4 Mindfulness Tips for Enjoying Life More

4 Mindfulness Tips for Enjoying Life More

In uncertain times, it is not easy to enjoy life more. After all, daily reality seems to be full of negativity and threats. Yet, with the help of mindfulness, you can learn to fully enjoy life… no matter what is happening in the world around you. Here are 4 handy tips to give yourself a healthy boost today!

Give Yourself Time To Worry


Worrying is normal, we all do it. However, it is not so healthy to worry 24 hours a day. This can result in chronic stress, which is detrimental to your physical and emotional well-being. It is better to control when and how long you worry. You do this by giving yourself fifteen minutes of ‘brooding time’ every day. Bring up all your big and small worries and let your brain chew on them consciously for a while. You can also write down your worries, so that you give it a place outside your thinking. When the alarm goes off after 15 minutes, consciously finish your brooding and go do something for yourself.

Stop Chasing Happiness

Experiencing a feeling of happiness is not something you can force yourself. Moreover, it is extremely fleeting. How long are you happy with your new skirt or boots? The novelty soon wears off, and so does the excitement of the purchase. Replace the anguished pursuit of happiness with the pursuit of contentment. Boring as contentment may sound, there is happiness in contentment. You don’t have to do crazy things to be content: you can feel intensely content when you consciously drink a nice cup of coffee, or curl up on the couch with a good book, or watch your children play with their Lego blocks. Open yourself up to contentment and you will see that it allows you to enjoy life much more.

Cultivate Appreciation

The more you operate on autopilot, the more life becomes a grey mass. Wake yourself up regularly from boring routines by consciously giving appreciation to people or objects in your life. For example, write a sweet card to your good friend to show your appreciation for her friendship, wax your wooden table to show your appreciation, or take a good look at the house you live in to appreciate having a solid roof over your head. From now on, find a person or object you would like to show your appreciation for every day.

Take Action Within Your Circle of Influence

Even though we all know there is no point in worrying about things we cannot control, it is still a hobby of our minds to focus on world problems such as diseases, racism or climate change. But this thinking habit makes us unhappy, because we cannot tackle these problems ourselves. To counteract the feeling of powerlessness, zoom in on your own little world. Take a good look around your home, workplace or neighbourhood, notice what could be improved today… and make that improvement. Even with a small, seemingly insignificant action, you have made your own world a little better, for you and the people around you. And that feels good!