7 Amazing Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Bad breath on a first date
Discover the Best Tips Against a Bad Breath

Let’s face it, everyone experienced a bad breath somewhere in their life. You probably don’t immediately notice it from yourself (since recognizing it can be hard), but a fresh breath is a big part of how you present yourself. Both to people you’ve just met and to people you’ve known for years. If your breath often has an unpleasant smell, people will eventually avoid you. No one wants to leave a bad impression on their first date, or on an important first job interview. You might recognize yourself if I tell you that most people don’t eat garlic before an important meeting. Who likes the smell of garlic at a first kiss? Yikes!

Mints or chewing gum can mask a scent, but it is more important to address the cause. The cause of bad breath can be various. The most common cause, which everyone experiences at least once in their lives is eating strong smelling/spicy foods or drinks.

What you eat or drink has a great influence on your breath. Other common causes of bad breath are: problems with your teeth or gums (infection, holes in your teeth), smoking, medical conditions such as tonsillitis or acid reflux and crash dieting. But by far the most important question is: how to get rid of it? – And yes, you can still eat your garlic, we will later explain why – We listed 7 home remedies against bad breath that may surprise you!



Did you know that dehydration is also a cause of bad breath? A dry mouth and bad bad breath go hand in hand. Although water is important for everyone, it is also a great remedy against bad breath! Make sure you drink lots of water, it will keep your mouth moist. This remedy is especially helpful for a ‘ morning breath’ so make sure you drink plenty of water when you wake up in the morning, and you should be good to go.

Pro tip: use salt water to rinse your mouth every morning and your bad odor is gone. The only thing you have to do is add some salt to a glass of water and swish the solution in your mouth for at least 30 seconds.

Baking Soda

Is there anything you cannot use baking soda for? This product (my personal favorite) is also a great remedy for bad breath. Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, can effectively kill bacteria in the mouth and protects your teeth. To make a baking soda mouthwash, add 2 teaspoons of baking soda to 1 cup of warm water. Swish the solution in your mouth for 30 seconds and spit it out. Not in the mood for making your own mouthwash? Choosing a toothpaste with baking soda can also improve your breath.


Do you like the taste of garlic? Then this product might be something for you too. Cloves are not just used as an ingredient to the delicious food, but it is also used to cure tooth decay and bad breath naturally.Clove is a spice with a very dominant taste.

Cloves are the dried, still closed flower buds of the clove tree. What is great about cloves is that they fight bacteria and a bad odor effectively. The only thing you have to do is suck on a few cloves a few times a day.The pungent aromatic oil may burn slightly, so keep the spicy clove moving. Make sure you do not use it in powder or oil form, since this can cause burns.


We all know the saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. In this case, it keeps the dentist away as well. Apples reduce the bacteria in your mouth. Not only will the crunch help remove plaque from your teeth, but it will also help your mouth generate more saliva, which is a great natural way to prevent a bad odor. Simply just eat an apple a day and you keep the bad breath away!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been getting a lot of attention lately, for a good reason. Using coconut oil has great benefits for your overall health. Most important, Coconut oil can prevent teeth from decay and reduce bad breath at the same time. What you need to do: Measure one tablespoon of coconut oil and Swish it around in your mouth for 15–20 minutes, being careful not to swallow any. Spit the oil into a trash can once you’re done. Do not spit it into the sink or toilet, as this can lead to clogging.

Pineapple Juice

Many believe that this may be the quickest and most (longterm) effective treatment for bad breath.Pineapples contain bromelain, a digestive enzyme that acts as a natural cleanser. For the long term effect, make sure you drink a glass of organic pineapple juice after every meal. If you do this often, the natural cleanser will do its work and you will see that you get rid of your bad odor.

Another option is to chew on a pineapple slice for one or two minutes. Remember to always rinse your mouth of the sugars in fruit(juice) afterwards, since the sugars can have a negative effect on your teeth.

Good Sleep and No Stress

Maybe this sounds like the most obvious remedy. But enjoying a good night rest and stress relief can change your odor. Bad breath is a sign that your immune system is not working the way it should. Chronic stress can damage your immune system and reduce your ability to respond to your environment.

Therefore it is very important to have a good night rest, since this has a great effect on your immune system as well. Besides the fact that this has a great (long term) effect on bad breath, stress relief and good night rests will improve your overall health too.

No one wants to suffer from bad odor, share this article with your family and friend and find out what they do against their bad breath.