5 Tips To Really Start Losing Weight

Do you want to lose weight, but find it difficult to take the first step? We’ll help you on your way. Many people want to lose weight, but this is often postponed or not taken seriously enough. The good intentions are often taken seriously. But as soon as we want to lose weight, we don’t know how to start and what steps to take. Often you also get good tips, but unfortunately this can also cost a lot of money.

Of course, before you spend a lot of money you can take a look at yourself and see what you can improve. If you are already motivated to lose weight, this will be much easier. Of course it is also about the mindset. That is why we have listed the most useful tips for you so that you have less trouble losing weight. Find out the best tips and start losing weight!

Convince Yourself That You Can Do It


As soon as you start losing weight there are often many reasons why a day doesn’t work out or why you don’t have time for it. Have confidence in yourself and start losing weight! The reason you want to lose weight is often that you want to become and stay healthy and feel good about yourself. It is also beneficial to build up your self-esteem. So make sure you put yourself on the first place. Convince yourself that you can do this and that you really want this. You will of course have more difficult periods, but keep the end goal in sight. This is the time to start!

Set a Clear Achievable Goal & Change Your Mindset

It’s important to achieve your goals. So make sure that your dietary goal is achievable. Check for yourself what the reason is that you want to lose weight and exactly how much you want to lose weight. It is also important that you keep a period of time in which you want to achieve this. In order to maintain this, it is wise to draw up a diet plan for yourself and put it on paper. Write down your goals and in what time frame you want to achieve them.

But how do you switch the mindset in your head? It all has to do with mindset, the thoughts in your head. Your mindset is your style of thinking. The beliefs you have. Often unconsciously. And that’s what makes it so difficult. Because almost everything happens unconsciously (your body asks for quick snacks, you react with chips or cookies and you hardly think about it).

But with the right mindset, healthy eating and living suddenly becomes much more normal. And you start thinking if you really want to eat that unhealthy snack. In addition, it is a life change in which you change your eating habits in such a way that you can maintain this in the long term. To change your mindset you need to determine your goal and what your motivation is. Write this down so that it is clear and you can rely on it. Also think of agreements you make with yourself to lose weight and reach your goal.

Don’t Make Excuses

Do you experience some bad days when you lose weight? That’s completely understandable. Chances are that you are busy or stressed, but don’t try to use this as an excuse to eat more or not sticking to your plan. Don’t see this as a reason to stop losing weight, but rather as a motivation to continue and achieve your goals.

The most common excuses for losing weight are, for example: I’ll start tomorrow, I can skip today, I’m sad, I’m too tempted. And all these factors play a major role, of course. Nowadays there is so much food distraction when you look at food trucks, parties, supermarkets etc. Try to understand the temptation and stick to your plan. In order to be less tempted, it is important to make a plan that suits you at the beginning. Remember what your goal is and prove that you can do this. Stay motivated!

Find a Helping Hand

You lose weight on your own, but of course it is always nice to have someone to help you. For example, ask your partner, family members or colleagues if they would like to help you achieve your weight loss goals. This way they can listen to you, help you make dietary plans and encourage you when you have a setback.

You can also look for someone who is also losing weight. Scientific research shows that people who lose weight together become 3 times more successful than people who do this on their own. And it’s also a lot more fun. This can definitely help make your weight loss journey easier. Try to increase your chances of success.

Reach Your Goal With a Coach

It stays difficult for some to lose weight. In this case, it is a possibility to get a coach to help you. In order to stay slim it is important to gain insight into eating behaviors, habits and patterns. If you can’t do this on your own, you might need a coach to help you look at your specific situation. If you find it particularly difficult to adjust your lifestyle and set yourself a goal, this is completely understandable.

The most difficult thing is to keep this up in the long run and determine how to reach your goals. A coach can help you with this. He can support you and you can also rely on the coach. Think in advance what you want a coach to help you with and what you expect from a coach. Do good research on different coaches and programs and make sure your own feelings come first when you make a choice for a coach.

These were some tips to start losing weight. A little help, a diet plan and a coach are of course factors that could help. But you remain in charge of your own body. You decide if you want to lose weight. The first step is to start and you’ve just taken it!