7 Unexpected Uses For Sudocrem

An Age Old Remedy With Many Benefits

Sudocrem is an age-old remedy, which has been used worldwide for over 80 years. It is best known for treating nappy rash affecting newborns. However, there is more you can use Sudocrem for! Sudocrem has many benefits when it comes to wellknown skin problems but also as an ordinary household product.

Dry skin
Two of the ingredients in Sudocrem are effective moisturisers. These are zinc oxide and hypoallergenic lanolin. These ingredients maintain moisture levels in your skin and provide a protective layer.

Although acne is difficult to treat, you can use Sudocrem. Sudocrem has an anti-inflammatory effect. It also contains zinc oxide, which fights acne effectively, but does not dry out the skin.

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Enjoy Your Outdoor Sport Session Without Skin Irritation

Outdoor sports enthusiasts
Unfortunately the different weather conditions and chafing during exercise can really cause chapped skin. At the end of the day, your skin is likely to feel uncomfortable and irritated. Applying a thin layer of Sudocrem to your skin immediately makes it feel soft. The cream contributes to the recovery of the skin after outdoor activities.

Skin aging 
Although skin aging cannot be stopped, the process can be slowed down if you start in time (by using Sudocrem). As the elasticity of the skin decreases, wrinkles will eventually appear. It is therefore important to maintain that elasticity by taking care of your skin every day.

If you run out of primer, or prefer a natural alternative, Sudocrem is the solution. Sudocrem has a firm texture and is therefore a great base for your make-up.

Blemishes on your pet 
Do you have a pet that has a lot of folds? Then there is certainly a chance of blemishes. With Sudocrem you can prevent this. Apply a generous layer in the folds of your pet, after you have cleaned and dried it