Your Body Odour Warns You About These 20 Health Problems

There Is a Chance That Your New Body Odour Will Warn You of Any Health Problems

Did you notice that everyone has his or her own body odour? Or did you never smell yourself and do you currently need to put on deodorant several times a day? I always say: listen to your nose. It is possible that you skipped a shower for a day or that you “forgot” to brush your teeth. Do not worry about that. If that’s not the case, then there is a chance that your new body odour will warn you of any health problems.

Birth Control Pill


There are a lot of medicines, both for sale and prescribed, that can change the body odour as a side effect. An example is the birth control pill. The pill often causes a dry mouth, which causes sulfur accumulation in the mouth and eventually results in bad breath. In addition, the birth control pill also ensures that women perceive odours in a different way.


Whether at work, at school or your personal life: everyone is, sometimes, stressed. Stress creates anxiety, and that causes cortisol to be released. Cortisol is a stress hormone that helps you deal with dangerous situations. Unfortunately, you can sweat uncontrollably due to this hormone. ‘Stress sweat’, the sudden start of perspiration, can cause a strong body odour. Sweat does not smell, but when it comes into contact with bacteria that lives on your skin, it starts to smell.

Blood Sugar Level

If you smell the fruity odour of ‘ketones’ from your mouth or someone else’s mouth, chances are that this has to do with blood sugar levels. Fluctuations or problems with blood sugar is a very serious problem and indicates diabetes and hypoglycaemia. Other symptoms are: frequent urination, a lot of thirst, weight gain and tiredness.


Do you have trouble with your faeces? Then add more fiber to your diet. Watch out: many fibers can cause smelly gases. This does not only affects your farts, but also your body odour. In addition, toxins can seep through the pores from the body during a serious constipation. You can also develop a smelly body odour. Unpleasant for yourself and for your fellow man! Always good to know, don’t you think? 

Lack of Vitamins & Minerals

Many people forget that you have to ingest vitamins and minerals every day. Magnesium is most often forgotten. Despite magnesium being a powerful vitamin. It can remove an excessive body odour. Examples of good magnesium sources are dark chocolate and raw nuts. Another mineral that helps against body odours is zinc. It helps to detoxify the body and prevents waste. Do you want to ingest more zinc via food? Than use dairy products, beans, whole grains and nuts. The following cause is a problem for everyone.

Deep-fried Food

Everyone probably has started to exercise after he or she had eaten a delicious fried meal. Chances are that you have not been on the treadmill for more than 10 minutes before the first stinking drops of sweat starts running down your spine. Deep-fried food contains oils that quickly get dirty, resulting in poor digestion and body odours. Unpleasant for yourself and for your fellow athletes. It all sounds pretty logical, don’t you think?

Haribo Bears

The bacteria in your body are responsible for the bad odours under your armpit. Unfortunately, they love ‘gummy bears’ as much as we love them. The refined sugars in this candy promotes the growth of yeast in your body. This ensures that sugars are converted to alcohol. Because of this you will not smell sweet at all. In addition to reducing this type of sugars, the reduction of white flour, hardened oil and other processed foods is also an option for fresh armpits. Before you realise it, you smell like roses again.

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections are very uncomfortable and painful. Unfortunately, many women regularly suffer from this condition. One of the first signs of a bladder infection is a strong ammonia or slightly sweet smell. It does not sound very logical because these are two extremes, but they both come down to the same thing. If it gets very bad, the ammonia air can even seep out of your pores. Watch out! If you do nothing about a bladder infection, it will cause serious damage to your body. Number 9 is going to surprise you a 100%.

Deodorant & Soap

Personally, I never expected this, but it is really true: deodorant and soap can worsen foul-smelling body odours instead of disguising it! Some substances in soap and deodorant can stimulate a foul-smelling bacterial growth. Good substitutes are diluted lemon juice, apple vinegar and tea tree. These products contain natural antifungal ingredients. You can also search for deodorant and soap with (one of these) ingredients in it. You’re not talking about me, but vegetarians and vegans might have been right all along.

