Bride Faints When Groom Tells Her a Secret at the Altar!

When you think of disaster at a wedding, you probably think of an awkward guest or a problem with the band. But having your future husband whisper a shocking secret in your ear at the altar is something no one expected, especially Maggie. And to make matters worse, the videographer had captured the whole incident on film for all to see. It didn’t take long for the video to go viral on social media. Maggie and Caleb were madly in love and had always known that they were destined to marry. They had planned the special event for months, thinking of every detail. They wanted their day to be perfect. Although they had been through a lot together, Maggie never expected to experience this. Continue reading this bizarre story below.

The Desire for More


Maggie and Caleb have known each other since they attended the same high school in Asheville, North Carolina. They also had mutual friends, so it seemed like a twist of fate that the two of them ended up together. The thought of going out with Caleb had crossed Maggie’s mind before, but she didn’t think it would ever happen. But when Maggie and Caleb graduated from high school, the two began to see each other differently. Their maturity had changed their priorities and something had changed.

But both Caleb and Maggie knew they wanted more. Once they decided to go out, they knew it had been worth the wait – and that it was what they had both wanted from the start. On her wedding day, however, Maggie discovered something about Caleb that left her unsure of what choice to make.

Follow Your Dreams

Maggie and Caleb were both diligent students in school and both worked towards their own goals. They supported and encouraged each other to achieve the goals they had set for themselves. Caleb was determined to become a Marine and nothing would stand in his way. What the unsuspecting couple did not realise, however, was that in time they would become much more than friends. And soon, they would become famous on the internet. But it wasn’t until 2013 that the two admitted to their growing feelings for each other. When they officially got together, their families were very surprised. As the relationship grew stronger, Caleb and Maggie were overjoyed. And it wasn’t long before they decided to take the relationship to the next level.

The Big Question

Caleb had no doubt that he wanted to spend his life with Maggie. He knew that she was the love of his life. So he had no choice but to tell her how he felt. He went to a jewellery shop and picked out the perfect engagement ring. Even though they were still young, Caleb knew that Maggie was the only woman for him. He was sure that Maggie felt the same way and was convinced that she would say yes. But was that really what Maggie thought?

Waiting for an Answer

After asking Maggie’s parents for permission, he had to ask the big question. When the day came, he felt his heart beat faster as he asked Maggie to be his bride and took the ring out of his pocket. It seemed to take forever while he waited for her answer, but she said yes. At the time, Caleb and Maggie were only 22 years old. But they knew that their love would be enough to overcome any obstacles that stood in their way. But what could the shocking secret be that Caleb would tell at the altar?

Wedding Stress

Anyone who has ever been to a wedding knows how much stress can arise on the big day. Everything has to run smoothly and the plans have to be executed perfectly. Although Maggie was usually unflappable, the stress of planning the wedding was beginning to take its toll. At this point, Caleb began to worry as well. The preparations were much more extensive than they had expected and took more time than they had initially thought. They noticed that they were spending less time together, which was putting a strain on their relationship. But would it all be worth it?

God’s Plan

With so many arrangements to make, the couple had difficulty managing their time, as they had to combine their professional activities and the preparations for the wedding. Nevertheless, the couple was determined to make the whole day a success. Having the same taste in decorations etc. and the fact that Caleb and Maggie shared the same religious views eased the burden a little. They both believed that God would guide them through this difficult time in their lives. But they had no idea what exactly He was planning to do with them. But they would soon find out…

A Promise

Fortunately, the couple was used to hard times. So they remained steadfast in their decision. In Caleb’s eyes, he had finally found the love of an incredible woman, and he was prepared to do anything to keep her. He often thanked the stars that Maggie was in his life. And just like in high school, he promised to support, protect and encourage her for the rest of his life. Maggie just didn’t expect a secret to be revealed at the altar that could put their relationship at risk.


Despite their age, Caleb and Maggie were very mature. Maggie attributed that to the fact that she had to guard the fort while Caleb was away. He was often away serving his country – he had fulfilled his dream of becoming a marine. But as honourable as his work was, it put a lot of pressure on both of them. Maggie often did not know where Caleb was or when he would come home. Caleb had achieved his goal of becoming a Marine at the age of 19, three years before their marriage. This was not only an impressive achievement, but also gave the couple a very good idea of what their life together would be like. The question, however, was how this would affect their life after marriage.

The Wedding Plans

The two did not go too far with their wedding plans, preferring to keep their wedding small and focus more on their convictions. However, they were confronted with a problem almost immediately. All the photographers they had contacted were already booked. They began to worry, as this was the only thing that would be missing from their wedding. Like any couple, they felt it was very important to have a good photographer present, so they really had to arrange this. This was unusual for them.

Word of Mouth

The wedding day was getting closer and closer. The photographer was still not arranged and they could not find anyone who was free on their wedding day, not even an amateur. Then a miracle happened. One of their friends suggested a well-known photographer, Dwayne Schmidt. The couple knew that he was in high demand because of his skills and talent. They decided to contact him in the hope that he would be available. But they were not too optimistic at such short notice. But it was worth a try of course.

