Benefits of Avocado You Should Know About

We Picked Out the Most Surprising Benefits for You:

Nowadays the avocado is one of the most popular fruits in the world. The fruit is not only healthy and tasty and can be used for the most delicious recipes. Besides that, the avocado has become an essential ingredient in the kitchen, for your physical health and as a beauty product that you should definitely try.

Your Muscles Recover Well & Quickly


Are you a fanatic athlete or do you like a sports challenge? Then eat half an avocado before your workout. Because of the substances in the avocado your muscles will recover well and quickly. The fabric in avocados also prevents injuries.

Good for Your Eyes

Prevent Diseases

Besides the many benefits of avocados, they also have the advantage that certain diseases can be prevented and have a positive effect on them. Think for example of cardiovascular diseases. Certain substances in the fruit reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes. This is because the fibers in the avocado speed up the digestion, this lowers your cholesterol level and prevents diseases. Also a disease like diabetes can be prevented, because of the fats in the avocado. The fats regulate the blood sugar level and can help prevent diabetes.

A Helping Factor in Losing Weight

Suffering from binge eating? Are you losing weight or do you want to eat healthier? Then eating avocado is a good option. Eating an avocado will make you feel more satiated and full for a longer period of time. This will make you less likely to snack. Do you want to lose weight? Avocado it is! Please note that you don’t eat a whole avocado every day, despite the healthy fats there are a lot of calories in an avocado. You can eat about 3 avocados a week to keep it healthy.

Pregnant or Wanting to Have a Baby?

Folic acid is very important to everyone, but are you pregnant or do you want to have a baby? Then it is important to maintain the intake of folic acid. The fact is, that avocados are rich in folic acid. This can prevent spina bifida during pregnancy. It could also reduce the chance of a miscarriage.

Prevent Joint Pain

I suspect that everyone suffers from painful joints from time to time. Do you suffer from it and do you want to reduce it? From now on the avocado is your best friend! The reason for this is that the substances in the avocado act as anti-inflammatory drugs. Because of this you can experience less pain and can move better again.

Avocados Make You Happier

The folic acid in the avocado stimulates the production of the hormones that make you feel happy. The folic acid improves your energy balance, your sleep improves, your appetite is well balanced and you experience less pain stimuli, which has a positive effect on the hormones making you feel a lot happier. Be happy, stay happy!

Smoother Skin

It is well known that an avocado contains many nutrients that have a positive effect on physical health. For example, the substances vitamin B and omega 3 contained in the avocado prevent the skin from aging. The aging process is slowed down by these nutrients. Who doesn’t want this? In addition, the substances keep your skin young and supple. In no time you will have a glowing skin. Besides a glowing skin, avocado has more beauty benefits. 

Get Shiny Hair

Do you ever want beautiful and shiny hair? With avocado oil you can take good care of your hair. You could use the oil as a hair mask. This ensures beautiful and shiny hair. Make sure you rinse it well. You can also use the oil next to a hair mask to apply it to your ends. This will make your hair soft and will prevent your hair from getting frizzy.

Itchy Or Dry Skin

If this affects you, you could use avocado oil as a moisturizer. The oil contains enough vitamins and fats so you get a healthy skin. This also applies to your scalp. For example, if you sometimes suffer from a dry scalp, you could put avocado oil on your scalp once in a while. This ensures that your scalp is nourished and will remain healthy. This prevents itching on your scalp.

As you’ve read, there are countless benefits that we can link to avocados. You can use the avocado for cooking, beauty and household options. So, off to the supermarket to make the tastiest and healthiest dishes. Let’s go.