11 Things You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet!

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11 Things You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet!

It sounds quite logic: only flush toilet paper down your toilet! I believe this is one of the most ignored rules in the world. What do you think? Everywhere I visit the (public) bathroom, there’s a sign with: Ladies, please throw your used tampons and sanitary pads in the trash bin. Don’t flush them! Personally, I think it’s weird that women flush this down the toilet, but hey who am I?  I do have to admit that I flush other things, like left over soup, down the toilet and i don’t know if this is allowed.

Tissues & Paper Towels


These products might look like toilet paper, but please don’t flush it! Tissues, napkins and similar products are made of a material which is hard to dissolve. So, if you decide to flush them down your toilet: get ready for a clogged toilet and/or problems in your septic tank & water treatment facility.

Cat Litter

Some brands say: this cat litter is flushable, but don’t listen! Why? All cat litter is bad for your toilet. Once you flush it, it lingers in your pipes, because it doesn’t dissolve and eventually you’ve a clogged toilet. It also interacts poorly with the sewer system. Please throw it in the trash can. But honestly? Are there really people who think cat litter is flushable…


I’ve to admit it’s a handy option to get rid of used tampons, sanitary pads and other feminine hygiene products, but I wouldn’t recommend it! These products can easily create clogs in the pipes. Believe me, you don’t want to call the plumber to unclog it and see that your used tampons are the cause.


Yes, disposable diapers tend to get covered in urine and stool, just like toilet paper, so you may flush it down the toilet, right? Wrong, Toilets aren’t made for (disposable) diapers! This is a common cause of big problems, like pipe clogs, that need professional attention. So, if you flush your used diapers: throw them away from now on.


Condoms are the other case where laziness and convenience are the reason to flush them down the toilet. Please, throw them in the trash. Latex and lubricants are bad for your plumbing and how awkward would it be if the plumber would unclog your toilet and see that used condoms are the reason!

Products Made of Cotton

Think of products like cotton swabs, cotton balls and Q-tips. This material is perfect for absorbing water, but it doesn’t dissolve easily. Throw them in the garbage can.

Products Made of Plastic

Band-aids, packaging plastic or broken plastic toys: it doesn’t matter, plastic isn’t flushable! It doesn’t dissolve and causes a lot of problems.

Dental Floss

Do you floss your teeth? Yes, what do you do with the dental floss afterwards? Flush it down the toilet?  Stop it immediately! Floss doesn’t dissolve and bundle around other objects to form (large) clogs.


A lot of people think you’re allowed to flush leftovers, but actually it isn’t. How soft it may be or look: it isn’t flushable. Throw it away in the container or compost heap.


How do you get rid of your gum? Do you flush it? Stop it! Gum doesn’t dissolve so it’ll stick around and cause clogs and sticky pipes. Yikes! To unclog this, you’ll need help from a professional plumber.


If you’re fishing hairballs from your sink, throw it away. Don’t flush is. Why? If you flush it down the toilet you just move to problem instead of getting rid of it.