The Photographer

Caleb and Maggie met Schmidt a few weeks before the wedding. He showed them his portfolio and the couple was very impressed with his work. They immediately decided to ask him to photograph their wedding, as he was clearly the best possible choice. They asked the dreaded question about his availability. To their great joy, he was available on their special day. They never imagined that this perfect photographer would change their lives forever. But afterwards, should they have hired a photographer to film the whole phenomenon on their wedding day?

The Bearer of Bad News

Finally, everything had fallen into place. The happy couple could not imagine that anything could go wrong. About a week before their wedding, they received a phone call that turned their world upside down. The devastating news made the couple cringe as they searched for a solution. Their entire marriage seemed to fall apart after that phone call. The couple did not know how to cope with the turn life had just taken. Their perfect photographer needed emergency surgery. He had to have kidney stones removed. Although the operation took place a week before the wedding, it was a serious one and it was not certain whether he would be healthy enough to take the photos of their special day. Maggie and Caleb decided to go ahead and let nothing stand in the way of their wedding.

Strength of Faith

The couple refused to give up their faith. They had already experienced many difficulties, for example when Caleb was away. This was another obstacle they knew their faith could help them overcome. Although the situation seemed desperate, the couple simply trusted in God.

Whether it was due to the power of prayer or the progress of modern medicine, the couple were overjoyed to hear that Dwayne’s operation had been successful and that he was recovering. He still had about a week to recover before the wedding, so the couple tried to distract themselves. They focused on what was still going well and put their problems into perspective.

A Few Days Before the Wedding

A few days before the wedding, Caleb called the photographer. He was worried and anxious when he called, but he was not prepared for what he told Caleb. Dwayne was fully healed and in time for their wedding. As stressful as it had been, everything was back in order for their big day. The couple’s prayers seemed to have given them their own miracle. The day was coming, everything was arranged, and they were all set. But Caleb still had a secret in his mind about what he should tell Maggie. But was the altar the right place to tell such a secret?

Special Request

Caleb was known to value tradition in all aspects of his life, but on his big wedding day he wanted everything to be a little different. He had something very special in mind for the photographer and when he told him his idea, he was very excited about it. Caleb approached the photographer and asked if he could take some very special photos of the couple before the ceremony. Dwayne was shocked! He thought it was great that the couple broke with tradition and wanted to do something unique and unusual. This would be an opportunity to break from traditional wedding photography and show his love for art and composition.

The Big Day

When the big day finally arrived, Dwayne was happily clipping and capturing all the special moments of the wedding. He took all sorts of photos for the bride and groom and their family, documenting them as they prepared for the most important day of their lives. And just as Caleb had wanted, the photographer knew that at some point he would be in the same room as Maggie. He was well prepared for this moment, but he still wasn’t sure what would happen. Nevertheless, he was curious and anxious to see the result of the photographs.

Breaking With Tradition

Dwayne was with the bride and her bridesmaids and the room was full of excited women, all dressed up for the day. Dayne took photos throughout the process, capturing every detail as they did their makeup and hair, while waiting for Caleb to make his entrance. When the time finally came, Dwayne was ready. Through the lens, Caleb could be seen entering through a door at the back of the room. Dwayne could see from his body language that Caleb was very nervous for this moment. Dwayne made sure he took pictures.

He Would Never Forget

Maggie stood around the corner, not knowing that Caleb was there. The other women in the room saw Caleb enter and there was an air of excitement and tension in the room as they all waited with bated breath. Caleb, his eyes lowered, grew more and more nervous the closer he got to Maggie. They had both waited so long for this moment, and now it was finally here. He could only imagine what his beautiful future wife looked like behind the wall. It was a moment he would never forget.

The Moment Is Here

Caleb finally reached the stairs on the other side of the wall. A door next to the stairs was ajar and Maggie waited on the other side of the door. She had waited for him all this time, and now the moment had come when they could finally meet. It was now or never. Dwayne turned his attention to Caleb as he approached the stairs and leaned against the wall. The door opened slowly and Caleb could barely contain himself. Maggie leaned slowly out of the doorway, careful not to look at her future husband.

Classical Traditions

The two did not look at each other as they promised to uphold some classical traditions. They did not want to be married until they had said their vows in front of their loved ones, friends and family. With that, Caleb stretched his arm around the door and searched blindly with his for Maggie’s hand. She responded and approached Caleb in the doorway. At that moment the two grabbed each other’s hands and came together. When their hands touched, they immediately collapsed. It was a very emotional moment that Dwayne wanted to capture forever.

The Magic

Caleb and Maggie were absorbed in their own private moment – only they existed for each other. But the rest of the audience couldn’t help feeling some of the magic either. All the women in the room were completely entranced when they saw the couple find each other’s hands in the doorway. Dwayne was very busy at that moment. He wanted to capture not only the bride and groom, but also the reactions of the others. It was such a beautiful moment and it was far from over. But the beautiful moment would not last long, as Caleb still had to share his secret.

