could she make this work?

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Relationship with the Family

Relationship with Casey

Worried that Katie might say something wrong or offending, she kept her distance from Casey. She also knew that this may cost Jeremy his son, and she absolutely didn’t want this to happen. That’s when Katie realized that it can’t go on like this any further as Jeremy and her are serious about their future, so there needs to be a bond or some type of relationship between the four of them. This is what Katie decided to do about it.

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New Best Friends

Become a Family

At first, both Katie and Casey found it awkward to reach out to each other, but they knew that they were doing it for a good cause. Soon, Katie and Casey realized that they had more in common than they had thought and became good friends. This made Jeremy happy as he could finally see his family coming together and also made him consider taking the next step. Perhaps the most courageous thing. What was he about to do?

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Was It Time for the Next Step?

The Next Step

Now that everything was going well between Katie and Casey, Jeremy could take a sigh of relief. He could finally focus on his future. What’s even better, Casey had met someone new who made her happy as well. His name was Tyler, and he fit perfectly into the picture. Besides, he didn’t mind the fact that Casey already had a baby. He even got on very well with Landon. So, with everything on the right track, Jeremy decided to do this. 

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He Decided to Pop the Big Question


Jeremy was a happy and content man at this point in his life, with only one thing left to do. This made him feel slightly uncomfortable and nervous as it involved Katie, the love of his life. So, after a shaky start and a moving speech, he went down on one knee and popped the big question: “Katie, will you marry me?”. Katie was overjoyed and couldn’t contain her happiness, but she was still missing something. Was she going to say no to Jeremy?

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It Was a Difficult Decision to Make

Final Decision

Katie knew that marrying Jeremy would mean that she would become Landon’s stepmother and that she had already been working on this. But, she was a little unsure about how this was going to work, and she also knew that Casey would expect a lot from her after marrying Jeremy. She did choose this herself, so now she had to work on it as well. Suddenly, there was quite a lot to think about for Katie.

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Was It a Yes or a No?

Yes or No?

Katie kept thinking about having to co-parent with Jeremy, Casey and Tyler. This was not as easy as it looked, and she wasn’t sure if she was capable of doing it all. But, she was still in love with Jeremy and cared for his family and his little son Landon. So, with tears in her eyes, she finally said yes to Jeremy. The couple could not have been happier, but Jeremy did not know that Katie had something on her mind.

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Katie Was Very Nervous at This Point

Wedding Preparations

The preparations for the wedding were in full swing and both Katie and Jeremy were extremely excited and ready for the big day. The venue was booked, the catering was handled and the photographer was ready to capture it all. What’s most important, all the people close to the couple were invited and could not wait to witness them to get married. Despite all this, Katie was getting more and more nervous to do the one thing that she had planned for later that day…

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The Vows Were Totally Different

I Vow…

Katie and Jeremy decided to write down their own vows as it felt more personal, so they had prepared it before the ceremony. Katie also felt that this was the moment to point out how important it is that she was going to be a part of Jeremy and Landon’s family. Apart from this, she also realized that she was going to need help raising Landon as she barely has any experience raising a child. So, she felt that doing this was necessary…

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Was This Plan Going to Work Out?

Strong Bond

The couple already had a strong relationship before all of this even happened with Casey and Landon, but Katie realized that this entire situation made their bond even stronger. She was thankful for this, and one way or another she had to show Casey and Jeremy how grateful she was of everything that had happened. She hadn’t told anyone yet, as she wanted to keep it a secret for everyone, except for inviting Casey and Tyler to the wedding.

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The Secret Plan

Secret Plan

Katie had a secret plan that no one knew of, not even the groom. Was this going to be a good thing or was it going to change the whole mood of the wedding? Is it even the right decision? Only time will tell… The couple got ready to take the vows and say “I do” on a beautiful day with the perfect setting. That’s when Katie decided to take a stand and face the crowd.

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Vows of the Bride

Unexpected Turn of Events

Katie took out her vows and decided to face the crowd instead of Jeremy. Her heartbeat was racing at this point. What was she going to say? What was she going to do? The crowd was confused and the groom himself felt a little tense as he did not know what was going to happen and what Katie was planning to do at this point. So, Katie started nervously with: “I’d like to invite Casey and Tyler to stand”…

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Wedding Ceremony Took a Turn

Take the Mic

At this point, Casey and Tyler were speechless and confused just like the entire crowd that was present. The couple was standing in the back of the room and were walking towards the stage that Katie and Jeremy were standing on. You could hear a needle drop, that’s how silent and tense the whole situation had gotten. Katie waited for the couple to get to the stage, and then she courageously proceeded with her vows.

vows promises wedding couple family
Promises to the Family

I Promise to…

Everyone was waiting eagerly for Katie’s vows, and then she started saying: “Thank you for accepting me as your friend, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your and Landon’s life. I promise to be there for you and your son, and I’ll do my best to be an amazing mother to Landon. I’ll be there to teach him, guide him and love him every single day and every step of the day”. That’s when everyone realized that the vows were not for Jeremy, but also for Casey and Landon.

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Emotional Vows Had Everyone in Tears


At this point, their family and friends were totally overcome with emotions and couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. These vows were something that they hadn’t expected. But, there was more to the speech and the vows than just this. She continued by promising to communicate, work, listen together as co-parents as they are one family and that she loves them no matter what comes their way. But, Katie wasn’t done just yet. She had more to say.

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For the Family

For Landon

Katie wasn’t done yet with her vows as she had something to say to Landon as well. She couldn’t control her emotions, so she let her tears flow. She said to Landon: “I love you more than you’ll ever know…”. “I’m grateful to have known you from the beginning and I will be there for you for the rest of my life. Thank you for letting me be your bonus mom. I promise to love your daddy with all my heart and I promise to be his best friend”. This showed how strong their bond had become, and they hugged each other.

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Happy Couple

I Do!

Katie continued with her vows for Jeremy, and he said his until they finally got to say “I do”! This was a special moment and day, not only for Jeremy and Katie, but also for Landon, Casey and Tyler as they were all connected as one family through the ceremony. Casey felt overwhelmed with emotions as she had never expected for their lives to turn out like this after she was introduced to Katie by Jeremy. So, how did they handle this?

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The Ideal Family

Ideal Family

To make sure that everything worked smoothly and that Landon didn’t feel any discomfort, or too big of a change, the family had decided to have dinners together at least once a month; spend weekends together and give Landon the quality time that he deserves. They, of course, had their struggles, like any other family., but they still made it work. And just like that, saying yes to an uncomfortable, unsettling and life changing situation turned out to be the best decision of their lives.