Low Calorific Diet

We are all aware of it: everyone has his or her own body type and some can, almost, do nothing about it. Someone with poor metabolism is an example of this: yet someone can pay attention to what he or she eats. People with a slow metabolism are advised against eating eggs, fish and legumes. These products are full of proteins. To break the proteins down you need a good-working & fast metabolism. The consequences are, for example, weight gain and an increased body odour.

Stinky Feet

When you put your feet in hot, humid and dark places, such as shoes, it is one big and smelly bacterial source. Especially if you do not wear socks! Did you know that about 15% of the population suffers from abnormally sweaty feet, also called micrococcus sedentarius. This causes your sweaty feet to smell like sulfur. Unpleasant for yourself or for others. How do you fix this? Keep your feet dry, use antibacterial soap and regularly take a foot bath with vinegar, salt or tea tree oil.


Every woman has multiple bras, but let’s be honest: you do not wear them all. In fact, chances are that you have 1 or 2 favourites, which you prefer to spend the whole week in. Not really fresh, but in addition, for several days, wearing 1 bra ensures that there are less pleasant body odours. So wash your bras regularly so that you get through the day fresh.


We all know that we can not extinguish a hangover, but did you know that alcohol actually leaves through sweat? While the alcohol travels through your blood, it partly ends up in your pores where it is broken down and sweated out of your body. This is unpleasant for the people around you, because alcohol smells. If you occasionally drink a glass of wine or beer, you do not have to worry. This concerns excessive drinking.


You might be surprised, but there is something like eating too many vegetables. After all, we often get to hear that you can never eat enough vegetables. That is true, but some vegetables are best if you eat them once a week or two weeks, because you are going to smell of it. I have vegetables like Brussels sprouts and broccoli. These 2 contain stinking sulfur compounds that circulate through your bloodstream. To get rid of this, sweat, breathe and pee it out. Do not eat them too often! Do not let children read this, otherwise they will not eat any vegetables at all.

Thyroid Gland Problems

An overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) is another cause for a foul-smelling body odour. The thyroid gland ensures that we start to sweat. In case the thyroid gland is overactive, the body perspires in an excessive amount of sweat. Even if you have little or no strain. The sweat will make you smell faster.

Rare Genetic Disorders

Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) is a rare genetic disorder that is caused by mutations of a particular gene. This mutation ensures that the trimethylamine is not broken down and that it will not accumulates in the body. A fishy odour will develop, that leaves the body through sweat, urine and by breathing.


We have already talked about the birth control pill, but you can also develop a foul-smelling body odour by other medicines. It is important to know that everyone responds differently to medication, so this does not apply to everyone. There are a number of medicines that are common culprits. An example is antidepressants with Bupropion Hydrochloride Patients can sweat excessively, which can lead to a foul-smelling and sweaty odour.

Liver Damage

I think everyone is aware of the fact that liver damage has serious consequences for the body. It therefore also affects foul-smelling body odours. This mainly concerns a bad breath. In case of damage, the organ does not break down protein and this causes bad breath. Watch out! When this happens, chances are that you have an advanced liver damage, so consult your doctor as soon as possible.


Hyperhidrosis is a term for excessive sweating. This can affect one specific body part or it can take place on the whole body. Unpleasant, isn’t it? Fortunately, the condition is not life threatening, but it can limit your social life. Visit a doctor. He or she can help you with this problem.


I will end with bad news: the older you get, the more trouble you get from body odours. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that our odour will change as we age. As you get older, the antioxidant immune system of the skin also deteriorates. As a result, your body produces more vaccenic acid and you will get more problems with unpleasant body odours. I also have good news: you can slow down this process. Eat healthy, exercise and regularly take antioxidant vitamins. Remember: even when you get older, personal hygiene is important!

Do you recognise yourself in one of these problems ,or not at all, but is your body odour not changing? Make an appointment with the doctor to discuss this. I always say: you can not be careful enough with your body.