Common Prayer

The couple was so excited and tense, but they wanted to make sure they said everything they wanted to say at that moment. Tears rolled down Caleb and Maggie’s cheeks as they decided to say a prayer. With trembling voices, hands clasped tightly together, they asked God to bless their marriage. It was an overwhelming moment for all who witnessed it. Both Caleb and Maggie asked for the support and guidance they were seeking, and they asked that God guide them in their marriage to the end. They wanted to shape their lives together according to God’s will.

Nice Surprise

Caleb and Maggie had planned to pray together, but Maggie was not prepared for what would happen. After the prayer together, Caleb said something that he had carefully prepared on his own. Caleb’s words came as a great surprise to Maggie and she was completely shocked. In front of everyone present, Caleb gathered the courage to speak about his true feelings and his faith in God. But as he began to speak, Maggie silently listened to him from behind the door, absorbing every memorable word. But she was not alone. No one expected him to say this on their wedding day in front of everyone.

A Blessing

Everyone in the room was completely silent, as if bewitched. They wanted to be sure that Maggie had heard every word Caleb had said. Just before the ceremony began, and with tears in his eyes, Caleb took the floor. With trembling hands, Caleb asked God to bless his beautiful bride and also to bless his beautiful future family. Caleb felt it was the right thing to ask before they married and Maggie was completely moved by it all, covering her face with her hands and knowing she had made the right decision. The couple had no idea that this moment would be shared by so many.


The beautiful moment was documented and family and friends who had not witnessed it in person were able to experience it. It was a great way for the couple to share their moment with anyone who could not attend their wedding. Most of all, they were grateful that Dwayne was there to capture the moment. Suddenly, more and more people asked to see the touching photo after hearing about it. Of course Maggie and Caleb were happy to share it with all their guests.

Special Moment

Dwayne had taken a photo in particular that he was very excited about. It happened when the couple held hands around the corner. Maggie and Caleb both bared their souls at that moment and Dwayne felt privileged to have witnessed this event. The photo was so beautiful and heart-warming and Dwayne received so many compliments from Caleb and Maggie’s family that he decided to share the photo on his Facebook page. People on Facebook saw the photo and shared it. In all his days as a photographer, Dwayne had never experienced such a response to a single photo.


Everyone reacted very positively to Caleb and Maggie’s story. They loved what the photo stood for and loved that Dwayne was able to capture such genuine emotion in the couple. Dwayne felt that people could not only see but also feel the couple’s emotions when looking at the photo. It captured the couple’s commitment to each other and to their faith in a very authentic way. He was very proud and honoured. To his surprise, the views on social media kept increasing and people supported his talent and commented on the amazing story. But that was not all that happened on the wedding day….

A Touching Story

At the end of the big day, the couple could not be happier with how everything had gone. Although it was totally overwhelming at times, all they could think about was the fact that they are now together forever. With that in mind, Caleb and Maggie thanked their guests and Dwayne in particular. Their day would not have been nearly as beautiful if they could not have shared it with these special people. And when they look at the moment that Dwayne captured so beautifully, they know that they will never forget the promises that they made that day.

Big Question

After Dwayne posted the photo of Maggie and Caleb, the demand for his work increased tenfold. So many people had shared the sweet photo that soon more and more couples found out about his work. With his newfound fame, Dwayne received hundreds of requests from couples looking for an exceptional wedding photographer. Things got so wild that Dwayne had to cancel 16 weddings in one summer because he had one amazing photo that was shared hundreds of times. At the end of the day, Dwayne couldn’t help but have his own little bit of faith.

The Focus Remains

And the photo Dwayne took is still attracting attention, and its impact will not disappear any time soon. The photo was featured on the cover of “I Do!” and Dwayne’s Facebook post was shared over 100 times and received over 900 likes, expressions of love and tearful emotions. The original photo of Maggie and Caleb that Dwayne posted has since received over 61,000 likes, 9,00 shares and over 3,000 comments. People from all walks of life seem to come across the photo, and it always evokes deep feelings. This is because it is a beautiful gesture of true love.

Normal Life

After their marriage, Caleb and Maggie assumed they would live a normal life. But after their special photo surfaced on the Internet, everything changed dramatically. They had attracted a huge amount of attention and fans. The couple, who had become famous overnight, were asked to accompany Dwayne on many talk show appearances and they took part in all sorts of interviews talking about their faith, their love and their wedding day. It was strange for the couple, they were just happy to be able to help Dwayne with his business – and all through a twist of fate that had brought the photographer into their lives. But that wasn’t all that happened at the wedding….

A Memory for Ever

Caleb had saved every penny he had. He worked long hours for the big day. He was saving for something very special for his bride-to-be… even more than a big, beautiful ceremony. Maggie had planned the ceremony, and he wanted to do something special for her that she would never forget. He leaned in to her and whispered what Maggie thought was an innocent kiss on the cheek, “I have a surprise for you….we’re flying to Fiji right after the wedding.” 10 seconds passed after which Maggie merely knelt before the altar dumbfounded. Then, suddenly, overcome with emotion and shock, she fainted! Caleb could not believe it! His bride, for whom he had planned and prepared so much, just fainted at the altar! Well, this story has a happy ending after all, because after the videographer stopped filming Maggie shortly afterwards.